Most striking fetishes

Friday, 05 June 2020

This is our third article that we dedicate to fetishists and their fetishes and this time we will continue reviewing fetishes. The ones we listed in the previous article would be the most common fetishes. Let's see now, among the immense amount of fetishes that we can find, some of the most striking.

  • Somnofilia : Excitement for doing it with a person who sleeps or who, at least, pretends to sleep.
  • Clismafilia : Excitation and pleasure obtained by introducing liquids into the anus. For this type of fetishist, few things are as pleasant as a good enema.
  • Accrotomophilia : Sexual preference for someone who has an amputated limb. For these fetishists, nothing is more exciting than a good stump.
  • Coprofilia : Excitation when smelling, touching and, in the most extreme cases, savoring the feces. The latter, logically, we do not recommend, since it can be the source of serious infections. Anyone who experiences this fetish can be excited to see how a person defecates.
  • Urolophilia : In this case, the fetish is urine. Urolophilics enjoy golden rain in a special way. Being urinated or urinating on others is, for them, an almost religious experience. Even pissing on them can even be especially exciting.
  • Mechanophilia : Sexual excitement derived from looking at machines, motorcycles, cars, etc.
  • Spectrophilia : These fetishists especially enjoy the presence of mirrors in the place where they will dedicate themselves to the pleasures of sex. In the escort agencies or in the private apartments of some company ladies, where it is easy to find facilities and rooms that include such mirrors, these fetishists can enjoy themselves in a special and unforgettable way.
  • Salirofilia : This type of fetishism is associated with dirt. When going out, he doesn't like to fuck with a clean girl or in a clean place. The piggy and dirty is what excites this type of fetishist.

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Kiki, love is made

To finish this article, we want to recommend this film by Paco León. There are five couples, each with different affiliations and the rarest possible. In Spanish humor key, these 5 affiliates appear among others:

  • Dacrifilia : Candela Peña, who cannot get pregnant, puts very little sex with her husband. One day, after receiving bad news, she begins to cry inconsolably and the protagonist of this story gets very horny and fucks with her husband like never before. But it turns out that she only wants to fuck when she sees him cry and she makes up stories for her husband to start crying so they can have sex.
  • Elifilia : Alexandra Jiménez embroiders it in this role. A withdrawn girl, deaf and with relationship problems. It makes the touch of fabrics very horny and depending on each fabric, it gets hotter or less without being able to avoid being exposed.
  • Somnofilia : Here we have a marriage that has had a misfortune, the woman has been paralyzed by an accident. The husband continues to feel a lot of love for her, but the wife, due to the misfortune that accompanies her, does nothing but belittle him. One day by accident, the woman takes a sonmifero and then he uses it to fuck her. He loves it but does not want the woman to find out, so with the complicity of the maid, he sleeps her every night and has his love story with his sleeping woman.
  • Dendrofilia : Two young and beautiful sisters have in their genetics a certain propensity for filia and one of them is vegetables, hugging a tree or doing things with a cucumber ...
  • Hapraxofilia : One of the previous sisters, in addition to putting vegetables on her, she runs with pleasure when she is in a dangerous situation, such as a robbery. Her boyfriend is shocked, but since he is very much in love, he mounts a robbery so that the girl gets horny. If this is not love ...


A great movie, without a doubt. And so far this article, sponsored by our favorite whores in Barcelona and Madrid. With them you know, you can fuck or you can enjoy your fetishes. Do not cut yourself and fully enjoy sex.