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Monday, 12 April 2021

If you have seen advertisements for erotic massage parlors and have reviewed their service menu, you will surely have seen that many of them include the expression "Lingam massage". Do you know exactly what it is? Do you know what it consists of? If you think that this type of massage is something like an erotic massage with a happy ending, you should know that you are wrong. That is not that. Or, at least, that it is not exactly.

The Lingam massage is much more than a high intensity erotic massage that ends with a masturbation or handjob. In it, male genitalia intervene and take on a special role, yes, they are massaged consciously, repeatedly and with an absolute waste of sensuality. But the goal of it is not ejaculatory relief. Or it is not only.

Whoever performs a lingam massage does not just want the massage to run. The ultimate goal of a massage of this type is to get the sexual energy of the person receiving it to flow freely and without barriers. The total relaxation of the person receiving the massage and being able to achieve a special spiritual connection with the person who performs it are also objectives of this massage that is part of the group of tantric massages.

Lingam concept

The word lingam comes from Sanskrit and its literal translation is "phallus". Thus, the expression lingam massage could be translated as massage of the phallus. There is, however, another meaning of the word lingam, much more spiritual and less carnal, and that meaning would come to be something like "staff of light channeling energy and pleasure."

From the point of view of Hinduism, in addition, the Lingam would be understood as the symbolic representation of the god Shiva. The Lingam ritual, thus, would be loaded with spiritual connotations and the lingam itself would have a divine character. Thus, when massaging the phallus following this ritual, not only would the orgasmic outburst be pursued. It would be pursued, fundamentally, to channel that masculine energy that lives within us and that does not always manage to emerge. That, then, would be the main objective of male tantric massage.

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Lingam massage benefits

Releasing that energy would be one of the great benefits associated with lingam massage. But it would not be the only one, since there are many that are derived from it. Among the benefits of male tantra massage we can highlight the following:

  • Open our mind to new dimensions of thought.
  • It helps us to know each other better.
  • It especially creates and strengthens the bond between the two people who participate in it.
  • Helps heal sexual trauma.
  • Helps overcome negative sexual conditioning.
  • Release negative energies.
  • Helps reduce stress level.
  • It connects us more closely with our spiritual selves.

From an exclusively tantric point of view, the tantra man massage would also serve to balance the Svadhisthana chakra or second chakra. According to Eastern philosophies, and Tantra among them, humans have seven energy centers distributed throughout the body. Each of these energy centers is called a chakra and the second is in the genital area. Balancing that energy center serves to overcome our insecurities, our fears, our frustrations and our anxiety. To balance this chakra, nothing better than a Lingam massage. Thanks to him we would access the deepest parts of our consciousness and we would heal the wounds of our subconscious.

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How to do a lingam massage?

Having seen the many benefits of a tantra massage for men , let's see how a good lingam massage should be performed. As we have indicated previously, this type of tantric massage is much more than a handjob that would serve to end an erotic massage. That is why it is essential to take care of the steps to follow in detail.

Relaxation and breathing in the massage

The first, capital, is to find a relaxed and intimate space to do it. If we seek to activate the spiritual and promote meditation by controlling the most basic and primary sexual impulses, we must seek that quiet place.

Found that place, the lingam massage, like all tantric massages, must be understood as a journey that must be enjoyed in its entirety. And that trip must be done walking, without haste, enjoying every bend in the road, never by plane. A massage of this type, we have already pointed out, should never be understood as a hasty handjob that puts the happy ending to an erotic massage.

To enjoy this path we are talking about, the strokes of the massage must be combined with deep breaths . To reinforce the connection between the person who performs the massage and the person who receives it, it may be important to start the massage session with looks, kisses and caresses that serve to strengthen the ties between the active and passive parts of the massage. Coordinating the two breaths is a good way to strengthen ties and an essential step to perform a good male tantric massage.

Once the space is properly set (the use of fragrances, incense, scent candles, soft lighting, etc. can help) the man should lie down on the bed or massage table, on swords, bending his knees and with his legs slightly apart. Placing a pillow under the head and another under the pelvis can serve to provide greater comfort and to make it possible to adopt the correct posture.

To make the massage more sensual, soft, delicate and careful, it is recommended at all times to use a lubricant or massage oil. These products will allow more linear movements.

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The steps of lingam massage

Once the hands of the person who performs the lingam massage and the genitals of the person who receives it are lubricated, it will be done in a calm and calm manner. When making the strokes of the massage, the person who performs it can also, with careful movements, caress both the pubic bone and the perineum area. This last area, despite being very pleasant for those who receive the massage, can be uncomfortable depending on what massaged, since it is a border area with the anus, and for many men being stimulated there in its taboo subject.

The best thing, in any case, is never to start with the penis. That he is the main protagonist of a massage of this type does not mean that it should start with him. To do so would be to shorten the path and, as we have pointed out, the path is what matters here. That is why it is recommended to begin by massaging the inside of the thighs and then moving towards the groin and pubis. The penis, little by little, will wake up.

After massaging the thighs, groin and pubis, it is advisable to massage the testicles. How? With gentle caresses, with circular movements, holding them with cupped hands. When massaging the testicles, you have to assess the pressure exerted on them. The personal taste of each man should determine the degree of pressure.

After massaging the testicles, the penis will surely claim its prominence. This is when the lingam massage reaches its decisive moment. The movements, at this point, should be varied. Also the rhythms. Rotating movements should be made around the axis of the phallus. It should be raised and lowered with your hands. The glans and the base of the penis should be massaged alternately.

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The happy ending of lingam massage

With this type of caress the moment of orgasm will inevitably come. Knowing how to postpone it by modulating the level of excitement is one of the great virtues that characterize those who dedicate themselves to performing this type of tantric massage. For this, it is essential to pay attention to the rhythm of breathing and movements of the person receiving the massage. When the moment of orgasm approaches, the person who performs the massage will have to stop and move away from the penis to dedicate themselves, again, to other areas close to it.

Tantric massage for men can end in two ways: either with sexual intercourse or with a manually provided orgasm. It could also end, if we took the concept of lingam massage in a lax way, with an oral ending . All this, of course, within the couple. It would be the two members of it who would decide how to end this modality of tantric massage.

But ... what about in the course of a business relationship? That is to say: what if the services of a tantric masseuse had been hired? How then should the lingam massage end? This is something that every client should be clear about when hiring a professional specialized in this type of massage. If she works for an erotic and tantric massage house or advertises herself as such, it is likely that the massage should only and exclusively end in a manual way or, how much, orally. The sexual relationship would be, in this case, ruled out. If she, on the other hand, were an escort specialized in performing tantric massages, the possibility of ending the session with a "normal" sexual relationship would be completely open.

If you want to have a lingam massage, first make sure of the type of professional who will provide it. Before any appointment of this type, you must be sure of how far you want to go and, above all, how far you can go with the hired professional. We can recommend the best erotic masseurs in Barcelona and Madrid .

Decide together if you want the lingam massage to end with sexual intercourse or a liberating orgasm in her hands. In any case, at the end of the erotic massage , relax, take time to dedicate yourself to the sensations of your body and share the experience you have experienced.

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