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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Fucking is always a pleasure, but there are ways and means to do it. There is the romantic and sensual fucking and there is also the wild and limitless fuck. A good way to ensure a powder of these characteristics is to hire the services of escorts that offer the Porn Star Experience or PSE among their services.

What is this sexual service about? In performing sexual acts typical of porn movies .

Doing it with a porn actress is among the most ardent erotic fantasies of many men. Either in the traditional XXX movies, or in video fragments of greater or lesser duration of online sex , many men are excited watching how the actors and actresses of the genre carry out sexual practices of an enviable intensity.

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Practices of the Pornstar Experience

Many of these sexual practices ignite and excite men's imaginations for various reasons. The main one is that in marital sex or in sex with a partner there are practices that, for different reasons, have no place. And, if they do, they certainly don't have it with the intensity that they appear in XXX films and scenes.

For example: there are many women who are reluctant to practice anal sex and this type of sexual practice is one of the most common in porn . The more or less wild assfucking of the pornstar , who, placed on all fours, receives anally the thrusts of her co-star's penis, is a recurring scene in this genre.

Despite the fact that there are many luxury prostitutes who offer Greek or anal penetration among their services, practicing this in the field of a role-playing game in which the atmosphere of a porn movie is recreated turns this practice into a much more intense act and exciting.

And the same thing that happens with the Greek, it happens with other practices such as the black kiss , the golden shower, the facial French or the deep throat .


Mouth fucking and facial ejaculation

And the thing is ... in how many pornographic movies, for example, does the actress on duty seem to drown feeling how her co-star's penis sinks deep into her throat?

In these scenes, the actor fucks the actress hard by the mouth while she endures the gagging and the kidney blows of the male. He, in turn, grabs his partner by the hair or holds her head violently so that she cannot escape this form of extreme fellatio.

The scene described is recurrent in many porn videos . And it is a scene that many men, in their depths, dream of putting into practice.

Also common in many films of the genre are scenes in which the man, nearing the end of the sexual act, cums on the woman's face. This woman, with her mouth ajar, receives the cum shower smiling.

Acts of this type and other similar ones in which the woman (something common in the genre) appears subject to the sexual whims of the male, enjoying, at the same time, that almost submissive position are those that a man wishes to put into practice when he hires to a whore to live a Porn Star Experience .

When making a contract for a service of this type, the man expects to find in the lumi hired a true lioness of sex, a woman without taboos or fussiness who knows how to turn the appointment into a waste of lust and a true feast for the senses.

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Escort and client negotiation at the PSE

Which acts such as those described above (or others of a more extreme intensity) can be carried out during the Pornostar Experience will depend on a major factor: the negotiation that takes place between the client and the luxury escort.

The exclusive sexual service that we are talking about in this text will only go as far as the sex worker and provider decides to go. The limits, as if it were a BDSM practice, must be perfectly established before starting the sexual game.

Thus, the activities that make up the pornstar Experience will be negotiated between the two parties and it will be based on said negotiation that the appointment may include slapping on the ass, pulling hair, outrageous moans or the use of those sex toys that they decide to use. . Without such negotiation, for example, the extreme gag can never be practiced.

In order for the PSE to work and be successful, it is necessary for the professional to have absolute confidence in her client. That is why there are few luxury whores who, right off the bat, offer this service. Most only do so when they have already had other appointments with the requesting client.

It will be then, after those previous experiences, when the escort girl can offer to behave during the appointment as porn actresses behave in their films.

And it will be then, too, when the client can make the fantasy of fucking a porn actress come true.

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Pornstars who are escorts

There are many porn actresses who have passed through GirlsBCN offering escort services, but many have kept their artistic side hidden. We consider that it is a mistake because there are many clients who are quite morbid to be able to sleep with a popular girl on the internet. Of course, these girls only tend to be published in the most important Spanish cities, Madrid and Barcelona.

But there are exceptions like Penelope Cum who also uses her artist name on our website. She is a girl who every time she is not announced, we receive emails from users to know when she will be active again. By the way, it also offers sexcam service.

Currently we can find his pornographic videos on typical websites such as Pornhub , Cumlouder , Muyzorras , Xvideos , Serviporno , Xhamster , etc ...

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