Erotic toys for couples

Thursday, 01 October 2020

Concerned about satisfying the erotic needs of both men and women, the sex toy industry has not stopped inventing new creations for both her and him.

Women have found clitoral stimulators and suckers , dildos and vibrators , vibrating eggs , Chinese and Thai balls, stimulators specially designed to affect the G-spot and anal plugs as great allies for reach orgasm and to enjoy both alone and as a couple. Rampant bunnies, which at the same time they penetrate the vagina stimulate the clitoris are, among others, some of the most valued adult toys by women. In recent times, a clitoral sucker (the famous Satisfyer) has become, thanks to its performance and an unbeatable advertising campaign, a great success. There is no liberal woman who doesn't have one in her purse or keep one in her nightstand drawer. Without a doubt, this is one of the star adult toys of the female universe.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the sex toy market in recent times has been the progressive incorporation of men into it as a customer. And it is no longer only the woman who buys utensils to masturbate. Also man does. Not surprisingly, you can find wonderful male masturbators on the market that perfectly imitate the sensations that the penis experiences when it is fucking a pussy or when it is penetrating an ass. The leading brands on the market have created masturbators that provide these sensations and that also allow the man who uses them to feel in a way similar to how he would feel if the best of the felatrices were giving him the best of blowjobs. For this reason, without a doubt, more and more men are buying this type of erotic toy. For single use (like the famous Tenga brand masturbator eggs) or for several uses, with or without vibration, men have discovered in male masturbators a wide range of possibilities for sexual enjoyment.

Male masturbator

Along with the male masturbator , there is another erotic toy that, although simple, is very useful for the pleasure of the man and, rebound, for the woman who shares a bed with that man: the penis ring. We have already referred to it before, but those who have not tried it do not know to what extent this humble sex toy is useful to increase the power of the erection and to make it more durable. If to this double effect we add, in addition, the pleasure that the vibration gives to the cock and what that vibration can do on the clitoris when the partner is being penetrated, we will agree that, without a doubt, this toy created for pleasure sexual is not, as a rule, as valued as it deserves.

Along with exclusively female or male toys for adults there are others that are, so to speak, unisex. The most important among all of them are those for anal pleasure. And it is that, we must always keep it in mind, both women and men have ass, both are equally sensitive and, beyond the taboos, both can serve to, being correctly stimulated, enjoy the beautiful. The plugs and vibrators, as well as the prostate stimulators (specially designed, of course, for men), belong to this type of erotic toys that can be used for both him and her.

When talking about erotic toys intended for anal stimulation and pleasure, mention must always be made of the mandatory nature of a product that must be inextricably linked to the use of adult toys. We are talking about lubricants. Let no one dream of enjoying anal stimulation without having them. Water-based or silicone-based, lubricants will allow for a better and more sensual experience. Of course, when using them you have to remember a basic law: if you use silicone toys you have to use water-based lubricants. Although it seems a contradiction, silicone lubricants harm toys made with this material.

Erotic toys for couples

Benefits of adult toys

Seeing the many pleasures that can be derived from the use of erotic toys in sexual relations, it is not surprising that many of the great masters of erotic pleasure, escorts, offer among their services, as we pointed out at the beginning of this article, the Use of certain erotic toys on dates and relationships. Always following health advice and recommendations to the letter (use them with a condom, for example), call girls make available to their clients the possibility of enjoying a sex toy in order to increase and improve the sensations experienced during the relationship.

But erotic toys serve much more than to produce pleasure and introduce a playful element in sexual relations. Sexologists and sexologists repeatedly influence their articles and their studies to highlight the benefits of the use of sex toys. To begin with, they help us get to know each other better. Using them alone we know what kind of stimulation we like and what kind of stimulation we don't. Knowing how our body reacts to a certain stimulus, we learn to distinguish what it is we need in a sexual relationship to feel satisfied.

The use of male masturbators and their use alone can help men to help control their ejaculation and, therefore, reduce the chances of premature ejaculation. At the same time, it can help women to ward off the ghost of anorgasmia. By exercising in the use of some type of sex toy, the woman can find the way to reach that orgasm that resists her. In the case of women, in addition, the use of erotic toys can help to prevent their sexual relations from being painful. In cases of vaginal dryness, the use of lubricant is, as in anal sex, imperative.

Another of the great benefits of using adult toys for women is that of strengthening the pelvic floor. In this sense, the use of Chinese balls is of great help.

Although the great benefit, without a doubt, of the use of erotic toys (especially as a couple) is the novel air they breathe in sexual relations. Using them, we break our sexual routine and experience new sensations. Somehow, by introducing the use of sex toys in our relationships, we return to being that child who was happy discovering the world. And, let's not forget, on too many occasions we turn sexual relations into something transcendental excess, which prevents us from truly enjoying them. By introducing this playful factor, we diminish the importance of the erotic relationship and, by doing so, paradoxically, we get ready to enjoy (and do) much more of it.

Do you play with sex toys? Have you introduced the use of erotic toys into your relationships? If your answer is no, we are going to make you a proposal: why don't you date an escort who includes the use of erotic toys among her services? She will surely discover a whole universe of pleasant sensations for you.

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