Tantric massage

Wednesday, 01 July 2020

One of the best ways to enjoy this path is to enjoy the pleasures that a good tantric massage provides. Tantra purists say that tantric massage serves to harmonize energy, balance and bring us closer to a higher state of consciousness. We, more earthly and less spiritual, are going to say that tantric massage (as it is offered in the massage centers of the main cities) is a type of massage that provides a very intense and special erotic-sensual experience.

Beyond the pleasure it provides, tantric massage has a long series of benefits. It helps us to fight stress, to reduce anxiety, to regulate blood flow, to detoxify the body, to promote fertility, to fight anoregasmia ... Without a doubt, there are many reasons to want to enjoy a massage tantric.

Tantra masters recommend enjoying both massage and tantric sex in a place specially set for it. In other words, not all places serve to enjoy tantric sex in the same way. If you want to fuck tantrically , find a comfortable place that has a good temperature, where relaxing music plays and is adequately lit. In this sense, aromatic candles can be very useful. As we have previously said, it is essential, when tantric fucking, to stimulate all the senses.

Ejaculation control

Once all this has been achieved, the time will have come to enjoy as God commands a full-blown tantric powder. For this, it is essential to learn to control breathing and ejaculation. Regarding the control of breathing, we must say that in tantric sex it is very important to keep pace with the breathing of the two members of the couple. That serves to increase the connection between the two.

As for ejaculation control , we already know that sometimes the excitement is so great that it is impossible not to cum. But there are techniques that teach you to control that urge. Kegel exercises are the exercises that are usually recommended to train the pubococcygeal muscles, essential to control and cut the flow of ejaculation. Some masturbation techniques also help to learn to control ejaculation and thus avoid cumming too soon. By mastering these techniques, you have a lot of cattle to enjoy tantric sex .

Tantric sex

We hope to have solved with these two articles dedicated to Tantra almost all the doubts that you could have about what is Tantra and tantric sex.

Tantra venues in Barcelona and Madrid

In the first part of the article we explain how to locate escorts in Barcelona or Madrid that offer Tantra massages among their services. But there are also massage centers where they offer this sexual variety, we are going to mention a few.

Tantra Barcelona

  • Tantra Secret Spa: Eixample Esquerra
  • Tantra Massage Barcelona: Gothic Quarter
  • Elixir BCN: Eixample Esquerra
  • Erotic massage Shiva: Eixample Dreta
  • Thai Zen: Sants
  • Siam Tantra Massage: Raval
  • Beahma Massages: Gràcia
  • Zen Tantra: Les Corts
  • Dharma Massages: Eixample Esquerra
  • Santai Masajes: Next to Plaça Catalunya
  • Massage Island: Sarrià

The latter is a classic Barcelona venue for erotic massages with a happy ending. Erotic masseuses of anthology have passed through there and after many years have seen that they have had to adapt to new tastes and have incorporated tantric massages.

Erotic massages Barcelona

Tantra Madrid

  • Tantra Palace: Castellana
  • Arie's Tantra: Center
  • Savai'i Massage Xperience: Moncloa-Aravaca
  • Taj Massages: Castellana
  • 1001 massages: Atocha
  • Indira Massages: Beacon
  • Yabai Tantra: New Spain
  • Kaunis Massages: Pacific
  • Dharma Massages: Malasaña
  • Sensual Massage: Goya
  • Veronica Massages: Center
  • PRIVÉ Space: Castilla
  • Kaimo Massages: Cherry Blossom

Erotic massages Madrid

Conclusions on the offer of erotic massages

As we can see, the offer of massages is somewhat broader in Madrid although both cities have quite a variety of erotic massage centers . We have to take into account that on many occasions an erotic massage with a happy ending (straw or fellatio) can be much more pleasant than fucking the girl (in some cases masseurs lend themselves to vaginal penetration after the massage). This is mainly when the man is very tired and exhausted, it is preferable to relax with good music, incense, oils and a beautiful masseuse caressing the whole body. Then as soon as the completion, we opt for the manual whenever hot oil is used. The sensations are incredible, the client will leave very relaxed, rested and with a smile from mouth to mouth (and having downloaded all the semen he had inside.