Yoga and sex or how to improve sexuality with asanas

Tuesday, 09 November 2021

Improvement of sexual desire, arousal, orgasm and, in general, sexual satisfaction. The formula to achieve this? Practicing Yoga that with respect to sex is very closely related and the habitual practice of the first one helps to significantly improve our sexuality .

What are the reasons why Yoga improves sex ? Mainly the following:

  • It increases circulation in the pelvic region, making it more sensitive and, therefore, more easily excitable.
  • Activates and involves the central region of the body.
  • Helps to reconcile with one's own physique. Those who practice Yoga gain tone and strength, improve their posture and stylize their figure. That increases self-esteem and removes complexes. And the complexes, the further from the bed, the better. It is difficult to fully enjoy sex if you carry your weight.
  • It increases the oxygen levels in our body, thus increasing our energy levels.
  • Increases self-awareness, which is very important to sharpen our focus on our body and its activities.
  • It increases flexibility, which helps to expand the catalog of sexual positions that the couple can execute.
  • Increase libido . Yoga facilitates physical and mental liberation. By doing so, it frees us from negative emotions and blocks that our libido sometimes experiences.

Yoga and Sex

The marriage between Yoga and sex is very satisfying for both men and women. There are studies that show it. In one of them, for example, it is shown that women who practice Yoga, breathing exercises and meditation improve their lubrication, see how their sexual desire increases and feel the satisfaction experienced during intercourse increase.

For their part, what benefits do men find when enjoying this binomial formed between Yoga and sex? Among others, the increase in your sexual desire, the improvement of your erection, the increase in ejaculatory control and postcoital satisfaction. All this, finally, results in a notable strengthening of self-confidence.

The erection improvement stems directly from the improvement of blood circulation. The erection, after all, is nothing more than the result of the influx of blood to the spongy tissues of the penis. If this blood does not reach these tissues as it should because of a cardiovascular problem, the erection is not complete and, in extreme cases, it may cease to exist. Situations of sedentary lifestyle, continuous stress or taking medications can cause sexual dysfunctions of this type. Yoga is a good way to combat them.


Kundalini Yoga to improve sexuality

We can find various techniques and schools on this specialized Yoga website . Among them ... which is the one that can help us improve sex? Without a doubt, the Kundalini Yoga .

This type of Yoga, of a fundamentally spiritual nature, is also called Yoga of consciousness and thanks to its practice we manage to release the energy that inhabits our body, also the sexual energy .

What do you have to do to release that sexual energy? Perform a combination of Yoga asanas (that is, Yoga postures ) and breath training practices. The combination of postures and breathing will achieve that release that will subsequently result in an increase in arousal and an improvement in sexual performance.

One of the main advantages of Kundalini Yoga is that it is a type of Yoga accessible to all people, whatever their physical preparation. It is also an ideal style to practice Yoga for two or Yoga as a couple . The couple's practice of an asana also anticipates that moment of maximum intimacy, which is the moment of sexual intercourse. At one time and another, the heartbeats will be in tune and the pelvises will be connected. At that moment of intimacy in which desire takes the partner away and the partner melts by obeying the former's commands, it will be seen to what extent the relationship between Yoga and sex is fruitful and beneficial.

Next we are going to recommend a series of Yoga asanas that can serve to increase our libido and improve our sexuality.

Kundalini Yoga

Yoga asanas for better sex

The practice of Yoga is based mainly on the performance of asanas . There are Yoga postures that serve especially to improve our sexual life. Among these Yoga positions to have a better sex we can distinguish the following:

  1. The cobra. To perform this asana you have to lie on your stomach and with your legs stretched out. Once placed in this way, we will rest our hands on the Yoga mat and stretch our arms to, thus, raise the trunk and lift it from the horizontal plane while stretching the neck backwards.
  2. The bridge. Placed face up on the ground, the soles of the hands and feet will rest on it to, from that moment, make an upward force to raise the rest of the body.
  3. The dog. Also placed face up, the legs and arms will be stretched until the body forms a "v". Maintaining this asana for some time requires enduring certain levels of fatigue.
  4. The camel. Practicing this pose requires a certain degree of flexibility and some practice. In this asana the back is arched backwards while resting the knees on the floor. When executing this posture, be careful with the cervicals both when starting it and when finishing it.
  5. Sat Kriya. This pose strengthens the entire sexual system and stimulates its natural energy flow. To do it you have to sit on your heels. Once this is done, the back will be placed completely straight, the arms will be extended passing the elbows behind the ears in a completely straight way, the chest will be pulled out, the palms of the hands will be joined and the fingers will interlock, except the index fingers of each hand. Once positioned like this, deep breaths will be taken, fully contracting the navel inwards.

All these Yoga postures that we have explained here, practiced on a regular basis, will serve to improve your sexual life. By putting them into practice you will see to what extent Yoga and sex can be interrelated. In fact, some of these asanas can be performed during the sexual encounter. Their conversion into sexual positions can bring a more mystical and spiritual air to intercourse.

Yoga sexual positions