Anal massage: what is it and how is it done?

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Men who have tried it recommend it to those who have not. "You don't know what you're missing, flathead," they say. Those who have not tried it frequently resort to the words of Luis Aragonés, the poet trainer: "up the ass, nor the hair of a shrimp." And yet, when we talk about anal massage we are not necessarily talking about any type of penetration. In principle. You can always get to it. And in fact, naturally, it comes. In fact, anal massage is the ideal preliminary to anal sex .

What is an anal massage?

When we talk about massage of the anus we are talking about a type of stimulation on it and on its adjacent areas. Anal stimulation, thus, affects not only the anus. It also affects the buttocks and a particularly sensitive area of the body: the perineum.

Stimulation or massage of that area can be done in many ways. It can be done with the hands but also solely and exclusively with the finger, the tongue or with some type of erotic toy designed for it.

All that area we are talking about is for many men a taboo area. For a very high percentage of males, anal stimulation in which the man acts as a passive subject is a practice of homosexual dyes. Plain and simple. Without palliative. Something that is not a male thing. Something that, in an ancient language, is a thing of fags.

For many women, too, anything that refers to anal sex or anal stimulation is taboo. In this case, it is for other reasons. Mainly because everything that has to do with the anus is considered dirty. Also, in other cases, because having had some experience related to anal sex, it is remembered as something painful.

But this almost unknown type in the world of erotic massage does not have to be painful. In fact, it shouldn't work. Neither should penetration (with a finger, dildo, plug or harness) result if it is practiced with due precautions.

In this article we are going to explain the differences between anal massages and prostate massages, how the first one is performed and what care must be taken when doing it.

Ass massage

Anal massage and prostate massage

Many people confuse anal massage with prostate massage . We must emphasize that they are not the same. The first can be aimed at men and women. Both sexes have butts. Both sexes have anus. What both genders do not have is prostate. The prostate is a male organ. It is the point P of man. Massaging the prostate favors reaching orgasms of extraordinary intensity.

Access to this walnut-like organ called the prostate is from the anus. Introducing a finger or a sexplay designed to stimulate the prostate can perform this type of stimulation. For this it is necessary to relax the anus. Without relaxing the anal sphincter, we will only be able to cause pain. The best way to relax the anus is by massaging it beforehand. This type of erotic massage , as well, would also be a good preliminary to a P-point massage .

The massage of the ass , well done, is a very pleasant experience. It is for both women and men. Not surprisingly, the anal sphincter is a body area where many nerve endings converge. Massaging the asshole can be the source of many pleasures. To achieve them, however, a number of factors must be taken into account.

Erotic masseuse

Aspects to take into account in this type of erotic massage

Those who consider the anus a dirty area are right. That way we defecate, after all. But they have that reason only in part. The anus is a dirty area if its hygiene is not properly cared for. To perform a massage of the ass it is necessary that the sphincter is clean. For this, the use of mild soaps and also a special cleaning will serve some time after having made a bowel movement. A good way to get a good cleaning of the area without having to go to the extreme of an anal douche is to perform a perineal bath.

The hands that are going to massage the anal sphincter must also be clean. Your nails, in addition, must be well trimmed. The butthole is, we have said, a very sensitive area and any badly cut nail could cause a wound while massaging a bum.

The second factor to take into account for the masseuse is the very nature of the anus in terms of its ability to lubricate. Is the anus naturally lubricated? No. That is why it is necessary to use some type of artificial intimate lubricant to massage it. How should a good anal lubricant be? Mainly, it must have a balanced pH. Choosing a scented lubricant for the anus is one of the biggest mistakes many people make. On too many occasions, the use of this type of lubricant tends to cause itching in the anus. As much as you are going to lick your butt, it is better to use a fragrance-free lubricant.

Anal massages

How to perform anal massages?

Once the two factors indicated (hygiene of the area and use of lubricant) have been taken into account, we can begin the massage in the anus . While this is taking place it is important to maintain a sincere and fluid dialogue with the couple. Whoever performs the massage should ask the recipient how they feel about each new action.

Calm and slowness are key elements in good practice for an erotic masseuse . Do not hurry up. As they say, much of the pleasure experienced lies in the journey, not the finish line. The patience of the person who performs the massage is, therefore, essential for it to be a success.

Once the lubricant has been applied, you will begin by massaging the buttocks . Let the area get warmer. Let the hands, too, pick up their rhythm.

The movements of the buttock massage should be closer and closer to the sphincter area. The fingers should approach it but not enter. If they have to, they will do it when he is perfectly relaxed.

When the sphincter relaxes it will be time to insert the index finger a little into the anus. A little, never too much, not at once. Always slowly and well lubricated. Once the index finger has entered the couple's anus a bit, a series of circular movements will be made from the inside out. Equipping yourself with latex gloves to perform this type of massage is a good option to add new sensations and maximize the hygiene of this type of sexual massage.

In summary, we could say that there are a number of things that should not be done when performing a butt massage:

  • Insert your fingers abruptly.
  • Accelerate the rhythm of the massage.
  • Have long nails.
  • Test penetrations without lubricant.

Anal stimulator

Anal massage with erotic toys

Once the masseuse has advanced with her fingers in performing the anal massage, we can experiment with the use of erotic toys . At this point you have to know what types of adult toys to use and what toys not. Vibrating bullets, for example, are of no use. Neither did the eggs. Prostate massagers and anal plugs are ideal sex toys for practicing anal massage. If they are made with medical silicone, all the better. They have a much more pleasant touch and are easier to clean.

The design of erotic toys for anal stimulation is essential for them to fulfill their function without risks of any kind. Any sex toy intended to be put in the ass must have a stopper or safety ring at its base. Why? Because the muscles of the rectum can act by contracting as a natural mechanism capable of absorbing all kinds of objects that are currently introduced into the anus. And during orgasm there are many and very strong contractions of this type that occur. That is why it is not recommended to use bullets or vibrating eggs when performing a massage of this type.

Have you already tried the pleasures of this type of erotic massage? If your answer is do not think only of one thing: most of the men who have tried it repeat. Why is it? The best erotic masseurs will know how to get the most pleasure out of you and will make you become addicted ... Find a specialized center and delve into the experience of erotic massages.

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