The French tie

Thursday, 13 August 2020

What man does not like a woman to masturbate with her tits? What man does not enjoy a good blowjob? Well, imagine what it is to reunite the two sensations in the same experience. That is precisely what the French tie achieves, a sexual practice consisting of masturbating a man's penis with the breasts while, at the same time, performing fellatio on him.

Imagine the scene. A woman takes your erect cock and places it between her tits. Then, holding her tits with her hands, she shakes them to jerk off with them while, at the same time, she sucks you off. Maddening, right? Well that's exactly the French tie.

Without a doubt, combining masturbation with fellatio is combining two of the sexual practices that a man may like best. Every man likes to be sucked and every man, when it comes to masturbation, prefers to change his hands for the breasts of a pretty woman.

Masturbation with tits is usually called "Cuban." If a woman says "I am going to make you a Cuban, I am going to empty your eggs" what she is saying is that she is going to take your penis and massage it with her breasts. This practice, which is much more pleasant, like so many erotic experiences, if performed using lubricant or massage oil, in Cuba is called "making a Spaniard." In other words, if a pretty Cuban tells you that she is going to make you a Spaniard, you can start filling the cavernous bodies of your cock with blood, because you are about to have a very, very pleasant experience.

Escort practicing French tie

The pleasure of a good Cuban

For a Cuban or tittyfucking (and, with it, a French tie) to be fully satisfactory, good breasts are needed above all. There is no doubt that big tits will always be better when practicing a Cuban or a French tie than small tits. But with boobs, sometimes, it happens as with penises: size can be important, yes, but more important is knowing how to use them.

A horny woman, sexually active and wanting to exploit her body to the fullest, will do a Cuban better, although her tits are not the largest in the world, than a passive woman who, by great melons that she has, is to see them coming.

This second woman, at best, will limit herself, when the time for the Cuban woman comes, to reluctantly hold her tits while the man, sitting astride her and with his cock tucked between her partner's breasts, will be forced to perform the typical fuck movement if you want to feel masturbated. That is to say: this man, more than masturbating with tits, will be, to put it in some way, fucking some tits.

If we ask anyone who has ever enjoyed a good Cuban woman, she will surely tell us that the best Cuban is the one in which men and women do their part, that is, the one in which women move their boobs With his hands while the man, with his cock caught between them, gives kidney blows as if he were fucking a pussy or a bum. It is there, in that combination of movements, that the Cuban woman reaches her maximum expression.

Cuban with fellatio

Busty escorts, the ideal ones for the French Tie

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