The Golden Shower, fetish or sexual domination?

Tuesday, 05 May 2020

There are many escorts on our website that offer the Golden Shower service and we assume that the majority of men who browse our directories looking at beautiful ladies are clear about what this rain refers to, although they may not know the details of said practice. Today we are going to briefly explain aspects of this rain, shower or as they say in the Anglo-Saxon world, "water sports". Let's not forget the scientific term: Urolagnia that is included within the group of paraphilias.

Obviously it is an act in which the urine intervenes, one the one that urinates it and another one that receives it. Although it is not necessary to rain on top of each other, sometimes they urinate in front of or near the partner. The norm is not strict, the game depends on the taste of each couple. As sex therapists comment, there is quite often "a component of dominance and submission in the act of urinating in a partner." But not for all specialists, for some the golden showers are just a fetish that leads to excitement and have no interest in the aspect of sexual domination. Obviously there is no way to really know how many people are interested in this practice, but according to experts it is said that there are many more people interested in this type of game than willing to reveal it, as is the case with any fetish. In their practice, people who practice it like it for several reasons and among them because they can foster trust and intimacy between the couple since there is something special about the exchange of body fluids. In short, they are theories.

Golden shower

How is the Golden Shower practiced?

Well, there is no specific technique, but there are different stages in a session of this sexual practice:

  • Obtain the consent of the other. Above all, respect and acceptance by the other person, like any sexual practice. It is not about in the middle of a sexual act starting to urinate on top of each other. Before you have to deal, talk, explain and if the other person finds it interesting and accepts it, then it can be done
  • Establish an execution plan. For example, cleaning must be taken into account, it is not a matter of leaving everything lost, the place has to prepare for it. It is not the same to do it in the shower than in bed. If you do it in bed you must put a cover so that the mattress does not stain. And above all bear in mind that after all the urine is full of bacteria and although Madonna drinks it and keeps it very well, we should not follow her example and we must avoid that the urine comes into contact with any unhealed wound . If it touches the mouth nothing happens but we avoid to ingest it and that it does not enter.
  • And finally, drink plenty of water. Beer would also be recommended, but remember that alcohol and sex are not good companions.

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Where does the name Golden Shower come from?

Making the simile of "White and in bottle ..." the "Rain and gold" could fit very well but in reality this term comes from a fable in Greek Mythology in which a young woman named Dánae was locked up by her father in a bronze cage because he had been warned of a possible murder by a grandson, the son of this one. Then Zeus came, took a fancy to the beautiful daughter and turned into golden rain to fall in the cage on the beautiful girl and make her pregnant, which happened and from which Perseus was born, who fulfilled the prophecy and killed his grandfather. Well, we already know what the myths are like and we really don't know if the origin of the term comes from this story, but what is clear is that the reason for the name is understood.

Consequences of receiving another person's urine

Previously we said that hygiene must be extreme because without wanting to be alarming, urine can cause diseases such as Hepatitis A or B, allergic reactions. Drinking it can have the same risks as ingesting a high concentration of salt and other compounds such as medications, drugs or sweeteners. Anyway, it is one thing to drink your own urine like Madonna does and quite another to drink someone else's.

In any case, if you like this paraphilia and your partner is not for work, you can contact several escorts in our directory, either in Barcelona or Madrid to carry out this sexual practice. Of course, most of these luxury whores are offered to urinate on the client and not the other way around. In any case, they can be contacted and informed.