Facial and body ejaculation

Thursday, 16 July 2020

It does not fail. It is pure mathematics. Men, at the time of orgasm, often like to see the semen shoot out from the tip of their penis to the outside. Seeing how the jet of cum comes out of his phallus with force is for man something like the cotton test of his sexual potency. Something, of course, highly valued by man. And if that semen that shoots out falls on the body or face of his lover, the pleasure that man experiences seems to multiply by two. That is why many escorts and prostitutes in Barcelona and Madrid include body ejaculation and facial ejaculation among their services.

In the act of ejaculating on the body or face of the couple there is something of an act of possession. In the same way that a man likes to place his partner on all fours to fuck her from behind to feel like he is master of the situation, he also likes to cum on his body and, especially, on his partner's face.

Ejaculating on the couple's breasts , buttocks, back, belly or face is something like "marking" a property. In the same way that a red-hot iron is applied to the back of a mare to say who owns it, the man marks with his milk the body of the woman he is fucking with, thereby symbolizing that the woman is his , that this female body belongs to him.

Cum on the face

Body and facial ejaculation on the net

To verify that the practices of body ejaculation and facial ejaculation are highly valued sexual practices by men, it is enough to look into the universe of internet porn. There are many videos that, under the labels of facial ejaculation, body ejaculation or cumshot (English term that is translated as cumshot), can be seen online. In them, mainly, the man, after fucking with his vaginal partner and / or anally or after receiving a blowjob, points his penis at his partner (sometimes on her tits but mostly on her face and her open mouth) to pour on she his grout.

One form of ejaculation that is halfway between facial ejaculation and body ejaculation is what is called the "pearl necklace." In this sexual practice, the woman does a fellatio to the man, or, in her case, she masturbates him with her breasts (that is, she makes him a Cuban). When the moment of orgasm arrives, the man runs on the couple's neck, which is thus punctuated by a lot of drops of cum. Some people also call this sexual practice halfway between body and facial ejaculation "piss in the canoe".

Among the most successful pornographic genres on the internet is also bukkake, which would be something like the practice of group facial ejaculation. In this case, a woman, usually kneeling, receives the semen of several men on her face. In this sexual practice, the symbolism of humiliation for women is very clear. Some scholars say that bukkake as a sexual practice comes from a Japanese tradition according to which this act was carried out to punish the unfaithful woman. Whether or not that theory is true, what is undeniable is that bukkake is something that draws much attention to many men and, who knows, perhaps also many women. Just check the number of video views of this sexual practice on the different streaming sex pages.

Similar to the practice of bukkake is that of gokkun . In this case, several men ejaculate in a woman's mouth or, in some cases, in a container. The woman then drinks the semen that the men have poured into the container.

Cum on the body

Facial and body ejaculation in escort services

One of the typical services offered by many of the escorts that we have advertised in Barcelona or Madrid is precisely that they let the client run in their face or on their body. But it is not a service offered by all the escort girls, it all depends on each woman. That is why it is very important if you like to run on the girl and want to do it on the date with the escort, it is that you first check what the advertiser does and if in doubt, ask her. If you are specifically looking for this service, we have filters in searches specifically for these services and even on websites such as Girls Barcelona or Girls Madrid they have their specific website such as this: Bukkake .