Fisting, a painful sexual practice

Thursday, 25 February 2021

The world of sex is (or should be) a universe in which the law of experimentation prevails. Since it appeared on the face of the earth, man has not stopped trying new ways of enjoying sex. Thus, there are many ways to practice and enjoy it. How far you go when doing it depends on the character of each person and their tastes and needs.

There are many people who, when it comes to fucking, are satisfied or have enough to perform the missionary. Many others try new positions: that of the puppy, that of the spoon, any of those included in any original or updated Kama Sutra ... Some, in need of stronger emotions, experience alternative forms of sexuality and venture down the paths of BDSM or they like to carry out their own practices of what we could call "rough sex". Among the latter we find fisting lovers.

What is fisting?

Fisting , a sexual practice that at first was typical of heterosexual women but which has ended up being part of the sexual routines of some homosexual couples, consists of the introduction of the hand or fist partially or completely in the anus / rectum or vagina .

If we mentally visualize this sexual practice we can understand that it is not a practice that can attract everyone since it can certainly be painful. Visually striking, fisting or fist-fucking is also used by some people to masturbate.

Tips for practicing fisting

When practicing fist-fucking, a series of precautions must be taken into account. Said precautions would be the following:

  • A thorough and thorough hand washing should be performed.
  • The sexual area to be fisting must be completely clean.
  • Long-sleeved latex or nitrile gloves should be worn.
  • A good lubricant should be used and plenty of it should be available.
  • Have condoms on hand. Why? The practice of fisting can cause small bleeding (microbleeds) that would make a subsequent anal or vaginal penetration "bareback" inadvisable, since the risk of transmission of HIV or any other type of sexually transmitted disease increases significantly.
  • Heeding these prophylactic tips is absolutely essential to be able to practice 'fist fucking' safely.

Let's now see how fisting should be practiced.

Types of Fisting

Types of fisting

As noted above, there are two types of fisting: vaginal fisting and anal fisting . Let's see below how each of them should be practiced.

Vaginal fisting

Those who practice this form of fisting seek a very specific goal: that of an extremely intense and violent orgasm. The reason that such an orgasm can be achieved is the following: having the entire fist inserted into the vagina increases the stimulation of both the vagina and the G-spot and the muscle contractions intensify.

To be able to fuck a vagina with your fist, a very high relaxation of the person to be penetrated is necessary. To get it, you have to start by stroking their genitals slowly, without haste. These strokes should be done with gloves on and with fingers well lubricated with a water-based lubricant.

Once that area has been stimulated, a finger will be inserted into the vagina and they will make circular movements until it is perceived that there is space for two. When you have that feeling, a second finger will be inserted. Throughout this process it is recommended to stimulate the clitoris in order to increase lubrication and achieve greater relaxation of the vaginal muscles.

When it is felt that the vagina is very dilated, a third finger will be inserted and circular movements will continue inside it while, at the same time, the clitoris is still stimulated.

While performing all these movements, the lubrication level should be checked. If this is not as abundant as it should be, an artificial lubricant will be used to achieve it. Thanks to it and the muscular relaxation of the area, the fourth finger can be inserted.

Once the fourth finger has been inserted, the circular movements should stop, but not the stimulation of the clitoris, which should be combined with that of the G-spot.

When that point is reached, the person being penetrated should not feel pain. If you feel it, you should stop the practice to proceed with the stimulation task in progress. If the pain goes away, the thumb will be placed between the fingers and, slowly, the fist will push very slowly and the same will be moved gently from the inside out.

Most likely, a few movements will be enough for the couple to reach orgasm. It is advisable not to withdraw your hand during orgasm so that, in this way, the woman can feel it more intense and can enjoy it to the fullest.

After orgasm, the woman should push gently to facilitate the expulsion of the hand from her vagina. It can also help to put a little more lubricant.

Vaginal fisting

Anal fisting

Having seen how vaginal fisting should be practiced, we are now going to see how you can fuck an ass with your fist.

Anal fisting, although it is a sexual practice practiced by some women, is a preferably homosexual practice. To perform it, the first requirement is to find a comfortable position that facilitates anal penetration. The second is to wear gloves. The third is to use (in large quantities) a lubricant based on oil or silicone.

When practicing the anal fist it must be borne in mind that it is completely different from the vaginal fist. To begin with, it must be borne in mind that the anus does not lubricate like the vagina does. The anatomical conformation of one and the other are different. The vagina has a greater capacity to distend than the anus has. Anus fisting, then, will require more preparation. In addition, when fisting an anus the fingers do not enter, as in vaginal fisting, one by one. In the ass, the fingers are inserted all at once.

Logically, before inserting fingers into the anus, it must be well relaxed. For this we can use the fingers, the black kiss technique or the use of an anal plug or other type of sex toy.

Once the anus is relaxed, the four fingers will be placed horizontally and the thumb underneath. Once placed like this, the hand will be squeezed so that the five fingers come together. After that, the fingers will be inserted very slowly and with great care.

Once the fingers are inside, they should be made with the hand movements up and down. These movements must be very gentle since a slightly violent movement could cause reflex retraction of the anal muscles.

When the anus is completely relaxed, the hand should be inserted completely and very slowly while, very gently, this movement of the hand is made up and down.

When the whole hand is inside the anus, a good amount of lubricant should be added to the wrist. Well lubricated, the doll will gently enter the penetrated person's anus after slowly and carefully pushing. Once inside, you can make a fist with your hand and then perform penetrating movements with alternating speed.

In the event that the penetrated person feels acute pain, the practice should be stopped immediately. If you feel pain it is because something is not being done well and, not doing it well, could cause some kind of tear or injury with unpleasant consequences.

Anal fisting