Erotic toys

Thursday, 24 September 2020

The statistics say it: more and more people are introducing erotic toys in their sexual practices . Dildos, vibrators, clitoral suckers, penis rings, anal plugs ... Alone or as a couple, with or without built-in vibration, sex toys are already part of the sexual daily life of many people and their use is also offered , as one more service, by many escorts on our website. We are going to dedicate this article to them, to toys for adults.

As much as they may seem to us to be the latest in modernity, erotic toys have existed almost almost since the world is world. In ancient excavations, phallic objects have been found that, most likely, were used by women of antiquity (or at least by women of certain social classes of those ancient times) to indulge themselves, although the truth is that it is not possible to speak of the origin of the vibrator (which is, surely, one of the star adult toys) until well into the nineteenth century. It was at this time that a British doctor whose name is irrelevant devised a device that was to be used to cure a disease called female hysteria. The device in question consisted of a more or less phallic shaped utensil that, inserted into the woman's vagina, should serve to bring her to orgasm. That doctor used to achieve this with his fingers, but apparently the success of his consultation had led him to experience the fatigue that a hand must experience that, hour after hour, must dedicate itself to masturbating women.

Since that British doctor created the first vibrator, until now it has rained a lot and there are many advances that vibrators have experienced and, with them, all erotic toys. Now their forms are studied in detail so that, once the toys are introduced into vaginas or asses, they affect where they have to affect to increase the sensations of pleasure of those who use them. Now, too, sex toys are made with materials that provide better sensations and that are much more similar to human skin. Undoubtedly, the sensations derived from the use of a hard plastic dildo (no matter how much it has the shape and lines of a 23 cm cock) cannot be compared to those that can be obtained thanks to the use of an ergonomic dildo made of medical silicone.

Sex toys

And it is that the erotic toy industry, without a doubt, has not stopped innovating since the greater (although still scarce) sexual education and the sexual liberation of women has allowed both women and men to be interested in these tools. It was precisely this lack of sexual education that caused dildos and vibrators to be mistakenly called dildos for a long time. Calling them like that implied considering them utensils that should be used so that women who did not have a partner and who, therefore, could not enjoy the pleasures of a good fuck, could console themselves. Undoubtedly, that way of calling dildos and vibrators was the result of a predominantly macho and very, very reductionist education about what an erotic toy should be.

And it is that a sex toy , as the term toy indicates, must be something destined to play. Playing is always fun and toys, therefore, should serve not to console oneself for any lack, but to have fun. And what greater and more pleasant fun is there for an adult than to have sex? You can fuck and enjoy a lot without using any sex toy, but, without a doubt, the possibilities of enjoying sex when you use some of the wonders that the adult toy industry has in the market multiply exponentially in a very important. Or is it the same what a woman experiences when she is penetrated only vaginally as when she is penetrated in that way and, in addition, her ass is well filled with or without a vibrating anal plug? Does the penis you are fucking enjoy the same as the one with a good vibrating ring that, while increasing the power of your erection, massages you with its vibrator?

Erotic toys, therefore, are not comforters and, therefore, are not intended to fill a lack. They are used to get to know each other and enjoy more and better self-stimulation and masturbation and also serve to have fun as a couple. For a woman to use a clitoral sucker alone, for example, can be very pleasant; but without a doubt it must be more stimulating for her and much more joyful for her partner to dedicate a wonderful cunnilingus to her clitoris while inserting a vibrator into her pussy or, say, a good vibrating dildo in her ass. At the same time, for a man it can be especially stimulating to masturbate with a masturbator that provides the sensations of a fellatio or of penetrating an ass or vagina; But, wouldn't it be more stimulating for your partner to masturbate you with that masturbator while, at the same time, eating your testicles or your ass?


Prostitutes and sex toys

Given the importance that toys can have in a sexual relationship and given that sexual encounters with prostitutes are based precisely on that, on enjoying sex, there are many of these girls who are willing to use them with their clients. Generally they have their own toys but sometimes it is the customers who bring their own toys. In this there is a basic rule, the extreme cleanliness of these small devices that give so much pleasure.