Small guide to erotic massages

Sunday, 19 April 2020

In this article we are going to talk briefly about erotic massages and as soon as we start we will explain what an erotic massage is. This type of massage is the combination of art, technique and sensuality. Its origin lies in the oriental culture, where the Kamasutra also arose and which in ancient times greatly appreciated the enjoyment of carnal pleasures, for which they endeavored in its development. To do this type of massage, it is necessary to use good quality oils, balms and creams, otherwise we will be wasting part of the charm of the moment. Without forgetting to use incenses, candles and relaxing music so that the environment is perfect (the room and tatami will also be essential).

It is usually done with the hands but obviously being erotic other parts of the body are usually used such as the breasts, the buttocks in the case of women and the penis in the case of men. But in general rubbing both bodies makes the sensation sublime. During the period of time that the massage lasts, the recipient is caressed gently and calmly, it is essential that he first relax and gain confidence in the erotic therapist or masseuse . Once the atmosphere is relaxed and trustworthy, you will advance into more intense sexual and pleasurable sensations. But keep in mind that erotic massage is not an intimate relationship and penetration will not occur. You have to get the man excited until he ejaculates but without intercourse.

And here we have some types of erotic massages :

Lingam Massages : This massage focuses on the male genital area and aims to relax the recipient of the massage, so it is essential that you are in a completely comfortable posture.

Tantra massages : Its objective is to awaken sexual energy and distribute it throughout the body. It is not intended to make man run, but obviously this can happen. If the sexual energy is channeled well, deep relaxation will be achieved, one of the objectives of this massage. We focus this article on the recipient of the massage being a man and in this case it would be called Lingam but if the recipient were a woman it would be called Yoni. On the web we have several erotic masseurs in Barcelona who perform this massage, be sure to visit them.

Nuru Massages : This massage is performed on a Latex sheet, especially for this pleasant moment of relaxation, and is placed on it by a masseur and a man, both naked. So they both get soaked in gel and they start rubbing each other's bodies and it starts in sex play. If you are in the capital of Spain, you can try it with one of our erotic masseurs in Madrid .

Erotic masseuses Barcelona

Four-hand massage : If being completely relaxed while two female hands caress you, imagine 4 hands. This massage is pure perversion, it's like having a threesome or enjoying a mini haren especially for you. If you are very stressed, tired or low in morale, this massage will transport you to heaven and it will be like rejuvenating yourself.

Prostatic massage : This massage exclusively works the male perineal and prostatic area. This area is stimulated, which is the most erogenous zone of the man, so this massage is 100% pleasure and orgasm is inevitable no matter how much the man tries to delay it. It is recommended that it be accompanied by a lingam massage along with gentle finger pressure on the areas. If you have any prejudice with this massage, open your mind and try it, you will be delighted.

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We have left many massages to describe but in future articles we will delve much deeper into erotic massage for men, this has simply been a brief introduction. To end the article we will mention the endings offered by masseurs, the famous happy ending :

  • Manual finishing : The masseuse reaches the man through hand masturbation.
  • Finished with the mouth : In this case, the man will ejaculate with the fellatio of the masseuse (after using the condom).
  • Finished with penetration : This is already for escort masseurs because there will be vaginal intercourse and, if the occasion arises, anal.

Many men tend to despise manual termination but forget that a female hand with hot oil on the hand can give as much or more pleasure than a vagina and also ejaculation is free, not with a condom. Without a doubt it is a great option, the cheapest and the only one that a large majority of masseurs usually do.