Copro or Coprophilia

Thursday, 03 September 2020

Nothing is more personal than sex. Everyone lives it in their own way. Everyone is excited by what is excited. What can drive you crazy with desire can leave me absolutely cold or even cause absolute rejection. And the other way around, of course. Nowhere is it written that you should be passionate about what makes me horny.

In recent times, we have all been moving towards a greater understanding or tolerance of the likes of others. Our society has been gaining levels of plurality and open-mindedness that allow us to contemplate as acceptable what in other times was considered an absolute taboo. It was not long ago that a practice as common today as oral sex was considered taboo both in its fellatio and in its cunnilingus aspect. And today ... who among us has not enjoyed some excellent and much remembered oral sex session?

But there are practices that still continue to dance on the tightrope of what is not so simply understandable. The Copro or Coprophilia , if in doubt, would appear in this group.

What are we talking about when we talk about copro? Of sexual practices that, more or less directly, have to do with the intervention in them of the feces. In other words: of sexual practices in which, in one way or another, shit is present. The one we carry in our womb or the one our partner carries. The one we expel, for example, on our partner's bare chest or the one our partner defecates on ours.

How? You may ask yourself, what is it that is exciting to be shitted on? That there are those who have erections just thinking that they could shit on their partner's chest? You are right. There are those who experience that. And there are also those who, when they think of good sex, five-star sex, cannot stop thinking about the way in which the poop, the feces, the shit, can enter their sexual relationship.

We already said it: sex is a very personal thing. And the copro exists to prove it. That is why you get to pay to practice it and that is why it is something that is practiced in many more countries than we imagine. Without traveling to the United States, for example, and they offer you Cleveland Steamer (something that can be translated as "Cleveland steamer") what they are offering you is to shit on your chest, something that, apparently, Adolf also liked Hitler Or that, at least, is what Otto Straser, one of his rivals in the Nazi party, said. According to Straser, that of copro was one of the practices that the Führer demanded of his niece Geli Raubal during the murky relations that, apparently, he had with her.

The scat: some men's sex dream

Among the strangest sexual practices that we can imagine is, without a doubt, the scat, a practice consisting of defecating on the partner's body or, if considered from a passive perspective, in experiencing how the partner defecates on top of us.

This sexual practice is associated with three types of fetishism or paraphilias. People in the field of Psychology are used to using the term paraphilia. Those of us who talk about these things from the perspective of sex prefer to talk about fetishism. Why? Because we establish a limit: that of being able or not to conceive sexuality beyond the fetish. That is to say: if you are attracted to the subject of shit mixed with sex and you are only able to put yourself on a stick when you think about it or when you experiment with it, you are paraphilic. Yours, then, would be a psychological issue. You'd be, so to speak, a fucking sexual junkie.

If you can function sexually without the need for poop to intrude on your relationships then you are just a copro fetishist. That is to say: although thinking about copro will make you experience better erections and your level of arousal will be higher, your sexuality will be able to develop without the need for copro being present. That is to say: you can fuck and enjoy sex without it being absolutely necessary for shit to be present in your relationship.


Paraphilias associated with scat

Once the distinction between fetishism and paraphilia has been made, we will point out which are the three types of fetishism or, if you prefer, of paraphilias that are associated with the sexual practice of scat and the universe of copro. Those three paraphilias / fetishisms are as follows:


The coprophilic is one that is attracted to the smell, texture or sight of human feces. That is to say: the coprophilic is the one who likes to smell or look at shit. Seeing human feces produces a directly sexual arousal in coprophiliacs.


This is the paraphilia most directly linked to the practice of scat. In this case, the arousal is derived not so much from the contemplation of the feces as from the fact of touching or feeling them on the body. This practice, closely linked to the BDSM universe, must be carried out, like everything else in BDSM, from an agreement between the parties. In other words: if I want you to shit on me, I'll tell you where on my body you can do it. And it is that, logically, it is not the same that you throw a turd on my chest to that you throw it in my face. Or vice versa, of course. If I shit on your thighs, you still like it. If I shit in your mouth, the taste you experience with the experience may not be that great.

The practice of scat is directly related to domination techniques and, in some cases, to certain voyeuristic tendencies.


This is, within the universe of copro and the practice of scat, the most extreme practice, the most risky and, therefore, the least recommended. The coprophagus is one who is happy eating shit. Literally. The coprophagus becomes excited when it tastes feces.

Talking about coprophagia is not just talking about a taboo. When we talk about such an act, we are talking about the ingestion of something that, in addition to smelling and (we suppose) tasting bad, does not contribute anything to human nutrition. We are neither flies nor beetles. What a beetle finds in a ball of shit are nutrients. We don't find that in stool. The most we can find is a disease. The mildest of these will be gastroenteritis. The most serious, cholera. Hepatitis, A and B, is also among the diseases that we could catch if we were to ingest poop.

Although it may seem very strange to you, there are people who "sell" their shit on the Internet. And he does it, to publicize it, placing in his ad photographs of the precise moment in which the object for sale is expelled abroad. The price of a tupper with top quality shit from an attractive little ass can be, for lovers of copro, even 400 euros. In the same way, there are coprophiles interested in buying videos of people defecating and, logically, in dating other people who are attracted to the practice of scat.

Copro and the escorts

Well, this is a not very popular paraphilia among escorts for obvious reasons. But if you are looking for a company girl to carry out this practice, we recommend that you use our escort search engine . There you will find a prostitute who does it, although beyond the cities of Barcelona or Madrid, I do not think you will find.