69, that magic number ...

Thursday, 10 September 2020

It is surely the most famous posture of the Kamasutra . You suck it off me while I eat it. We are talking about 69 . The number itself is very illustrative. If we look at it carefully, we see in it the position that the bodies adopt when practicing this erotic position. My head between your legs; yours among mine. Your genitals in my mouth; mine in yours.

Sixty-nine is that erotic position in which the two members of the couple give and receive oral sex at the same time. 69 is the result of merging fellatio and cunnilingus in the same sexual act. And, as in fellatio and cunnilingus, there are a number of principles that must be met for the sexual experience to be absolutely satisfactory.

The fundamental principle to fulfill so that 69 is an absolutely joyful and pleasant sexual practice is that of hygiene. Body hygiene, which is always presupposed, acquires special relevance when it comes to eating our partner's pussy while she, at the same time, licks and licks our cock. Except for special cases, the most common thing for a palate is to find it unpleasant to feel something that smells or tastes bad. And both the penis and the vagina secrete a series of humors and liquids that end up smelling or tasting bad. Thus, if hygiene is not adequate, sixty-nine can become a discouraging and unmotivating sexual experience.

Another thing is when hygiene is adequate. Feeling a vagina melt with pleasure in our mouth while our penis, hardened and erect, receives the honors from our partner's mouth, is a unique experience.

Sex connoisseurs even recommend changing the diet in order to soften the smell and taste of our intimate secretions so that we can enjoy more oral sex in general and 69 in particular. In this sense, sex dietitians recommend incorporating fruits such as pineapple, watermelon or kiwi into our diet, as well as plums and blueberries if what we want is to give our secretions a slightly sweet touch. If we do, it is very likely that our partner, when licking our cock, has the sensation of licking a lollipop. Of meat, yes, and of swollen veins, but sweet as a fairground lollipop.

Sex position 69

Disadvantages of 69

When people talk about 69 and sing about its virtues, they forget that this delicious sexual practice can also present a series of disadvantages.

One of those drawbacks, known only to those who have practiced it, is that it is not always easy to give and receive pleasure at the same time. To do this, let's say you have to unfold your attention. It is not easy to think about how to please the pussy that we have in our mouth while, at the same time, it takes away the pleasure felt by noticing our cock licked or, perhaps, we feel that something is not quite according to our liking there down. That if our teeth brush, that if the rate of blowjob is excessively slow or, on the contrary, excessively fast ... Without a doubt, a certain common practice is required to get the most out of an erotic practice like this. The most common thing, in any case, is that what begins as a 69 ends up becoming a fellatio and a concatenated cunnilungus, or vice versa. That is to say: first we finish one thing and then the other.

Another drawback of the sixty-nine, highlighted by many sexologists, is that this is an erotic position not too suitable for people who are shy or who feel insecure with their body. With 69 we expose ourselves to the maximum. We put our genitals at the level of our partner's eyes and we have theirs at the level of ours. And that can make us think more than necessary when what it is about when practicing 69 is, precisely, to think as little as possible and to savor the feast. Thinking if our penis likes it visually or not, in the correctness of its measurement or in what our partner should experience when having it put in the mouth can act as a brake when it comes to enjoying oral sex in unison. She, for her part, may experience similar feelings and sensations. Overcoming these types of thoughts and insecurities is essential to enjoy 69.

Once the hygiene issue has been solved and the insecurities that can act as a barrier to our access to the enjoyment of shared oral sex and in unison, the 69 presents a clear inconvenience for all couples who wish to practice it: the size of each of the members of the couple. What each one measures will largely determine how comfortable or not this sexual practice is. And it is that when one of the members of the couple is much taller than the other, the ideal position to practice 69 is not as easy to adopt as when the two members of the couple have a similar height.

Disadvantages of 69

69 and the escorts

The luxury escorts or whores are experts in 69. Practically all, if not all, offer this sexual practice and enjoy it if you know how to do it well. The editor is witness to this. On one occasion I hired a solid Brazilian escort of color, with huge tits and skin as black as it was smooth. She was a calm and polite girl, not very talkative. When we were naked in bed and I was lying down, the first thing she did is turn on me, get on top and put her pussy in front of my mouth. I understood the message and since I like to suck pussies, I started the work. She on her side began to suck me gently, without a condom. My penis is a good size and highly polished, quite observable to say the least. We were sucking each other calmly, you could tell that we were both lovers without fanfare. And I am a lot of playing with my tongue and doing absorbs, experimenting with the pussy because each pussy is very different and it is turned on in different ways. And notice that from time to time she stopped sucking me and raised her head while exhaling (without much fanfare, just as she was). We spent a good time like this, it was like a Zen moment, of total relaxation. Then I fucked her once and at the break for the second round, we slept like we were a couple in love. Then she explained to me that she had come twice while sucking him, that she couldn't help it from the pleasure it had given her. And I was proud of it, it feels good to give pleasure too. I fucked her again and there our little love story ended.

69 with an escort