Tongue kisses and escorts

Thursday, 29 October 2020

The world of prostitution is full of myths. One of them, deeply rooted, is the one that maintains that sex workers do not kiss their clients . According to this myth, an escort would be willing to perform fellatio, to allow herself to be anally penetrated, to practice the golden shower or to let her client ejaculate on her body or face, but she would never consent to take that client and kiss him on the hills with all of the law. According to the myth, that kiss in which the tongues intertwine and venture through the mouth of the other in a kind of passionate and wild fierce fight is reserved exclusively for the couple. The escort would only kiss her boyfriend or her husband like that.

Without a doubt, this myth cannot be sustained. It is enough to review the advertisements of company girls on any website and look in them at the services offered by the ladies that are advertised there to see that many of them include kisses among those services.

It could not be otherwise. If the ideal of every girl dedicated to erotic accompaniment is to create a climate of intimacy with her client, what better way to create that climate than to resort to an act as intimate as kissing? A kiss breaks down barriers and creates intimacy. A kiss is also one of the best viagras that exist. When a kiss with the tongue is given and the tongues are freed from all shyness, the blood flows in the body of the man where it has to flow and the body becomes conscious and prepares for sexual joy. Few aphrodisiacs are as powerful as the tongue kiss.

When an escort offers one of her services to kiss on the mouth, she is offering something very exclusive. This service is also closely linked to the Girl Friend Experience or GFE, a service in which the company lady agrees to behave like something like the client's girlfriend. And what girlfriend haggles and denies kisses on the mouth to her fiancé? When the professional accompanies her client to the movies as if the two were just another couple, how can one deny a long, free kiss in the darkness of the room?

Escort kisses

The value of kisses

Many men, eager to live with a luxury prostitute an experience that is as close as possible to what a sexual relationship with a stable partner would be, highly value the fact that a sex professional offers a kiss on the mouth among her services. The kiss on the nose, in some way, helps to give truth to the fiction that this sexual encounter has nothing to do with a contract, something that for many prostitution clients is very important on a psychological level.

For other men, however, the tongue kiss given by an escort is nothing more than a great pleasure and one more way to get in tune. In the same way that it is exciting to have your testicles caressed or your penis massaged, it is also very stimulating for a beautiful woman to eat your mouth.

The kiss also has a lot of health benefits. Science, which strives (for that is its function) to study everything, has also studied this. According to these studies, the kiss, in addition to serving to strengthen ties (intertwined tongues would be, in some way, a symbol of union) also serves to reduce blood pressure, pain and stress, to improve the immune system, to make for the body to release dopamine and serotonin (two hormones that make us feel better) and, of course, to improve sexual relations.

Kisses with prostitutes

The importance of oral hygiene

Undoubtedly, it is for this last reason, for the most part, that many prostitutes select escort girls who include tongue kissing among their services. Those whores, however, must always keep something in mind: that the girl you hire has the perfect right to say that she does not want to kiss a certain mouth. And, in this sense, let's not forget, hygiene is essential.

Who is going to want to kiss a mouth that, at first glance, looks decayed? Who is going to want to insert their tongue into a space that doesn't seem too clean? In the same way that a client who goes to his appointment with an escort should always attend freshly showered without exception, clients who wait for their callgirl to kiss them with the tongue should ensure that their mouth hygiene is perfect. We are no longer talking about having good orthodontics or having the teeth perfectly aligned. We talk about teeth being teeth that are routinely brushed. The 'paluego' should not exist in a mouth that expects to be kissed by the mouth of an escort.

A poorly cared for mouth is a mouth with bad breath. And bad breath, without a doubt, is a very difficult border to bridge when you have to kiss with the tongue. Our recommendation in this case? That it is always better to sin by excess than by default. If toothpaste is used and, subsequently, mouthwash, better than if only one of the products is used. Toothpaste should never be lacking in a person's oral hygiene routine and mouthwash, what do you want us to tell you? It never hurts. Helps freshen breath. And that works in favor of the whore who wants to be kissed with the tongue.

To help maintain that freshness, we also recommend the use of mouth sprays. It never hurts to wear one when you are going to date an escort who offers tongue kisses among her services. Before crossing the door of her apartment or she arrives at our home or our hotel or we meet in the facilities of her agency, a touch of mouth spray can serve to reaffirm that oral freshness that, we repeat, we should already bring From home.

With a clean, fresh mouth and no bad breath, the tongue kiss given by a sex professional will undoubtedly become an explosion of sensations.

Kisses and cleaning