Sex in luxury cars: sexual practices and positions

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Luxury cars are to man what plumage is to a peacock's tail: an element of seduction. Of course, you can always hook up , also at the wheel of a Ford Fiesta. It is not necessary to drive a Mercedes, a BMW or a Rolls Royce to succeed in the field of seduction. But make no mistake: it will always be easier to win a woman over when you drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi convertible, Bentley or Aston Martin. It is easier to show off in one of those cars than with an Opel Corsa or Peugeot 205. There are studies on this.

One of the studies on the importance of having a good car when it comes to flirting was the one that was carried out some time ago at the University of Texas San Antonio. A professor at this North American university affirmed it with these words: "showing a luxury car on the first date may favor a sexual encounter, but it does not guarantee that the relationship will go further and acquire a stable character." Certainly, we think he was very lukewarm when he said "can."

The fact that the same study revealed that women, when looking for a stable relationship, prefer those men who drive a more normal car does not interest us too much. After all, who puts his hand on fire for sincerity

of someone when answering about these questions? Who, when answering a question of this type, does not lie to avoid the possibility of being seen as an absolutely material person?

Advertising is more real than many of us think. Or, at least, it is sustained on more real sociological bases than on which, for example, all the syrupy and romantic mythology of Hollywood films is sustained. Next to a luxury car there is always a woman with a flag. And the man who drives that car already has something gained from others.

Sometimes, even, the passion overflows and a libido is produced that makes it impossible that the satisfaction of the desire can be postponed. It is time for here I catch you and here I hand you. From fucking as soon as possible. Of urgent and fast sex.

At that time ... how can you waste time renting a room by the hour in a love hotel ? How to think about where to go when the vagina oozes lubricity and the penis is about to burst? What is the car for? You can listen to music inside it, it has air conditioning and heating, being luxurious it is understood that it is wide and comfortable ...

In this article, we are going to talk to you about sex in the car (in this case a whole sports car), the morbidness of fucking in it, the best positions to do it and to what extent porn in the car has become a genre within online porn .

Make love in the car

Tips for having sex in a luxury car

Anyone who has experienced it knows. It is not comfortable to have sex in the car. Those who have not experienced it can get an idea by looking at images of couples fucking in the car . It is not comfortable, no. Or it is not, at least, in the cars that ordinary mortals drive.

But urgency does not understand comforts and the back seats have been for many couples the place of their first sexual foreplay. Many men and women have left their virginity there.

If you are one of those who have lived through this experience, you will understand the advice that we are going to give below. If you are not, keep them in mind. They will help you enjoy sex more and better in a car from expensive brands such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lexus, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, etc.

The first tip seems unnecessary but it is not. To have sex in the car it must be stopped and off the road. Logical, right? Well, it never hurts to say. The desire and desire to experiment sometimes lead us to dangerous terrain and there have been cases of people who have suffered a traffic accident while the companion gave the driver a blowjob.

The second tip is to do it in a dark place and at night. That, of course, if you do not want to be observed. There are people who are especially morbid when they look at them while they enjoy sex. We do not know if this is your case nor do we know your degree of exhibitionism. If you like (like most mortals) privacy, park your car in a dark place or, directly, tint the windows. A car with tinted windows guarantees a greater degree of privacy than one that does not have them darkened.

A very special and aphrodisiac type of morbidity that is closely related to that described in the previous paragraph is that experienced by people who, not wanting to be observed while having sex, are especially excited when they think they are about to be "hunted" red-handed with a penis in her mouth, with her panties down or her ass in pomp.

And it is that the concepts of sex in the car and sexual morbidity are closely linked.

The third tip: make sure that the doors cannot be opened from the outside and also make sure that the interior lights of the car do not turn on. It is not a question of turning the car into a stage for live porn performances or a porn film set .

Fourth tip: if you are going to do it in the front seats, be careful with the horn. Sounding unexpectedly can have two effects. One: attract someone's attention. Two: suddenly cut into the partner's roll.

Fifth and last tip: make sure you have everything you need at hand before starting. And what can be needed? Condoms , for example. And hygienic tissues. Those who are already more equipped and far-sighted can even carry a sex toy in the glove compartment.

