The Black Kiss: What it is and how to safely practice it

Thursday, 14 May 2020

One of the most exclusive services offered by some escorts on our website is the Black Kiss . We imagine that all the gentlemen who browse our directories getting ecstatic with the sensual and beautiful image of our young ladies have heard of this service and many of them have also enjoyed its pleasures. Despite this, we are going to explain here what the Black Kiss is (also called Anilingus ) and we are going to give a series of tips to practice it with absolute security. The safer the sex, let's never forget it, the more pleasant it is.

What does the Black Kiss consist of?

The Black Kiss is based on stimulating the anus with the tongue and lips . Like any erotic practice in which the anus participates in one way or another, Anilingus is also a practice considered taboo by many people. The joy derived from anal stimulation is thought by many men to be directly related to homosexuality. Many women, for their part, conceive of oral stimulation of that part of the body as dirty. A dirty one. They also consider it somewhat humiliating.

Taboos, also the one that refers to the Black Kiss, are difficult to overcome. But to overcome a taboo, it only takes one thing: information. Information on how the human body works tells us that the anus is, without a doubt, one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Why? Because there are many nerve endings that run through that area. And what does it mean? For starters, the anus may be one of the easiest parts of the body to experience pain. This should not be forgotten when performing any practice related to anal sex.

But the fact that many nerve endings converge in the anus and that it is very sensitive also means (and this must always be kept in mind) that the anus is one of the parts of the body that, well stimulated, can give us greater pleasure.

That is, in short, the great objective of the Anilingus: to provide pleasure. A lot of pleasure. And also provide the anus with the stimulation necessary to prepare it for other anal erotic practices. All anal practice requires relaxation of the anus and the Black Kiss is a perfect way to achieve that relaxation. Based on being licked, the anus relaxes and, thus, allows a finger, a plug, a dildo or a penis to enter it. In extreme sex, relaxation of the anus is essential so that you can practice what is known as anal fisting or, what is the same, the insertion of the hand inside the anus.


Importance of hygiene and protection in Anilingus

Such a sexual practice cannot be done in any way. From the outset, it should not be forgotten that the anus is the final part of the human excretory system. That is to say: it is directly related and in contact with fecal matter. And fecal matter, let's not kid ourselves, it is not a pleasant thing (except for fetishists included in the group of coprophiliacs). For the Black Kiss to become a pleasant sexual practice it is necessary, therefore, to remove as much as possible any relationship between it and the fecal. How? Extreme hygiene. That is to say: washing the anus well to eliminate not only the presence of any fragment of fecal matter, but also its odor.

A good way to facilitate the hygiene of the anus, in order to make the practice of Anilingus cleaner and more pleasant, is to depilate that area of the body. Epilating the anus is a good way to make your hygiene easier. By eliminating the hair that surrounds that sensitive hole, we make it difficult for fragments of the fecal matter we are talking about to stick to the hairs.

Once we depilate the anus, we can moisturize it with some type of cosmetic product to avoid irritation and make it a softer area and, therefore, pleasant on the tongue. We must never forget that all sexual practice must be pleasurable for the two parts that participate in it: the active and the passive. In this case too, and although in a different way, the active part should enjoy as much as the passive one. Licking a perfectly shaved anus is not the same as licking an anus turned into a thicket of hair. Any person who, at any given time, wishes to enjoy a passive session of a Black Kiss session should take this into account. Surely your "dance" partner appreciates meeting a shaved anus when it comes to taking your tongue for a walk. If the anus has been irritated or if it has suffered some type of cut when being shaved, the practice of Anilingus should be avoided.

When practicing Rimming (this anal practice is also known by this name), it is always necessary to keep in mind that the rectum and, with it, the anus, is usually an area inhabited by viruses, bacteria and other types of parasites. This means that, if the necessary measures are not taken, the Black Kiss can be a source of contagion of diseases such as, among others, the human papilloma virus (HPV), hepatitis (A, B and C), gonorrhea or the roundworm.

These risks should not pose any type of obstacle when enjoying this sexual practice. After all, the means of prevention are invented. A tongue protector or a fine latex towel can be used to minimize the chances of getting any type of these diseases without, therefore, reducing the pleasure experienced during the practice of Rimming.

Upturned ass

In a future article we will continue talking about the Black Kiss, but meanwhile remember that there are several escorts on our website, both in Barcelona and Madrid, that offer this service. But keep in mind that you will have to ask if it is the girls who accept the black kiss, if they do it or if it is mutual. If this is the last option and you want to eat an ass , you can do one 69-style ... don't put barriers to your imagination.