Ballbusting with instruments

Thursday, 06 August 2020

If you choose to practice ballbusting using instruments you can use floggers , shovels and fuets. To use this type of instrument it takes a certain experience. Only with experience can the intensity and force of the hitting be controlled and the risk of injury can therefore be minimized. Our advice is not to do ballbusting with instruments if you don't master these instruments. On the other hand, it can always be more pleasant to feel the throbbing skin of some testicles or a penis in the hand than the colder contact of an instrument of genital torture.

To practice ballbusting in particular and genital torture in general, we can also use a series of torture instruments, among which we can highlight the following:

  • Rings for the testicles : This erotic toy , apart from punishing and torturing the testicles, also serves to provide man with more intense orgasms. Made of leather or metal, this genital torture instrument keeps the testicles lower. If used for too long, however, they can be harmful to the male genital anatomy, especially if they cut off blood circulation.
  • Ball crusher : This genital torture instrument for the practice of ballbusting is usually made of metal or transparent acrylic. Its function is to tighten the testicles when the screw or nut available is rotated.
  • Parachute : This type of necklace, usually made of leather, is fastened around the scrotum and is used to hang weights from the three or four chains that hang from it. In men experienced in this practice, the weight can be between 3 and 5 kilos. The effect it has on the balls is, logically, compression. With light weights, the man can move. Of course, with great care.

Ballbusting with erotic toys

Ballbusting and security

As we have previously indicated, ballbusting is a risky sexual practice that must be carried out with the maximum safety precautions. Expertise and experience are essential to avoid injury. It is also true that the man whose genitals are going to be tortured knows those genitals perfectly. That is to say: that you can quickly identify any change in size or shape of your testicles.

To avoid injuries while practicing ballbusting, it is important to avoid sharp blows as much as possible. Hitting balls should also be avoided using objects that only cover small areas.

One of the most dangerous actions that can be taken when a man's balls are tortured is twisting them more than necessary. A torsion carried out on the axis of the testicle can damage the epididymis or cause hyperextension of the nerve terminals, vas deferens or blood vessels of the testicle. Any of these circumstances would suppose a serious injury to the testicle.

One tip that all ballbusting practitioners should take into account is to inspect, after the session is over, the appearance of the testicles. After the ballbusting session, you should check if the scrotum has swollen, if there has been an abnormal increase in the volume of the testicles, if there has been any type of injury or if there is pain that, of medium or high intensity, Lasts beyond an hour. You should also check for any bruising. In any of these circumstances you should go to the doctor.

Testicular torture

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