Pegging: a very intense role exchange

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Have you ever considered putting yourself in the place of your partner sexually speaking? This is exactly what pegging is about : performing a role exchange. Your girl will act as a boy for you and will penetrate you anally using a strap-on with a dildo.

To enjoy this sexual practice you must overcome a common taboo in many men: that of associating passive anal sex with the idea of homosexuality.

Enjoying anal stimulation is considered by many men to be gay. For them, no man who considers himself heterosexual can enjoy being penetrated in the ass.

Those who think this way forget or are unaware of the existence of Point P. With that name (and also with the male G-spot ) the area that, inside the rectum, is a neighbor of the prostate is known. The stimulation of this area causes especially intense orgasms. One of the ways of practicing this stimulation is through the exchange of roles between the man and the woman.

Strap on

What is pegging?

The first time this term was used was as a result of a survey conducted by the American journalist Dan Savage. Savage, as a sexual advisor, asked his audience what name they would give to a sexual practice in which the woman penetrated the man. The result of the survey was the word to which we are dedicating this article.

To carry out this type of anal sex , which is also called BOB or Bend Over Boyfriend , the woman must use a harness with a dildo or strap on . In the market you can find many types of harnesses, but the most common are those that are attached to the waist by a kind of belt. Afterwards, a dildo is placed on them to perform the penetration with it.

Some women prefer to use a double dildo so that they can stimulate themselves when they penetrate their partner. The three-prong dildos, meanwhile, serve to stimulate themselves vaginally and anally while penetrating their boy.


Tips for Pegging

As in all sexual practices , direct and fluid communication with the partner is essential. The man must be determined to overcome this taboo and, logically, he must give his girl the consent for her to penetrate him.

Once consent is given, you have to find the appropriate sex toy (s) for this practice. A curved and thin harness is always the best option to start practicing this role exchange.

Choosing the right toy, you must always keep in mind a tip that is inescapably linked to any anal-type sexual practice: lubrication cannot be lacking.

To have a sexual experience of this type you must have a lubricant on hand. Why? Because the anus lacks its own lubrication. And, without lubrication, anal sex is, to say the least, annoying.

To avoid these discomforts and the possibility of suffering pain, you must provide yourself with a good intimate lubricant.

There are many types of sexual lubricants on the market. When choosing one, you must take into account the material with which the dildo that is going to be used for penetration is made. If it is silicone (this is the most common material in the latest generation of sex toys), you should opt for a water- based lubricant.

Tips for Pegging

The importance of anal relaxation

Having chosen the lubricant, we must remember another maxim of anal sex. To enjoy it, says this maxim, the anus must be relaxed. Achieving that relaxation is essential to enjoy any type of sexual practice in which the anus is involved.

Achieving such relaxation is a task for the girl. The caresses and the words can serve to achieve that relaxation. The practice of black kiss, too.

Once that relaxation is achieved and with the lubricant at hand, an intense and pleasant pegging experience can be lived. It will then be up to you to choose the posture to put it into practice. That of the puppy, with the man on all fours, is the most common and recommended position, especially for those couples who are starting out in this sexual practice.

Escorts Pegging

Girls who make you strap on

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There are sex professionals like escorts that include the strap-on in their catalog of services. Being anally penetrated by a whore can be a very special and intensely pleasurable way to enjoy a date with a prostitute.

Hiring a strapon escort can be a great way to enjoy pegging and experience its joys.

Girls for Pegging