Bukkake, between porn and private parties

Thursday, 27 August 2020

If you are a fan of internet porn, you have surely seen an image similar to the one that we are now going to describe. A woman, kneeling, receives on her face the ejaculation of several men who are masturbating at the same time. The woman's face, at the end of the video, is a stucco of different lefas. In that woman's hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, lips and teeth, the grout accumulates from all the men who have masturbated in front of her face.

This practice, which is called bukkake, has a bit of humiliation in its scenography, but like all sexual practices, it can only be the result of prior consent. In other words, the bukkake can only take place when the female protagonist of it is willing or even wants several men to cum on her face.

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Origin and evolution of bukkake

According to tradition, this of cumming in a group or on a woman's face has not been invented today. In fact, bukkake has almost three thousand years of history. The inventors of this dirty practice were, what a surprise, the Japanese. At this point in the game, are we surprised by how perverted or, in other words, how uncomplexed Orientals can be?

It is said that in Japan, seven centuries before Christ, unfaithful women were punished with a practice like bukkake. Tied to a stick, those women who had not known how to be faithful to their husbands received on their faces the rain of semen from those men who decided to jerk off before them. The law also determined that it was the father of the unfaithful who initiated group masturbation. Whether he was the first or was obliged to be the first to cum on his daughter's face or was not obliged to do so is something that has not been recorded. What does seem verifiable is the purpose of that law: after the drink of several men cumming on her face, none of those women whose face had been splattered with semen would ever again surrender to the temptation of being unfaithful. Or that, at least, was what a law as markedly sexist as the one we discussed.

Over the centuries, the Japs, always so attentive to these things, found in bukkake a way to defeat the censorship that castrated their freedom when creating pornographic products. No genitals could be shown. For not being able to, nor could pubic hair be shown in porn movies. The porn directors, go-getters, found the beyond in the act of showing how they ejaculate in a group on a person's face.

In no time, the actresses who indulged in bukkake were the highest paid in the porn industry. And that desire for them is still present.

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Types of bukkake

Bukkake, that is, ejaculating semen on a person's face, can have different modalities. Thus, at least, it is how it can be seen in streaming porn. Of all the bukkake modalities, the most common are the following:

  • Forced bukkake: In this form of bukkakem, the person who receives the shower of cum from several cocks is forced, in one way or another, to receive that shower of cum.
  • Summit bukkake: In this form of bukkake, the woman who receives the slurry goes a little further: she herself, voluntarily, tilts her head back and opens her mouth to receive the shower of semen in it and swallow / drink it.
  • Bukkake Snoball or Snowball : In this form of bukkake, it is not just one person who receives the rain of semen. In this case, it is two people who receive the grout and two people who, once the grout is received, exchange it with each other with a long white kiss or an exchange of licks. That is to say: the milks received by ejaculation are mixed in the mouths of those who received it.
  • Bukkake with Cum Play : After receiving the cum from several men on her face, shoulders and tits, the woman who has received that cum shower plays with her, mixes it or even adds it to something that is going to eat.

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Ingestion of semen

As we have seen, the practice of bukkake is usually associated, more or less directly, with the ingestion of semen. Can you ingest semen? The answer to this question is yes. Quietly? In this case the answer is: not too much.

When we analyze the semen we see that it contains sperm, fructose and a series of enzymes that serve to keep the sperm alive and, thanks to this, guarantee the fertilization of the ovum.

When performing an analysis of the composition of semen, we find substances as different as the aforementioned fructose, zinc, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, magnesium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, various proteins, vitamin C ... the list could be so long that in semen we could even find viruses such as HIV, hepatitis B and C or chlamydia and herpes.

The chance of getting infected with some of these viruses is notably higher when you have gingivitis, have inflamed gums, or have an open wound in your mouth.

What do we mean by all this? That bukkake can be a very pleasant and exciting experience for both those who participate in it actively and those who do it passively. Where is it written that a woman cannot feel honored, admired or desired when she feels how the semen recently expelled by the testicles of several men falls on the skin of her face, in the form of hot rain, who, with their cock in their hand , give expression to your desire with a more or less copious, more or less abundant, more or less thick vomit of cum?

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