Erotic poses for threesomes to try with whores

Thursday, 18 June 2020

In the same way that there are multiple formats of erotic trio, there are multiple possible sexual positions to carry them out. It will not be the same positions that are used in a trio between three men as in a duplex. From here we can only recommend one thing: that it be attended to the physical form of each one. It is not the same to imagine a posture than to carry it out. Does the word sprain tell you something? And the word contracture? And the word jerk? One must be aware of his physical abilities when venturing down certain paths. He fucks to enjoy himself, not to hurt himself.

To enjoy a trio you just have to be guided by desire, imagination and common sense. Better a well-performed and well-enjoyed posture than pecking from posture to posture as if you had to pass a Kama Sutra exam. The doggy pose, for example, allows fusing anal sex with oral sex. The same woman who is on all fours and who gets her in the ass can suck the penis or the vagina of whoever is in front of her. That is why this position is highly valued in trios. So is, for example, the one in which the three participants in the trio (whatever sex they are) give and receive oral sex.

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The fact that, as we have indicated, the heterosexuality of the two women and of the man who participate in it prevail in the duplex largely limits the variety of erotic positions that can be performed. But ... let's imagine for a moment that the man forgets his hetero taboos and opens himself to the possibility of experimenting with anal stimulation. Does not then open up a wide range of posture possibilities? Imagine one of the two women open-legged, offering her genitals to the man who sinks his head between her legs to practice a wonderful cunnilingus. Couldn't the other, at the same time, position herself behind his legs to practice various forms of anal stimulation? Let's imagine a black kiss. Or a prostate massage. Or, directly, an anal fuck with a harness. Undoubtedly, the postural possibilities of the duplex are multiplying.

When imagining erotic postures for a duplex with whores, you have to think that all erotic practice can be enriched by introducing a fourth element into the trio: an erotic toy. Dildos, vibrators, penis rings, anal plugs, harnesses ... the possibilities that the adult toy market offers to those who want to enrich their sexuality by experimenting and playing are practically endless. Thus, also in the duplex, sex toys are a great ally to enjoy sex. Here you can see an image of a man fucking two women at the same time to get ideas, here are some whores in Barcelona to start practicing.

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Beyond what is exciting about trios in general and duplexes in particular (either with professional whores or by vocation), the truth is that it is easier to dream of a duplex than to do it. We have seen them a thousand times in porn movies and they seem simple. But cinema is cinema and films are films. To start, it is not too easy, when the moment of truth arrives, to feel comfortable in the middle of a duplex. Men always weigh like a slab this question: what if I don't measure up?

Our first tip is to forget about that question. Sex and its sexual practices exist to have fun with them. Fuck, fuck how you fuck, it must be fun. It can never be an exam. The best way to deal with different sexual practices is to take them as a game. And the game is there to enjoy and laugh. And if you have money, try hiring two whores in Madrid and you'll see how you enjoy the moment.

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Humor. This is the word that must reign in a duplex. Nothing should be taken as serious. Everything can be taken lightly. If you do, you will enjoy the duplex and you will see that this form of trio is as wonderful as you have always dreamed of. Of course, to carry it out for the first time you must find the right people to do it. If you want to participate in a duplex with your partner, our advice is that at no time do you try to do it with a friend or acquaintance. With whom, then? You will ask us. Well, with an expert. But we already tell you that the easiest thing is that you go to luxury whores , in Barcelona and Madrid there are many willing to them.

The advantages of hiring a duplex escort are many and more if you are in Barcelona or Madrid where the variety is enormous. Experience is always a degree and, as we have said before, there is nothing better than having the company and advice of a true sex expert to make our most intimate fantasies come true. She will tell us how to act at all times. She, with her friendliness and her know-how, will facilitate everything to flow and will look for the best erotic postures so that you get the maximum pleasure. Make up your mind and call one of our whores whether you want to share it with a friend or have a friend come over to fuck you both.