Bachelor party with escorts

Thursday, 09 July 2020

Men often speak very badly of marriage (that if your freedom runs out, that goodbye to the good life and blah, blah, blah), but the truth is that there are many men who get married and, when they do, , they celebrate in a big way. For example: Few men decide to change their marital status without having a bachelor party with friends.

Bachelor parties are a custom that has gradually taken root in our society. In a sense, the bachelor party is considered the perfect occasion to go wild. Under the motto "what happens in the bachelor party stays in the bachelor party" practically everything is allowed. We have seen movies about bachelor parties whose scripts seem to be written under the influence of some narcotic and we have known about boyfriends who, after their farewell party, have risen, drunk and disoriented, in an unknown city.

Without a doubt, there are ways and ways to celebrate a bachelor party. One of the most common in recent decades is to hire an escort for a bachelor party for the occasion. For what? The answers to these questions can be many. An escort can be hired to perform a striptease. This can be in private for the honoree or in a group for all the farewell guests. In the second case, the most common thing is that the intervention of the escort ends there: in undressing with elegance, style and eroticism before a group of men who, for the most part, carry an extra drink. In the first one, in which the escort performs the striptease for the boyfriend in private, the escort's intervention can go far beyond simply undressing. Everything will depend on what has been hired.

Escort for bachelor parties

Losing virginity

Let's imagine that the friends of the future bridegroom know that he is a virgin and, as good friends, they decide to end that virginity so that the poor do not have to debut on the wedding night. Bachelor party is a great time to do it. Giving a date with an escort to a virgin friend when he is about to leave his singleness is a great gift. What better place is there, to lose your virginity, than in the room of a luxury escort? What better teacher can a fucking apprentice have than a sex teacher? The ideal for this is to hire an independent escort , in Barcelona and Madrid there are many of these professionals who offer this service.

Fulfill erotic fantasies

In case the groom is not a virgin and has already done his first steps in that of fucking, friends can take advantage of the occasion of the bachelor party to get the protagonist of it to make some erotic fantasy come true.

We all have outstanding erotic fantasies . It can be, for example, practicing Greek (the bride has not allowed herself to be embedded behind). Or enjoy a black kiss (she is disgusted to run her tongue according to which part of her boyfriend's body). Or enjoy a duplex (what man has not fantasized about being in bed with two women at the same time?). Or experience what it feels like when a woman urinates on you (yes, there are men who like the golden shower). In any of these cases, friends should look for a bachelor party escort that includes any of these services in their intimate and discreet appointment with their client.

If the groom wants to have a somewhat more difficult experience, friends can find him a bachelor party escort specialized in sado light techniques.

Erotic fantasies with escorts

Group Sex Party

In one way or another, the goal of using an escort to say goodbye to singleness is to turn a bachelor party into a sex party . More or less wild, more or less ardent, with more or less limits, but sexual in any case. And, of course, shared with friends.

The first thing to be clear about if you want to hire an escort for a bachelor party is that your hiring does not imply that the escort is forced to have sex with the boyfriend. You will only have it if you contract that service specifically.

Most commonly, hiring a bachelor party escort is based on hiring a strip service . That is to say: the escort will undress little by little to the rhythm of suggestive music. In this type of service, the escort cannot, under any circumstances, be touched. The escort, in these cases, will get close to the boyfriend and, possibly, will rub against him. But everything will be there.

There are groups of friends who, when deciding what type of escort or service to hire for a bachelor party, opt for a lesbian show . Men have always seen two women riding it. Just look at the search statistics on online sex pages.

Seeing how two women do it to each other is a good show for a group of friends who are celebrating a bachelor party to enjoy. It is very likely that, after seeing such a show, those present at the farewell want something more. In these cases, the best way to finish off a bachelor party and to end it (before going to eat the breakfast churros) is to go with all the friends who participate in the farewell to an escort agency. Come on, what was traditionally "go to whores" but with more glamor and elegance.

After a good dinner, a few drinks and a few dances, the fact that friends go together to fuck with some sexy and beautiful escort girls is an excellent way to say goodbye to singleness. All together in the same space (group sex can be very exciting) or in separate rooms, visiting an escort agency to celebrate a bachelor party is always a great idea that serves to strengthen friendship and to have things to miss and to talk about (even if in petit committee) in the future.

Sex party