Delicious anal or Greek sex for friends

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Anal sex can be an extremely pleasant sexual practice, although because this area does not naturally lubricate and the hygienic measures that must be taken into account for its practice, it is advisable to follow certain tips in order to make the experience pleasant for both lovers. . As with any other sexual practice, not all people experience anal sex in the same way, and certain people need to experience it multiple times to find the true pleasure. But what should you already know before having anal sex?

In order for anal sex to be absolutely pleasant, since the anal sphincter does not lubricate by itself, the use of a lubricant preferably based on silicone is recommended, which in addition to this is fully compatible with the condom. The use of a silicone-based lubricant is preferable due to the fact that, in contrast to the water-based lubricant, it does not evaporate so simply and brings a softer feel to this kind of sexual practice.

Even before anal sex, it is essential to clean the area well. For this, you can use a soap indicated for the intimate area and avoid all those with perfumes included, since they can dry the area and generate irritations or wounds in intimate relationships. When starting anal sex, it is advisable not to go into vaginal sex without first taking certain precautions. It is essential to move the condom and wash all those erotic toys that have been used and that you want to return to use in vaginal sex to avoid infections. In addition, if protection has not been used in anal sex, the penis should not be inserted into the vagina without having previously washed it.

Anal sex

Here are a series of recommendations that will help you maintain pleasant intimate relationships:

  • Have a relaxed attitude during the act so that anal sex is pleasant.
  • Before penetration, it is recommended to stimulate the area with sex toys, to relax and increase the excitement levels of both.
  • Control the rate of penetration since the walls of the anus are neither as flexible as the vagina nor dilate like this.
  • Delicate movements so as not to cause discomfort or pain to the girl
  • The best position for practicing anal sex is that of a dog because the entrance of the penis is more direct and the movement can be controlled better.

Why is anal sex known as "Greek"?

It is known from all that homosexuality was quite well regarded in classical Greece and specifically among a high-class adult man with a young man. They were quite unequal relationships. The adult, erastés, was the lover and the young man, called erómenos, the beloved. An event as it is to be supposed, he had to be attractive, intelligent and full of virtues, among other things, and he was not intended to feel desire towards his protector, but simply affection and gratitude for having been chosen. The one who really lost his mind was the erastés and what historians usually report that they were like a toy in the hands of Eros. All these historical facts derived that in the 19th century it was thought that in Greece male homosexuality had been given a letter of nature, and since it is supposed that the star practice is anal penetration, or sodomy, this name was assigned as the French oral sex that we will explain in another article. In summary, many people thought that it was the Greeks who invented anal intercourse, although they were simply the one who normalized the practice.

Do you want to try the Greek with an escort

If you have never tried it, you want to do it and you have not had any partner that has opened its back door for you, you have numerous escorts who practice it and that you can locate in this couple of links by city: escorts who practice anal sex in Madrid and escorts who practice anal sex in Barcelona . The great specialists are Brazilian women because in this country they also do a great ass cult and we can say that they are the most impressive asses in the world. But it is a widespread sexual practice by all escorts. Of course, the vast majority charge extra for this specialty, otherwise most clients would require this service and, given that they are in this activity, it is a very sensitive area and not made for penetration, so they should limit their practice.

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