A somewhat special fellatio

Thursday, 20 August 2020

We continue with the French Tie, that Cuban blowjob that gives us so much morbid and that if we try it, we will want to repeat. And as usual in this type of practice, only the most daring and uninhibited girls are willing to do it and these girls are usually ... escorts, luxury prostitutes and the typical cheap whores . But of course, think that while they give you a handjob with your tits and they are sucking you, the visual aspect of the girl is important and that her body is in accordance ... and for this purpose, our escorts are ideal ... and more if they are busty women .

This second type of woman that we talked about in the previous article, the one who practices the Cuban in a passive way, does not seem the most appropriate to make a French tie. And it is that, in the case of the French tie, it will not be enough for the woman to hold the man's penis between her breasts while he performs the typical movements of intercourse. To make a French tie, the woman must be orally active. That is to say: she must suck the cock that, at the same time, is masturbating with her tits. And sucking requires will. It is difficult to conceive of a passive blowjob. To make a good French tie, it is not enough for the woman to open her mouth to allow her partner's phallus to enter it. He must also lick, suck, suck, bite ... That is, he must actively stimulate his partner's penis with his mouth.

All these actions (sucking, sucking, licking ...) must necessarily focus on the part of the penis closest to the glans. That will be the only part of the penis that will be within reach of the mouth of the woman who makes a French tie. It is inconceivable, for example, the combination of this sexual practice called deep throat (which consists of the total entry of the penis into the mouth of the person performing the fellatio) and a Cuban. It should not be forgotten that, while the French tie is being performed, a large part of the penis remains trapped between the girl's breasts.

But it should not be forgotten that the glans and frenulum are the most sensitive parts of the penis and, therefore, the areas whose stimulation provides the greatest pleasure to men. Thus, it is enough that the woman who is making a French tie to a man lick and stimulates that part with her mouth so that the man who is at the same time jerking off with her tits feels in a true paradise.

Nor should we forget that the French tie can be an intermediate sexual practice between Cuban and fellatio. Or rather, an intermediate step between these two very pleasant practices. That is to say: the couple can start with a Cuban woman, to continue with a French tie and finally end with a blow job in full force and taken to the extreme that is desired.

Cuban blowjob

Inside or outside

As with all forms of oral sex , the French tie can have various endings. The man, for example, can ejaculate inside the woman's mouth. The latter, in turn, upon receiving the slurry of her partner in her mouth, can choose between two things: to accept it and then spit it out, or to swallow it. Swallowing semen is not bad in itself, as long as, of course, the semen is not infected by some type of virus.

Another option available to men and women who wear a French tie is the one in which the man ejaculates on the face of his partner. Facial ejaculation, that is: cumming on the cheeks, nose, eyes and lips of the partner as the end point of a fellatio is a practice highly valued by many men.

Also highly valued by men as the point and end of a sexual relationship is the so-called body ejaculation , that is, the practice in which the man, when the moment of orgasm, enjoys watching his cum splashes the body of his partner.

In the case of the French tie, the "coating" of the breasts with semen from the woman who gave him the blowjob while jerking off with her tits is an end point of the practice of the French tie highly valued by many men. After all, cumming on your partner is seen by many men as an act of ownership, of signaling in some way that this female belongs to them. That they have fucked with that female. Something that, without a doubt, stimulates and massages the vanity of men. And what would a man be without vanity?

Body ejaculation