Introduction to Tantra

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

There are many signs that tell us that we are getting older. One of them, of course, is to begin to be interested in tantric sex. As we have been told that it is something like fucking in a calm way and we are no longer according to what physical waste (to fuck either) because we began to wonder about him.

Tantric sex we are told wonders: that tantric fucking is fucking for sooooooo long, that thanks to tantric sex we can experience the pleasure of orgasm but without cumming, that one feels more fulfilled after tantric powder ... What is there really in all that and, above all, what is really tantric sex? In this article we are going to try to give an answer to this question.

When we talk about tantric sex, we are talking about a way of enjoying sexuality that goes beyond the genital. Paying attention to the genitals when fucking is fine, no doubt, but the pleasure can be much more intense when, in addition, they take care of and stimulate other parts of the body. We have several erogenous zones scattered throughout the body and we usually forget about them when having sex. Tantric fucking involves, to a large extent, paying attention to these other areas and stimulating them with care and erotic intention. This is largely dealt with, for example, by tantric massage. We will talk about it later.


The concept of Tantra

From what we have said so far, we might think that tantric sex is, in some way, a sexual technique. Well, no. Tantric sex is much more than that. It is simply a part (important, yes) of a philosophy of life originating in the East that we call Tantra.

Tantra has several thousand years behind it and it is a way of being in the world, a way of living. This way of understanding life that is Tantra is based on four pillars: that of acceptance of oneself, that of being present in the world with the five senses fixed on it, that of being able to express what one feels and that of achieving personal balance to be in harmony with others and with the world.

As we see, that of Tantra has more crumb than it might initially seem. Thus, to enjoy that wonderful sex that seems to be tantric sex, you must first perform a personal reset. In some way, we must reprogram ourselves to be able to enjoy that form of sexuality that, we are told, is so pleasurable and enriching.

The different relaxation and meditation techniques that are within our reach should serve to change our mental chip. Once we have done it, once we have accepted ourselves and accept others, once we know how to enjoy each moment putting our five senses in it, once we feel in harmony with everything around us, we can fuck in the tantric way and extract all the pleasure and all the benefits derived from the practice of tantric sex.

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What is tantric sex?

To understand this way of fucking and enjoying it, it is necessary to forget about genitality and, strangely enough, orgasm. Too pending as we are from orgasm, we forget to cultivate pleasure. When pursuing orgasm at any price, many times the price we pay is that of the pleasure itself. By chasing orgasm, we lose nuances and joys. In a rush to cum, we forget that sex can be much more enjoyable.

Tantra masters recommend paying more attention to kisses and caresses. A look, for example, can be very stimulating. There are horny looks that put a lot and that are, sometimes, better than many routine caresses.

To enjoy tantric sex and savor all its pleasures, you have to free yourself from tensions and taboos. We must overcome what blocks us. If we want to taste all the nuances of tantric sex, we must fuck freely, enhancing all our senses. Hearing the moans of our partner (and ours), savoring ourselves while we lick each other, sniffing our bodies, caressing ourselves, focusing especially on our caresses in the erogenous zones ... all of this is part of tantric fucking and all of this helps us to enjoy much more of our sexuality. And all that must be done without haste. Tantric sex can be many things, but none of them has to do with a race to orgasm. There will be time to come. For now, enjoy the road.

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