Give me a good pair of tits and I'll make you a Cuban

Saturday, 09 May 2020

First of all we are going to briefly explain what a Cuban is. What in most of Spain is known as making a Cuban is a sexual practice in which the penis is masturbated with the woman's breasts, come on, speaking in common language, jerk off your tits. By the way, in the Canary Islands it is known as "Make a Turkish". And it is funny that the nationality of Cuba is used here because in other countries such as Greece, Germany, France, Italy and even Cuba it is called "making a Spanish". In short, there are many sexual practices that receive a nationality as a name and this is no exception.

To do this type of masturbation, you must first prepare the breasts. First you have to lubricate them well because otherwise it can damage the penis and be an unpleasant experience for both of them since there is no lubrication. The lubricant can be silicone, water-based and even have flavors and aromas (let's imagine the matter). Of course, in case the man puts on a condom for penetration, it is quite important that the lubricant is not oil-based because it would have a good chance of damaging the fabric of the condom (things to consider, without a doubt).

Let's describe the technique, although almost all women are born with the ability to masturbate and give pleasure to a man, but a little theory never hurts. And as an explanation, we are going to transcribe the technique explained by an experienced escort to a novice escort (quite busty by the way), we must give voice to the specialists:

Use the position that you are most comfortable with but it is essential that he has a great view and that your breasts fall to give a greater sense of immensity. You have to gently hold the man's penis with your hand, play with it and your breasts, there is no rush. The man is very excited that the tip of his cock feels protruding hard nipples. Improvise, you have to perceive what your occasional lover likes the most, you hardly know him. Smear the penis with the lubricant and massage it from top to bottom with your hands, continue running the glans penis on the tits and when the cock is in its most erect state it is time to introduce it between the breasts and start masturbating. Try making circular movements with your hands to curl something while you do the masturbation, that will excite you much more. And do not stop looking at her eyes with a provocative look, you have to give theatricality to the act, do not leave a single detail to do. If you see that it is coming, soften it a little to make it last longer, it has to last. When you see that the man is about to cum, you have to prepare your tits so that you receive all the milk in them, otherwise, it would not be a real Cuban ... You will see how you love to feel the hot sperm on your tits and that pleasure will flow while he sees that all your milk goes to you.

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Obviously the Cuban does not have to end in ejaculation (also called happy ending) and can simply be part of the preliminaries but honestly, a complete Cuban with cum on her tits is a real delight. And if we are a second shot, it is worth it, although we remember that the relationship does not always have to end with a penetration, there are many ways to cum very pleasurable and the Cuban is one of them. Ah, let us remember that in this Cuban sexual practice the man acquires a passive role and lets himself be carried away by what the woman does to him. So if we apply the imagination and there is a possibility of tying it, much better. Imagine how morbid and pleasure is amplified for both of you. By the way, women, remember that you do not have to skin the penis and you have to treat it with great care and affection.

A busty escort or who is the same as a whore with big tits has an advantage over other prostitutes and that is that she can offer the service of the Cuban with many more guarantees. Why? ... Well, the one who has tried it, which surely are many among the puteros, requires meat to grab the penis and give it a good masturbation and with two flat or small breasts it is almost an impossible mission. They have other possibilities, but masturbating a dick with their tits like no.

And at GirlsBCN we have many big boobs, both in Barcelona and Madrid. It is true that women with huge tits have proliferated a lot lately with silicone implants and that a Cuban is much better with a pair of huge natural tits than operated breasts, but prostheses are getting better, more natural and less rigid. If we add to this that they are much prettier, saving exceptions, it is not necessary to make them ugly. What's more, natural tits when the woman is over a certain age lose a lot and then the surgery works miracles. Obviously the ideal would be huge, natural and erect boobs but let's face it, it is quite difficult to find such boobs.

Make a Cuban