Of fetishists and fetishisms

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

There are as many ways to experience sex as there are people in the world. There are men for whom sex is reduced to the missionary and little else. Others, more friends of experimentation, venture into trying erotic postures in search of new sensations. Some, more original and special, live their sexuality in a way in which fetishes play a fundamental role. These are men who are especially excited when contemplating, for example, the foot of a woman wearing a high-heeled shoe. Or a hairy female armpit. Or that they have a special predilection for obese women. Or that they feel as if libido comes to a boil when they have before them a woman who has a scar in a very specific part of her body. In speaking of these men we speak of fetishists . We are going to talk about them, fetishes and fetishism in this article.

To speak of fetishism is to speak of something that is much more habitual than we think. There are more fetishists walking down the street than we can initially imagine. There are many people for whom certain substances, objects or parts of the body of the particular person are a source of excitement or even orgasm. That, and nothing else, are fetishes .

Some consider fetishism a kind of degeneration, something detestable that must be corrected. We consider conceiving fetishism that way to be unfair at best. Fetishism should be considered a harmless practice. In some way, fetishism helps us to improve our sexual experience, to make it more intense and pleasant. The fetish is, for the fetishist man, something like an aphrodisiac. What is wrong with a man enjoying especially while he is fucking a woman dressed as a nurse for the occasion? What can we criticize a splicing man while he licks a woman's instep? Why should a man necessarily like shaved pubes? Why can't she like well-populated pussies and armpits with hair? Or why can't that man conceive that the maximum sexual pleasure resides in doing it with someone who has devastatingly big boobs or who behaves as little less than a piece of furniture.

Certainly, there are some stranger fetishes than others, but none can be considered dangerous if, firstly, it does not become a paraphilia and, secondly, it is practiced while always preserving the will of the other and his way of conceiving the sexuality. Or is someone going to tell us how we should fuck or what should excite us ?.

For many decades, fetishisms were equated with paraphilias. Today, fortunately, they differ from some (harmless and fun) from the others (castrating for the person who experiences them). How? In a very simple way: we speak of paraphilia when a particular object, substance or practice is absolutely essential for the person who experiences it to achieve pleasure and fetishism when that object, substance or practice is not essential for the fetishist to achieve sexual arousal, although it does serve, and much, to make that arousal more intense. In the case of paraphilia we can speak of pathology; in fetishism, only in a different and, if we want, outlandish way of living sexuality.

As we have previously indicated, there are many types of fetishisms. They make an exhaustive list of them is not the objective of this article, but we will collect some of the most common and also some of the strangest or most shocking.


And so far this little introduction to the world of fetishists and fetishists. In future posts we will continue investigating the disturbing mind of a fetishist and if you are one of them remember that we have many girls in Barcelona and Madrid who love fetishists and are willing to play and carry out their sexual fantasies. Luxury escorts or whores, the ideal women for a fetishist.