Orgies and bacchanalia with escorts

Thursday, 08 October 2020

Sex can also be a matter of arithmetic. Practically all men start out in sexual life from the perspective of 1, wank goes and wank comes, discovering the reactions of our adolescent body while we masturbate. When we jerk off at that tender age, we usually dream that the moment will finally come when 1 gives way to 2 and we can finally know what fucking is all about and what it feels like to do it.

Statistics and tradition show that the vast majority of human beings conceive sex as something that is enjoyed as a couple, two by two. Thus, 2 becomes, statistically, the number that determines the sex life of most people. But there are people who, curious by nature, dream or imagine being able to experience sex from the perspective of numbers higher than 2. Among them, there are many people who dream of the possibility of enjoying a threesome and some who ever have Life takes a step forward and they decide to taste the delights of sex with 3.

Other people, much more ambitious (or much more imaginative), dream of having sexual experiences in which more than three people participate. These sexual experiences are commonly called orgies and it is about them that we are going to talk in this article and others that follow.


The concept of orgy

What exactly are we talking about when we talk about orgy ? Of something like a sexual party in which more than three people participate and in which the sexual partners are exchanging. The word orgy refers to the idea of having sex in a group and without more restrictions than those that have been established in advance. For example: it may be that one of the participants in the orgy completely rejects the possibility of anal sex, either from a passive perspective or from an active perspective. If this is the case, that should be clear before the orgy starts. In sexual matters, no one can ever be forced to do something they don't want to do. That freedom must also be respected in the very libertine territory of the orgy.

The concept of orgy is not associated with any type of sexual orientation. The orgy can be straight, bisexual, homosexual, or lesbian. And that should be clear before starting the orgy. If a straight man participates in an orgy, he must do so with the absolute assurance that his rear will not be attacked by a member of the same sex. It is not a dish of taste to go and be emptied.

Many people, when they think of an orgy, have in mind the images of the Roman bacchanalia that the cinema has left us. But that concept of orgy in which sex, drink and food are mixed was long overdue. Today, for example, many private clubs organize and program orgies. Lovers of this type of sexual experience can thus find people who are liberal enough minded to decide to participate in group sex sessions.

Gang bang

Bacchanalia and orgies with escorts

In our escort search engine you can put terms like "Orgy" or "Bacchanal" and a few girls will appear. Why? ... Well, because these escort girls in Barcelona and Madrid lend themselves to this type of party, which by the way takes place more than you might suppose. In circles such as Swingers or Exchange Clubs these encounters are usually practiced. People who are bored by conventional sex and need other emotions. There are men or women who love to watch their partner being fucked and if while watching they are eating their cock or pussy, the pleasure is much greater. And that does not mean that they do not continue to love each other, they may continue to be very much in love but sexually they are totally liberated and they no longer link sex with love so much. And it is normal, being making love with the same person for years can become a routine and that is why they look for new incentives.

But not only swingers are the usual participants in orgies. Many wealthy men's orgies are organized with whores or escorts. Groups of friends who make a common fund and hire a few luxury prostitutes to make a private party of sex and perversion. First you fuck one, then another, a break, a blue pill, and go on again. A single environment, beautiful girls and to fuck as if the world was ending. Some will say that it is depravity, others simply that we are passing through and we have to enjoy life and sex is one of the greatest pleasures. Sometimes it is difficult to find the meaning of life and carnal pleasures make us forget the metaphysical that, after all, is something ethereal and non-existent. They better be sucking your cock while you eat pussy ... just to say something.

By the way, in an orgy there can be different " Gang Bangs " where a woman is fucked at the same time by several men. This is not necessary to be from within an orgy since there are several women who offer it individually, but since in an orgy the participants are carried away by their instincts, you can find this type of sexual acts . We could also see some " Boybang " (a lot of resistance the man must have) and " Bukkakes " (the milk party). If you are looking for girls in our search engine, you will undoubtedly find those who are offered for such tasks with great pleasure.