Duplex and threesomes, sex between three people

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Fuck two women at once. What man has never dreamed of that? The duplex (as this sexual practice is called) is one of the most common fantasies in man. That is why there are many luxury escorts and prostitutes who offer this exclusive sexual service among their services. We are going to dedicate this article to him in which we are going to talk about the duplex, about the different modalities of trios that men and women can practice and how they can be practiced with guarantees.

Types of trios

One of the traditional ways of calling the duplex has been trio or menage à trois . But the trio has many possible combinations. The most dreamed of by most men is for a man to share a bed with two women. This form of trio is specifically called duplex, but there are also menage à trois between two men and one woman, trios between three women and, of course, trios between three men.

Lesbians and homosexuals will only get horny and horny thinking about the last two forms of threesomes outlined in the previous paragraph. Bisexuals, for their part, will be able to dream of a trio and slap their heads thinking about him, whether it is understood as a combination between him and two women or if it is understood as a combination between two men and one woman. Participating in this last type of trio, the bisexual man could interact sexually with both parts of the sexual triangle.

The bisexual who participates in a threesome consisting of two men and one woman can, for example, anally or vaginally penetrate the woman and be penetrated at the same time by the other man in the trio. Or you can fellatio your playmate while being sucked off by the female part of the threesome. If you stop to think, there are many combinations that can occur in this type of menage à trois.

You certainly don't have to be bisexual to participate in a threesome between two men and one woman. Of course: if you are clearly and decidedly straight you have to be careful when practicing this type of trios. As it is said in an old joke: organization, please; organization!

Just because a straight man wants or is willing to share his female partner in bed with another man does not mean that he can accept feeling the contact of the other man's body. In other words: that man can be aroused and can enjoy penetrating the woman from behind anally or vaginally and seeing how, at the same time, the woman blows the other man who participates in the trio. What that straight man will not be able to bear in any way, for example, will be that the tip of the other male's cock rubs against any part of his body.

Duplex service

To speak of duplexes, it is necessary to fulfill a fundamental premise: that the three parts that participate in it (that is, the two women and the man) are absolutely and unequivocally heterosexual. In other words, women should not be tempted to do it to each other. If you are putting it to a woman while she eats everything to the companion of menage à trois you will be participating in a trio, but not in a duplex.

In the duplex, for it to be, there must be no interaction between the women participating in it. The women who participate in a duplex are there solely and exclusively to give pleasure to the man who participates in that trio and to receive all the pleasure that he is capable of providing to the two women, who in many cases have to be whores to be seen. lend to this type of practice.

When speaking of duplexes we can speak of two modalities. In one of them, the man penetrates one woman and gives oral sex to the other. In the other, the two women eat the man's genitals at the same time. Without a doubt, feeling how two woman's tongues run through his penis and lick his testicles is something very coveted by many men. And that is one of the great attractions that men find in this sexual practice.

Threesomes with escorts

Threesome services with escorts

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