Spitting or silver rain: saliva games in BDSM

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Sex is inseparable from the exchange of fluids. The bodies sweat and the sweats mix in the embrace. The penises ejaculate and, before doing so, release what is known as precum or Cowper's fluid. The vaginas secrete their own broth, the one that serves as a lubricant, which facilitates penetration and which accounts, to a large extent, of the degree of arousal of the woman. YT the tongues ... what about the tongues? These are locked in kisses that gain in intensity the more humid they are. And the humidity, of course, comes from saliva . Mouths salivate with desire, perhaps thinking of a binge of sex and saliva inevitably exchanged in the din of tongue-tied.

For many people, however, saliva, as a body fluid, takes on other connotations that are much hotter, much dirtier, much more lewd. For these people, saliva is used to spit on their partner or to be spit on by her. To let it fall, like a thread, on the open mouth of those who share the bed or to feel how the saliva of that person fills their mouths. This type of act, which for many people can be seen as a real bunk, is very exciting for others. They are understood as sexual practices . And as such they have a name: spitting .

What is silver rain?

Spitting or silver rain is a sexual practice usually typical of the BDSM universe and, more specifically, of Domination / submission games . The femdom spit , for example, is a form of female domination in which the Domina is responsible for spitting on her submissive. Spitting in English is called spit and it is from that term that the concept of spitting comes from.

In all these games that we talk about, saliva plays a fundamental role and can become the protagonist in different ways. It is enough to look at a sex forum to discover in what different ways people enjoy turning saliva into the main protagonist of their way of fucking .

There are people who like to have them spit on their faces, if possible next to their eyes (making mascara run off as a result of spitting, for example); girls who are turned on in a special way if their partner throws a lick on their tits; men and women who feel a chill of pleasure when the spit hits directly on their anus and people who melt with pleasure when they feel the saliva of their partner or sexual playmate fall, slowly and like a thread of drool , into their mouth.

Silver Rain

Ways to practice silver rain BDSM

The practice of spitting, silver rain or spit fetish (in all these ways we can speak of this sexual practice) can have different variants. All of them would be grouped into three basic types:

  • Humiliation. In this case, the Dominant's saliva is the main character. He usually spills it or spits it (usually with the greatest violence possible) on the face of his submissive or on his genitals. He can also, if so agreed, spit into the slave's mouth or let the saliva drip slowly into it. This way of letting the trickle of slime fall onto the submissive's mouth is called drooling . On some occasions, the Master may seek that the submissive or submissive humiliates himself by licking the saliva that He has spit on the ground or on his boots. The scene of the slave licking the Master's boots is undoubtedly an icon within the BDSM universe.
  • Worship. In some BDSM games , the practice of silver rain is simply an almost irreparable derivation of the adoration that the submissive part experiences towards the Dominant part. In these cases, the Master's offering his saliva is seen as a privilege granted to his worshiper. Anointing him with it, the Master, who is worshiped, blesses his slave and transfers his energy to him.
  • Neutral. Sometimes spitting can be practiced in a neutral way, without the introduction of saliva in sexual practice trying to symbolize or make any kind of humiliation or adoration evident. In these cases, the saliva can spread, based on licks, over the body. It can also serve to try to lubricate the anus or relax by practicing the annilingus or kiss black .

Spit fetish

How to generate more saliva to practice silver rain?

As we have noted previously, saliva is moisture. And humidity is a term closely linked to sex. Thus, the wetter the sex, the more intense and exciting it is. That is why it is important that saliva is present in it and that it is also abundantly present. If you are a lover of sexual games in which this secretion plays a fundamental role, you will look in a special way that there is a lot of saliva . Let the mouths that must spit generate it without stopping.

How to get it? How to make mouths salivate more? Following any of the following tips:

  • Drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Chewing citrus-flavored gum . Chewing gum of this type helps increase salivation.
  • Using alcohol-free mouthwash and avoiding the use of mouthwashes that carry it. Mouthwashes with alcohol dry out the mouth and restrict saliva production.
  • Breathing preferably through the nose. Breathing through the mouth decreases the production of saliva.

Another good way to increase the production of drool or saliva is by practicing gagging or extreme fellatio . Mouth fucking, that mobile version of the deep throat in which the penis performs the penetration movements but inside the couple's mouth, is a good way to make the salivary glands generate saliva at a thousand per hour. Like all extreme sex practices, gagging must be done with great care.

Finally, and to end this article, we will review that sexual play with saliva would be part of the group of sexual practices that are included under the term salophilia . Technically, salophilia would be considered a sexual fetishism or paraphilia in which the obtaining of pleasure would be obtained from dirtying the object of pleasure.

Within this group we would find, among other sexual practices, Bukkake , cum shot , coprophilia , misophilia, golden shower , etc. The silver rain BDSM , for its part, would be part of salophilia , a fetish form in which sexual arousal is obtained by interacting with saline waste from the body. Among those wastes would, of course, be saliva, which in these practices becomes a fetish .

Silver rain