Most common fetishes

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Let's continue with the theme of Fetishes, Fetishisms and Fetishists, of which quite a few of our escorts in Barcelona and Madrid are specialists. Because a fetishist usually does not find people willing to participate in his fantasies and then they turn to our girls, open-minded women who love all kinds of erotic games .

In the thread of our previous post, we will enter to describe the most common fetishisms , of which we can highlight:

Hair fetish or trichophilia . People who have this fetish are excited by contact with their hair or by contemplating some type of hairstyle, color, etc. Trichophilic women, on the other hand, are more excited with men who are bearded, with a mustache or who have a particularly hairy chest.

Foot fetish and footwear . This is one of the most common fetishisms. In some cases, it is essential that the foot be worn with a certain type of shoe. In others, it is enough to contemplate the bare foot to start the machinery of excitement. When it is the feminine footwear that produces the sexual excitement in the fetishist, we speak of altocalcifilia. There are men who find maximum pleasure in fucking a woman who is completely naked but still has her stylish and elegant high-heeled shoes on. Stiletto heels, in this sense, have been directly guilty, throughout history, of more than one erection.

Fetish shoes

Leather and latex fetish . There are materials that have traditionally been fetishes for many people. Leather and latex would be two of those materials. A sofa, an article of clothing, a certain toy to practice BDSM ... there are many objects that can put a man who experiences this fetishism to a hundred.

Latex fetish

Lingerie fetishism . When it comes to clothing turned into a fetish, it is impossible to forget lingerie. More or less elegant, lace lingerie is very exciting for many people. And, let's face it, the bodies dressed in a market offer panties do not look the same as a carefully designed lingerie garment made of satin or silk. Whether we are fetishists or not, good lingerie is very sexy and that is why the vast majority of escorts wear elegant and sexy underwear when meeting with their clients. Garters, bras, fishnet stockings, corsets ... the possibilities of satisfying underwear fetishists are endless.

Costume fetishism . Fuck the teacher, get a nurse, put a policewoman on all fours ... the imagination is unleashed on the heads of fetishists imagining role-playing games. Costumes play a special role in these. That is why many escorts offer this service to their clients. Costumes can turn a fucking date into something more fun.

Fetish costumes

Partialism . A series of fetishisms are grouped under this name, all characterized by the same characteristic: that of having converted a specific part of the body into a fetish. This part of the body becomes for the fetishist as important a part of the body as the genitals can be. Foot fetishism or podophilia (cited above) would be part of this group. Nasophilia (interest in noses) or maschalagnia (interest in armpits) would also be part of it. Those who experience this fetish can enjoy stroking, kissing, sucking, licking, touching or smelling that part of the body that they have become their fetish.

But we repeat, these are the most common fetishes since the fetish universe , fetishes can are infinite and unipersonal (fetishes that only one person has). There are some that are very rare, almost unimaginable, we will try to document ourselves and present it in future articles. And now you know, if you have a fetish and do not know who to share it with and carry it out, look for an escort on one of our GirlsBCN pages and in Barcelona and Madrid you will find the right girl to put it into practice. Do not stop living your fantasies, you will surely enjoy a lot.