Spanking: spanking the ass without and with BDSM sex toys

Friday, 01 October 2021

In hitting the partner's buttocks with the hand or with any object that serves to do so. That's what spanking is all about . We are going to talk about it, how it is practiced, the instruments that can be used to put it into practice and the precautions that must be taken when using the spanking.

Spanking in the ass is one of the most common practices in the BDSM universe but they are not exclusive to it. A "vanilla" partner can easily introduce it more or less regularly into their sexual relationship. Imagine a couple practicing the doggy pose . There are numerous occasions in which the slap on the buttocks accompanies this sexual practice.

On many occasions, spanking is part of foreplay . Alternating it with oral or anal stimulation is a good way to introduce extra heat in sexual intercourse.

Physiology helps us to explain why this practice can be very pleasant for some people. By slapping the buttocks, what we are causing is that the blood flow is concentrated in them and in the closest areas of the body or, what is the same, in the genitals. As blood flow increases, these areas become more sensitive, which increases sexual arousal.

On the other hand, increased sexual arousal increases pain tolerance and therefore allows more intense slapping on the butt. In any case, the intensity of the hit must be agreed at all times by both parties. BDSM practices, after all, are not abusive practices, and consensus on them is essential.

Spanking in the ass

Accessories for practicing spanking

Spanking or hitting the buttocks with erotic intent can be done with the hand or, if a little more sophistication is desired, with some kind of instrument. The inclusion in the practice of spanking of some type of implement or sex toy , whether of a homemade nature, or bought in a physical or online sex shop , usually implies the assumption of a D / s game. In these games, one of the parties (the one who hits or punishes) adopts the Dominant role and the other (the one who receives the blows or is punished) the submissive role.

Among the instruments to practice spanking we can highlight the following:

  • Walking stick. This instrument is usually used for practices of a disciplinary nature. The canes that are used are usually worked in some way.
  • Belt. Made of leather or other material, this instrument that is used in a habitual way to hold the pants or girdle a dress can be very useful to spank the buttocks.
  • Rebenque. This instrument, originating from Uruguay and Argentina, is a whip made of cowhide and originally intended to whip cattle. Undoubtedly, this implement introduces a plus of intensity in this bedesemera practice.
  • Whipping shovel. The spanking paddle, made of wood, leather, plastic or other materials, seems the ideal implement to practice the erotic spanking.

Spanking Accessories

How to practice spanking safely?

The buttock area is a very "grateful" area for controlled hitting. Why? Because it is a muscularly resistant area and because the buttocks do not protect any vital organ. That does not mean that they can hit each other in any way. Spanking in the ass can be very painful. And damaged buttocks can prevent us from simply sitting down for several days.

To avoid injuries or pain that is too intense when spanking, we must master the technique of its application.

A good way to learn is to spend some time leading up to completing spanking videos. If we type spanking tube or spanking videos in our internet search engine we will be able to access endless recordings in which scenes in which this type of games are played are contemplated.

Beyond that, however, and if we want to practice spanking safely, we must take into account the following tips:

  • You can give the first spankings over the clothes to warm up.
  • You should always start from less to more. It will be the best way to check how far the receiving part of the blows can go.
  • Not all spankings should be concentrated in the same area. You have to distribute them evenly.
  • Never spank above the buttocks. Doing so can damage the kidneys of the person being spanked.
  • If you hit below the buttocks, do it gently and reducing the intensity, since that area of the body (the back of the thighs) is highly sensitive.

Finally, you must always be aware of the reactions of the person who receives the spanking and, of course, put an end to it if the beaten person so requests. Any BDSM game must at all times be a consensual and safe game.

Spanking bdsm