The diaper fantasy, the ABDL

Friday, 01 May 2020

Every time we are discovering sexual practices that seem new to us but that actually have existed for a long time. Those of a lifetime are vaginal penetration, anal or Greek sex, French (blowjob, oral sex, fellatio, etc.), Cuban, facial and / or body ejaculation, threesomes, duplexes, fantasies, cunilingus, 69. .. and some more that escapes us at this time. All of the mentioned ones seem quite appealing to us but we would be surprised by all the variety of existing ways to have sex or carry out sexual fantasies, some of which would not be to the liking of most people but which are paraphilias that are extremely exciting to those who practice them. We are going to review some of them in a series of articles.


ABDL is an acronym in English that stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover which could be translated as " Adult Baby Diaper Lover ". People who enjoy this practice argue that they feel relaxed and calm when they take this behavior, although it is important to note that in no case do they feel sexual attraction to children, otherwise we would not talk about it and we would not allow any of our escorts to offer this service.

The scientific name of this sexual practice is Paraphilic Infantilism or Autonepiofilia . Psychology professionals make it clear that this paraphilia has absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia but that they simply enjoy behaving like babies and feeling that they are being treated as babies. In fact, that's why they hire sex professionals to carry out their fantasies. The profile of the person who requires this service is usually a married man with good academic training. Given the rarity of this paraphilia, they keep it hidden and are only capable of carrying it out with open-minded people in sexual aspects such as a prostitute or an escort.


This fantasy has no gender or age, a woman and a man can like it. In our case, the users who usually turn to sex workers are usually men, but there have also been cases of women who turned to our advertisers to request the ABDL service .

It is important to clarify that the infantilism of being ABDL cannot be considered a fetish, but the realization of this fantasy can lead to using fetishes. These could be the smell of a diaper or dressing like a baby but provocatively. It is such an unusual paraphilia that finding a partner that you both like ABDL is almost impossible, which is why most of them turn to pages like ours.

And now we are going to introduce a new term, Furry Fandom which can also be known as fur fandom furdom, furris, furries or furros is a subculture based on the fiction of anthropomorphic animal characters. And what does Furry have to do with ABDL? Well, both practices are not only compatible, but 45% of ABDLs are Furries too, and they even like to use Babyfur or Furries Diapers with some of their favorite characters from series and movies drawn in diapers or turned into babies.

What is done in an ABDL session

In an ABDL session the "baby" must behave as such and then cry when he feels hungry or thirsty. It is obvious that a pacifier will be needed for it to calm down and that the cry must simulate that of a baby, with all the richness in variety that such cry can be. With this, inside the ABDL you will feel a sense of relief from your daily life and when the session ends you will feel much better and stronger to face real life.

And of course, babies do not speak, but babble so you should say things like "Dada", "Poop", "Mom" and whatever comes to mind as long as it is compatible with what a baby says. No skimping on baby-like noises.

You have to see cartoons and children's programs, very childish. Sit in front of the TV and contemplate with a smile and some giggles when the scene requires it.

And naturally all this has to be done as a baby , there would be no point in wearing a jeans and a shirt and trying to feel like a baby, it's like the actors, you have to get fully into the role. Diapers, pajamas and children's shirts are the ideal garments.

Baby accessories are essential, rattles, music toys, children's blankets and of course, baby wipes to clean the bum and the baby cologne. Let's not forget the stuffed animals, keys to enter the character.

Finally, food is very important and you will have to regain strength through porridge and of course, from a bottle. If the session is carried out with a prostitute, then what better than to suck on the tit, more considering that the escorts usually have large breasts.

ABDL Fantasies


Summarizing we could say that ABDL may seem to us a very strange practice and the vast majority of people will not find the least kind of excitement to dress and behave like a baby and in many cases such behaviors will be disapproved. We simply consider that it is a practice that is not harmful and that we are nobody to judge as long as there is no lack of respect or illegal and immoral activity. For tastes, the colors.