Gang Bang, sex with many men or ... women

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Sex can also be a matter of arithmetic. It can be practiced alone (no one ever despises the pleasure experienced thanks to a good handjob). It can be practiced with your partner (with the simple missionary or in all imaginable postures and with the help of all the adult toys that can be found in the most complete of sexshops). It can be practiced in a trio (with the different combinations of sex and sexual orientation possible). And it can be practiced in numbers that go beyond the three participants.

Usually, when we talk about sexual relations in which more than three people participate, we talk about group sex. The term most commonly used when referring to this type of sexual intercourse is that of orgy. But there are orgies of many types. One of them, with very particular and defined characteristics, is the Gang Bang.

Gang bang

Organizing a Gang Bang

What is Gangbang ? In a strict sense a form of group sex in which a woman or a man has sexual relations with three or more men.

There are authors who, however, are more specific when talking about Gang-Bang . For Eva Roy, a Spanish writer, lawyer and journalist who regularly collaborates with the newspaper El País, the name Gang Bang can only be given to that orgy in which there is an 8 to 1 relationship, that is, when a woman maintains relationships sex at the same time with eight men.

This type of sexual practice requires a minimum prior organization. This organization should serve to determine the number of people who are going to participate (in the Guinness Book of Records there is a Gang-Bang with more than a thousand participants registered) and also to determine what the element is willing to support, we could call receptive of the practice.


To properly organize a Gang Bang session, it must be clear, for example, whether or not the receptive person is going to accept being anally penetrated. Not all women like anal sex. And the freedom to accept it or not, no matter how much you participate in a Gang Bang session, is inviolable.

Another thing that should also be known when organizing a group sex session of this type is whether the receptive woman is going to be open to the possibility of enjoying a double or triple penetration in unison. A man anally penetrating a woman who at the same time is vaginally fucked by another while she performs fellatio on a third party may seem the height of pleasure for said woman, but, apart from the technical difficulty that finding the right posture can entail. To carry out this practice, it must be accepted that not all women want to lend themselves to multiple penetration at the same time.

In the event that the woman is not willing to accept this form of turn-based penetration, the Gang Bang session would basically consist of turn-based penetration. So there should be a queue. The men, thus, would go by, one after another, to penetrate the receptive woman.

It goes without saying that this type of practice is considered risky sexual practice. STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) can do their bit for her. To avoid this, prophylactic measures must be taken to the extreme, and for this there is nothing better than resorting to the humble but always effective condom. You should never participate in a group sex session without condoms handy. They are the best barrier against what has always been called venereal infections.


Gang Bang and Bukkake in porn movies

In the porn industry in general and streaming porn in particular, Gang Bang is a genre on its own. Anyone who wants to watch group sex scenes in which several men fuck a woman just have to enter one of those online porn pages. The most important websites of this type have a section full of videos in which you can see scenes in which this sexual practice is carried out that we are commenting on here.

In many cases, such a group sex session ends with what is known as Bukkake . Bukkake is a Japanese term that means something like "splash or pour until soaked." The image collected by this term is, without a doubt, very descriptive and explains very well what the sexual practice it refers to consists of.

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In Bukkake, several men ejaculate on the body or, preferably, the face of a woman. In the aforementioned porn pages , the Bukkake scenes show how women with their faces contorted by the pleasure received after various penetrations carried out by several men, offer their faces so that these men pour their cum over it. The semen of these men, who ejaculate in a circle on said woman, splashes her eyelids, her eyelashes, her eyebrows, her lips, her cheekbones, her hair, her chin ...

The woman, in these scenes, receives the rain of milk as something that is halfway between the reward and the humiliation. The latter strongly marked the practice of Bukkake as it was conceived in ancient Japan. In those days, this practice served to punish women who were caught in adultery.

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What is the reverse gang bang?

We are talking about the Gang Bang as a sexual practice in which a woman has sex with more than three men at the same time, but ... what if the scene was reversed? What if it were a man accompanied by a number of women equal to or greater than three? What then would this practice be called? Would we also talk about Gang-Bang?

No. In this case we would speak of reverse Gang Bang, Boybang or modern harem. With this last name we would connect our imagination with the idea that more or less we all have in our mind of what, centuries ago and in eastern lands, was a harem. And as lord of the harem, the central male element of the boybang could enjoy the sexual charms of the women participating in this practice at will. Something, as can be supposed, that requires a special sexual power.

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