The Black Kiss: Active anilingus and passive anilingus

Thursday, 21 May 2020

We return to the issue of the Black Kiss that we left in the previous article. Once we know the hygiene and protection measures that must be taken into account when enjoying this sexual practice, we are going to give a series of basic recommendations on how to behave when giving or receiving a kiss of this type.

Before this, we will indicate that the border when practicing Anilingus is set by the language itself. How far does it want to go? Is it enough to go around the anus? Do you like to go a little deeper into the sphincter? When the tongue is introduced a little into the sphincter, the Black Kiss is also called a hummingbird kiss or Polish kiss. Without a doubt, going a little beyond the border that marks the sphincter is very stimulating.

Taking into account that the final objective of Rimming is to seek the stimulation of the nerve endings of the anus, it should be noted that there is no fixed protocol on how to make a good kiss of this type. Just as there is no manual for perfect fellatio, there is no book that tells us how to give the perfect Black Kiss. After all, each person is a world and each one likes a type of stimulation . Still, we will risk giving a number of basic tips.

The first of them is to use the tongue as a massage tool and the mouth as something to deal with, basically sucking. To perform this massage of the tongue on the anus, the tongue must be given and make circular movements with its tongue around the folds of the anus.

The second tip when giving an Anal Kiss is to use some flavor lubricant. Although the cleaning of the anus has been a thorough cleaning, there are people who can feel certain misgivings when licking that special area of the human body. A mint or strawberry flavor (among others) can help overcome these misgivings.

The third tip on how to practice anilingus is aimed at those who have orthodontia. The best thing, in these cases, is not to expose the orthodontia near the folds of the anus. The anus, we have already said, is very sensitive. Can be easily injured. Orthodontic appliances can hurt you, and long nails and teeth can hurt you, too.

Finally, we must point out that, despite using a latex barrier when performing this sexual practice, both the mouth and the anus must be washed at the end of it. Washing mouth and anus will avoid the prolongation of bacteria and, with it, the risk of infections. A good way to wash the anus is to use foam to do it since, sometimes, there are soaps that, due to their composition, can irritate the anal mucosa.

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