Cumshot, Bukkake and Beso Blanco

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Today in the world of sex the term Cumshot is used a lot, especially in porn circles. But what does the word "Cumshot" really mean? Well it's actually the English translation of our lifelong word "Corrida", that is, ejaculation. "Cum" is semen and "Shot" shot, therefore "Semen shot", all very graphic. In an intimate relationship between two people, the Cumshot would be to shoot the semen at the other person, either in the face (facial ejaculation) or in the body (body ejaculation). This gives pleasure to both parties, one for cumming on his lover and the other for receiving hot milk from his lover for the excitement that produces each other. We already know that this can occur in a Bukkake that would be multiple people ejaculating on top of a single receiver. There is the receiver who most enjoys this sexual practice, so much so that she rides a bacchanal of semen being the only recipient. We already know that in this sex, the fantasies that a person can have can be very varied.


And already following in the wake of semen and ejaculating on someone other than during vaginal or anal penetration, we have the White Kiss , a practice not recommended given its risks of sexually transmitted diseases. In this case it is to ejaculate in the mouth after fellatio, keep the milk in the mouth and then transfer it to the person who ejaculated through a kiss. We only recommend this in stable and ... faithful couples, since they carry many risks.

Much or little semen

Both in body ejaculation and facial ejaculation, the amount of semen expelled during the run is especially valued. The greater the amount of ejaculated semen, the more visually appealing these sexual practices become and the more macho the ejaculator feels. That amount depends on several factors. Age is one of them. Man does not make the same amount of milk at twenty as he does at fifty.

The personal characteristics of each individual person also largely determines the amount of cum ejaculated in a bullfight. There are testicles that make more semen than others and men with more copious cum than others.

White kiss

Two other factors that influence the copiosity of the bullfight are the time elapsed since the last ejaculation and the degree of sexual arousal. If it is very intense, the run is longer. In this sense, foreplay and sexual stimulation games are very important to get a good stucco coating on the face or body of the couple.

A good way to increase the amount and thickness of semen, thus making body ejaculation and facial ejaculation two sexually attractive and more gratifying sexual practices for those who ejaculate and for those who receive the rain of cum (pleasure has which is always a thing of the two members of the couple), is taking care of food and health habits.

To get a thicker and more abundant semen to make the sexual practices that we discuss in this article more gratifying and visually attractive, you have to lead a healthy life. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day, consuming little coffee, minimizing the consumption of alcoholic beverages and foods such as saturated oils, sausages, fried foods, ultra-processed foods and sweets are good measures to achieve more copious ejaculations and thick.

If you want to increase sperm production, you should increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, fish, whole grains and low-fat dairy. Not smoking, doing practices that reduce stress and practicing sports regularly are also good measures to get a cumshot worthy of a porn movie.

If you follow these measures, be sure that your runs will be much more abundant, much thicker, and the act of stuccoing your partner's face, tits, belly or ass with your milk will return, rest assured, much more satisfying for both you and her. Don't forget: they like to feel that the rider is a very macho male. And that they are watered with a good squirt of cum is, for them, a kind of tribute and the demonstration that their male is with all the law.

Body ejaculation