Tuesday, 28 July 2020

It is said that, on tastes, the colors. And we say: and sex. And there is nothing more personal than the sexual preferences of a human being. At the time of sex, each person likes what he likes. There are those who indulge in oral sex and who, in order to be sexually happy, will suffice and spare the traditional missionary. There are those who declare themselves an absolute fan of anal sex and others who are not sexually happy talking if they do not feel their testicles twisted or crushed and beaten. The latter are lovers of ballbusting, a sexual practice typical of the BDSM universe and which basically consists of inflicting pain on the man by mistreating his genitals.

The term ballbusting is explicit enough as to its meaning. Formed by the words ball (ball) and busting (bursting), we can easily understand that when we talk about ballbusting we are talking about bursting balls or, if you prefer, balls. Thus, ballbusting would be, in some way and within an order, a sexual practice consisting of bursting a man's balls. In other words: mistreating his balls.

Ballbusting is included within a type of sadomasochistic sexual practice that is called CBT or, what is the same, Cock and Ball Torture, that is: torture of cock and balls. This torture is fundamentally based on the beating and / or constriction of the genitals. In other words, in hitting or squeezing or twisting the cock and testicles of a man who, when experiencing the pain derived from said actions, also experiences a certain sexual pleasure that can reach (and in fact on many occasions reaches) orgasm.

Those who have not tried ballbusting often wonder how it is possible that certain men find pleasure in the fact that they literally pound their balls. Beyond the psychological explanation (the psyche of the human being is very complex) we can give a physiological explanation. During ballbusting, the body generates endorphins in large proportions. The generation of these endorphins (generated to relieve the pain experienced) is in itself a very pleasant experience. And that pleasure, precisely, is what ballbusting lovers value, who usually resort to whores in order to carry out this sexual practice.

Whores and Ballbusting

Precautions when practicing Ballbusting

In a consistent practice such as this in hitting such delicate parts of the male anatomy, it is essential to grade the pain. It's not about hitting balls just like that or twisting them like there's no tomorrow. Ballbusting must be done with caution so as not to cause serious injury. Sex, we are used to saying, is made to be enjoyed (each in their own way), but never to end up in hospital emergencies.

The ballbusting-loving man's testicles can be patted, flogged with a small whip, or struck with a wand; They can be kneeled and kicked, but cannot (or should not) be injured. CBT practices include activities as potentially painful as wax play, genital whipping, piercing, urethral play, erotic electrostimulation, or the mildest tickle torture. Whichever technique is chosen to practice CBT, you have to control as much as possible what is done while playing the ball busting game.

One of the maximum laws of ballbusting orders that the intensity be increased little by little. In fact, the more pain a man gets, the more excited he becomes. And the excitement doesn't always come suddenly. Increasing it little by little is a good way to prepare the man's genitals to withstand the torture that his partner will inflict on him.

If dialogue with the partner is always essential in any sexual relationship, in the practice of ballbusting that dialogue is essential. In fact, dialogue and pact are essential in any BDSM practice. Without a covenant there is no BDSM. Everything that is done in its scope or in that of the sado must have been agreed and must be consented by the parties that participate in the game. It is one thing, for example, to accept that your balls are hit with the palm of your hand and quite another, for example, that your partner step on them with or without shoes. If it does, it must be with your consent.

Escorts and ballbusting

Escorts and Ballbusting

Some of our escorts advertised in cities like Madrid or Barcelona offer the practice of Ballbusting , but not a large number since it is a somewhat extreme sexual practice and carries certain risks. And it is that our girls, although they are what we vulgarly call whores, do not stop being ladies and prefer to offer softer things. But do not despair, if you want to try Ballbusting with an escort, if you are looking you will find it. If you are looking for it with the Sado or BDSM label, you will surely practice it and will be happy to squeeze your balls.

And we leave it for today, but our next article will continue to be dedicated to this sexual practice.