Mummification: a very particular bondage practice

Monday, 10 May 2021

Can Ancient Egyptian mortuary practices be combined with games from the BDSM universe? Yes: by practicing mummification.

This bedesemera practice has two fundamental objectives. The first is to deprive the submissive part of the game of the senses. The second, to achieve total immobility and that the submissive experiences a feeling of time stopped.

Like any practice of this type, BDSM mummification must be performed with the consent of the submissive party. She must say yes and she must be able to reserve the possibility of ending the game whenever she wants. After all, this practice can be nerve-racking.

To avoid as much as possible the appearance of that feeling of anxiety, the duration of the practice should be previously set. For this it is necessary to have had an experience with this game before. Only then can you know how long you can resist like a mummy. It is natural or, at the very least, highly feasible, that a newbie can quickly experience a panic attack.

In any case, when BDSM mummification has rarely been practiced, it is advisable to leave the submissive's mouth free so that he can express himself.

Ways to practice BDSM mummification

There are many different ways to put these BDSM games into practice. One of them is to use plastic wrap. This material is often widely used in this type of practice. The reason? It is cheap.

This type of food wrapping paper has a handicap: being transparent, it makes the game less attractive. So that it does not lose too much glamor, it is recommended to use colored plastics.

One way to increase the aesthetic punch of a mummification practice is to use cloth or latex bandages to carry it out. Placed, they are joined to each other with adhesive tape.

They are also useful, to carry out this type of game, use 'vacuum beds' or vacuum beds. Vacuum beds are a kind of latex sacks that serve to immobilize the submissive, guaranteeing their ability to breathe. The 'vacuum beds' have a tube that allows the mummified submissive to inhale air from the outside.


How to perform a BDSM mummy?

The vast majority of BDSM practices are based on carrying out a series of steps that must be taken in a certain order. Mummification is no exception.

To start this type of game, the first thing to do is wrap arms, hands, torso and legs separately. Doing so increases the submissive's sense of isolation.

How the arms will be positioned is one of the fundamental answers that must be made when doing this practice.

There are basically two ways to position the arms of a BDSM mummy: either with the arms parallel to the body, stretched out, or crossed in the shape of a cross over the chest. It does not make much sense to position the arms in another way and, in addition, it could cause, if it does, some type of injury.

Once the arms have been placed in the chosen position and after performing that separate wrap that we talked about earlier, the Dominant part can now begin to wrap the submissive from the shoulders and torso to the feet.

When performing the total body bandage, it is recommended to place some type of padding between the knees and ankles of the submissive so that he feels more comfortable.

The easiest way to do all of this is by keeping the sub on their feet. Whoever does it in this way must have the help of a third person so that, once the submissive has been mummified, he can place him in a horizontal position.

The presence of a third person also serves to increase security during this game.

To round off this game, the Dominant party should cover the ears and blindfold the submissive party. Of course: when performing mummification, either the nostrils or the mouth of the submissive must be left open in order to guarantee breathing.


Safety in erotic mummification

All BDSM practice must be carried out with maximum security measures. Erotic mummification , of course, too. To do this, a series of tips must be taken into account.

The first is to perform the chest bandage when the submissive takes a deep breath. This will later make it easier for 'the mummy' to breathe and reduce the chances that the mummy may feel asphyxiated or anxious.

Some drinkers choose to expose both the genitalia and the nipples of the submissive person. Why? Because that is how they reserve the possibility of torturing their submissive.

Other practitioners of this game choose to tie the mummy to a board or wood. This increases the submissive's sense of immobility and, incidentally, increases his sense of dominance.

Although this sexual game is a practice that should be done calmly and without haste, it is recommended that the immobilization time does not exceed 15 minutes in the case of beginners.

Another safety measure to take into account when doing this type of bondage practice is to do it with scissors at hand. The scissors should obviously be blunt.

Another aspect to take into account is that of communication. As in any Bondage practice , communication between the two participating parties must be continuous and direct. The Dominant party must know at all times how the submissive party feels and this party must be able to express himself clearly.

Mummification usually causes excess sweating in the submissive part. That is why it is necessary to give it to drink frequently. This prevents possible dehydration and helps the person feel comfortable and can hold immobilized for longer.

Something that must also be taken into account when practicing is the room temperature. This practice should be avoided on very hot days.

If the immobilized person suffers a panic attack, the first thing to do is uncover their eyes. By being able to see what is around them, the anguish and anxiety will most likely subside and the person can feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Finally, if you want to safely mummify a submissive, you must take into account an advice that is usually given in many Bondage practices. That advice is this: do not leave the immobilized / mummified person alone.

Once the game is over, it is recommended to have a sheet or blanket on hand to wrap the submissive. It is very likely that it, when released from the plastic, feels cold.

Taking into account all these tips, we can do it in a safe and very rewarding way.

BDSM mummification

Paraphilia or sex game?

As with other Bondage practices, mummification is considered by many people a paraphilia.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), a paraphilia is a sexual deviation, an intimate behavior in which pleasure is obtained through an activity other than the sexual relationship itself.

In some cases, a paraphilia can develop into what is known as a paraphilic disorder. Paraphilic disorder is defined as paraphilias that cause distress or problems with functioning in the affected person.

For paraphilia to not be considered a disorder, three conditions must be met:

  • That paraphilic practice is not the only way to achieve sexual pleasure.
  • That the practice does not cause psychological, physical, economic damage, etc. to those who practice it.
  • That the practice is always carried out voluntarily and by consensus.

If these three conditions are fulfilled, mummification can be considered a 'curious' sexual practice or different from the most common sexual practices , but not an insane paraphilia or a paraphilic disorder, simply one more game of Bondage .

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