Tips for participating in an orgy

Thursday, 15 October 2020

The clubs that organize orgies in cities like Barcelona or Madrid usually establish very clear rules that must be respected by all those who decide to participate in the orgy in question. These rules, which can affect, for example, the way you dress, do not have to always be the same. In a way, the limits and restrictions of the orgy will be largely determined by the people who participate in it. The more liberal and open to the possibility of experiencing new sensations the participants in an orgy, the less limits it will have.

Something that those who are going to participate in an orgy with their partner should assess is to what extent participating in a group sex session together can affect the internal dynamics of the couple. Not all people have the same level of self-esteem and, if we have weak self-esteem, we can feel hurt if we see our partner enjoy in the arms of a third person. Jealousy or fear of losing our partner are feelings that can surface very easily in these situations. And both are hurtful feelings that can affect the very foundation of the couple. The fact that such feelings can occur is something that the couple who decide to participate in an orgy must assess in advance. Without doing so, you should not participate in an orgy.

Choosing well the guests to an orgy is one of the fundamental keys to its success. One thing that is not recommended is having orgies with close friends. Why? Because the orgy is, in principle, a solely and exclusively sexual party. In it, no other type of affinities should intervene other than the desire to fuck and have fun fucking. This is not so easy to achieve when the people participating in the orgy have relationships that go beyond fucking for the sake of fucking. That is why it is not good to organize orgies in which friends participate. To participate in an orgy and do it safe from sentimental conflicts, the best thing is to contact people who wish to participate in orgies in the liberal clubs of which we have spoken or in some secure internet platforms.

Participate in an orgy

Something essential when organizing an orgy is to have a comfortable and intimate space to celebrate it. The setting of the space in which an orgy is to be held is essential so that the people who participate in it feel comfortable and let themselves be carried away. To set the space in which an orgy is to be held, you have to find a way to exalt the different senses. Stimulating sight, hearing and smell are good ways to predispose participants in an orgy to enjoy it and give it the best of themselves. Scented candles, background music, and cleverly placed soft lighting will help create the ideal atmosphere for an orgy.

The space in which the orgy is to be held should not necessarily be luxurious, but it should be large enough for the participants to put their sexual fantasies into practice. To do so, it may be necessary that in that space there are love sofas, round beds, latex sheets, jacuzzi ... The limit when setting the space in which to celebrate an orgy should only be set by the imagination. To stimulate it, it may be a good idea to provide the place with a good collection of erotic toys that can serve to give vitality and special originality to the different sexual practices that are carried out in the orgy. If the orgy is an orgy involving BDSM lovers , then the options are multiplied by a thousand.

Organize an orgy with escorts

Hygiene and safety

Once the people who are going to participate in the orgy have been chosen and brought together, we must prioritize two fundamental concepts for the orgy to be satisfactory. Those two concepts are hygiene and protection.

One cannot participate in an orgy in any way. The orgy should be clean and freshly showered. The orgy, meanwhile, must be held in a clean place. The hygiene of the participants and the space in which the orgy is to take place is essential for it to go well.

It is also essential that participants in the orgy wear protection. An orgy without condoms is an open door to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases . Safety is paramount in orgies and the condom, imperative. If you decide to participate in an orgy, don't forget to bring a good box of condoms in your pocket. In fact, you will have to change condoms every time you change partners. The same condom cannot be used to penetrate two different people.

The old stereotype of Roman bacchanalia has introduced into our subconscious the idea that alcohol runs in orgy and that people drink and drink as if there were no tomorrow. We must end this stereotype as soon as possible. In fact, combining group sex with massive alcohol intake or drug use is not a good idea.

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Alcohol can be disinhibiting, yes, but it can also make us relax security measures. In fact, and as a general rule, most of the liberal clubs or exchange clubs that organize orgies clearly specify in their regulations that people who are drunk or who show clear signs of being drug cannot participate in their group sexual activities.

Another fundamental aspect associated with the concept of security has to do with privacy. The identity of any participant in an orgy must be hidden and safe. When orgies are organized, the organizing clubs clearly specify in their regulations the absolute prohibition of using mobile phones and cameras inside the club and, above all, during the celebration of orgies. If you participate in an orgy, forget about wanting to take a memory of it in the form of photographs taken or videos secretly recorded.

Taking into account the different aspects covered in this article ... Does participating in an orgy attract you? Do you feel ready to do it? If you have an open mind and free of complexes about what sex is and you follow the advice given in this post to the letter, you will surely live a unique and very satisfying experience. And if you can't find women to do them with, you can organize an orgy with your friends and a few escorts. If you are a woman and you love Gangbang , here you have no doubt that you can do it ...

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