It would not hurt either, for example, to have some kind of blanket or sheet or piece of cloth with which to cover the seats. Why? Because sweat and other body secretions can always get dirty and leave bad smells on the upholstery. And because there are many crazy people who practice reversing or coitus interruptus and do not fall into the fact that semen is very difficult to clean once it has fallen on the upholstery of a car and, the truth, it is not very good to say walking a luxury car with semen stains on the back seats.

Luxury cars

Sexual practices in the car

Once the above tips have been taken into account and ready to have sex in a luxury car, we are going to see what positions are the most suitable to fully exploit the possibilities of sexual pleasure that a car offers us.

Before advising the best positions for sex in the car, we are going to warn you that there are two factors that fundamentally determine our ability to choose between these sexual positions . One of those factors is the size of the car. Having a spacious, high-class car expands the possibilities of choosing from a greater number of erotic positions.

The other determining factor when it comes to expanding or limiting our catalog of positions for making love in the car is, neither more nor less, our own size. Our stature. Being too tall, in these cases, limits a lot and you should choose limousines such as Bentley or Audi . The short ones have it better when it comes to enjoying sex in the car, especially if you want to practice some type of penetration. With a Mini you go pulling

We are going to give you a few ideas here and recommend a couple of sexual practices to have sex in the car.

Our first recommendation is to take advantage of the car to perform a fellatio . Blowjobs are always a good resource. In addition, they can be practiced without problems in the front seat. If you are a fan of porn websites , you will see that there are many images of sex in the car whose central theme is precisely that: the practice of oral sex in the car.

Another option similar to this is masturbation . Jerking off inside the car is, in addition to being a classic, a good way to take advantage of the privacy that a vehicle provides. If the handjob is done in a luxury car, being masturbated then becomes a five-star experience

Beyond these two sexual practices for which it is not necessary to adopt any moderately demanding position (masturbation can be practiced from one seat to another, without major changes in posture except a slight turn of the trunk and a stretch of the arm), there are a series of postures that do require a little more flexibility and coordination between the members of the couple. We are going to talk about them below.

Sexual practices in the car

Postures in the car

Folding down the rear seats provides something of a bed to lie on and enjoy the typical missionary . Placed underneath, lying on her back and with her legs spread, she is penetrated by him, who must pay special attention not to pull himself too far so as not to hit the ceiling of the passenger compartment with his head.

Folding down the rear seats also provides the possibility of enjoying one of the most classic erotic positions : 69 . Enjoying one of the mythical positions of the Kamasutra in, for example, a Maserati Quattroporte , is something that, without a doubt, is priceless. Of course: get used to the idea that it will not be entirely easy.

Another pose that we highly recommend is the Amazon pose . This position can be practiced both in the passenger seat and in the rear seats. If practiced behind, the front seats should be pushed forward.

Once the seat in which the penetration will take place has been chosen, it will be the boy who sits in it. The girl, then, will be placed on top of the boy, facing him and with her legs placed on both sides of the seat. Positioned like this, she will be in charge of riding him as if he were an Amazon. This position in the car provides a romantic feeling of intimacy as the couple can look into each other's eyes.

If the girl, instead of facing the boy, turns her back to him, the possibility of penetration that opens before him is double. You can practice vaginal sex or, if desired, anal sex . Enjoying a good Greek for example in a Porsche 911 , can be an excellent way to take advantage of its comfortable and elegant cabin.

Finally, we are going to recommend a posture that should only be practiced when you are in a particularly secluded and lonely place. Why? Because to practice it you have to be out of the vehicle. Let's call this posture "the puppy at the door."

The name of this position for sex in the car is very illustrative. How it is performed? With a tailgate open, the girl will be standing next to the vehicle with her hands resting on the seat. Bent over like this and with her butt in pomp, the boy will be able to penetrate her vaginally or anally.

The doggy pose, when both partners are not too tall, can also be practiced in the back seat. Placing herself on all fours over him, the boy will place himself behind her, on his knees, and will penetrate her from behind.

Surely, your imagination has made you imagine more erotic positions to fuck in the car. And if you have not imagined them and you want to contemplate more, learn from them and, at the same time, raise your sexual temperature, open your favorite search engine and type the following: sex in the car videos . This search will give you access to many videos of couples having sex in the car . Surely what you see provides you with a lot of ideas to put into practice and have a great time in your Mercedes AMG (to say a very luxurious model).

Sex positions in the car