Postures to practice 69

Thursday, 17 September 2020

In our previous article we talked about 69 and now we will enter into some of the most interesting positions to practice it ... There are the positions so that when you visit one of our escorts you can put them into practice.

The girl above

One of the generally accepted rules when talking about the position to adopt to practice 69 is the one that indicates that it is best to let the woman stand on top. By acting in this way we avoid two things: "squashing" them due to our superior weight and pinning their hair (if they have a particularly long mane) with our knees. Adopting this position, in addition, we act as a kind of knights errant who, throwing themselves at the ready, give their lady control of the situation. Placed on top of us, the woman who is sucking us while we orally stimulate her vagina decides the rhythm, speed, angle and depth of the blowjob.

Placed like this, however, the man has a card up his sleeve: that of expanding the possibilities of oral sex. Or, put another way: to focus part of the attention of your tongue on the anal stimulation of your partner. With the woman placed on top of him, offered, the man can not only lick her vagina. You can also lick and suck your anus, thereby providing your partner with new nuances of sensation.

Like everything in sex, the decision and pact of each couple will depend on the establishment of the limits of each sexual practice. For example: could it not be very pleasant for a woman (or a man) to feel an anal plug inserted in her ass while her partner gives her a superb blowjob or a spectacular cunnilingus? This practice undoubtedly also fits among the 69 different modalities that can be practiced. And it is that we must never neglect the possibilities of pleasure that erotic toys put at our disposal.

If the man wants to take full control of 69, the positions will have to be reversed. That is to say: the man must be placed on top of the woman. If you position yourself like this, you will see how with your hands you can manipulate your partner's pussy at will while you devour it. With your fingers you can separate the lips of her vagina to, thus, review those lips inside with the tip of your tongue. It's hard for your girl not to like feeling you lick the softer, wetter meat out of her pussy.

69 girl up


A very interesting position to practice 69 is one in which the two members of the couple are placed on their sides. By being positioned like this, the sixty-nine can last longer and the lover's thighs can serve as a pillow. This posture also allows the members of the couple to freely use their hands to increase and vary the stimulation of the couple . She, for example, can freely fondle our balls while we use our fingers to penetrate the heart of that clam that we are licking so hard.

Sideways 69 pose

Stances for acrobats

Those who are more risky and in better physical shape can choose to put into practice a series of erotic postures ideal for practicing a slightly more striking 69. One of them is to practice 69 standing up. What is achieved with it? That the woman, if she doesn't break down, gets a more intense orgasm by feeling the blood rush to her head.

Two variants of this posture, in which the woman literally "hangs" from the man, are those in which the man is sitting or, where appropriate, kneeling. In both variants, a requirement must be met: that the man have the necessary strength to be able to support the woman.

Honestly, it seems to us that these "positions for acrobats" are not the most suitable to enjoy a sexual practice like 69. Too many difficulties for a practice that is not as simple (as we have indicated above) as in principle It seems.

In any case, practicing 69 increases desire and pleasure within the couple, as well as the feeling of intimacy. Stimulating each other and stimulating each other well, furthermore, can be considered the pinnacle of sexual rapport. And that is one of the goals that, without a doubt, can be achieved when we practice 69.

Pose 69 for acrobats

69 for same-sex lovers

If you can afford the whim of hiring two escorts at the same time and that they are bisexual, do not miss the opportunity to be given a lesbian show in which they include a 69 between the two girls ... You will enjoy like never before looking, we advise you to masturbate with control to avoid cumming. With so much excitement it is very easy.

69 between two girls

And obviously between men a 69 can also be done. Although we do not touch on the gay theme, here we leave you an image that illustrates 69 between 2 men .

69 between 2 men