Foot fetish

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Perhaps they are not the most beautiful part of our body but there are men (and also some women) who love them and who are unable to control the high of their libido when they contemplate or touch or are touched by them.

We are talking about the feet, an area of our anatomy that certain people (possibly more than we think) seem super, super, super exciting. More even than the genitals or, sometimes, the sexual act itself.

This erotic attraction to the feet is one of the many existing fetishes and is technically called podophilia. Podophilia should not be considered a disorder or a disease. Like all fetishism, it should only disturb when you must inevitably resort to it to be able to have sex. If that happened, we would be talking about a paraphilia. If not, foot fetishism should only be considered a personal taste, something destined to make sex life richer and more varied.

Finding the origin of a fetish does not make much sense. Each fetishist could give a different explanation about the origin of his. In the case of 'foot fetish' (that's what podophilia is called in English) we are not going to make an exception. But we are going to point out something: the feet are a particularly sensitive area of our anatomy. Around 7,000 nerve endings reach them, which makes it one of the main erogenous zones of our body. Some neurologists also point out that the genitalia and the feet are adjacent areas in our brain. This could give an explanation to the fact that a man can become sexually aroused by looking at a woman's feet.

Foot fetish

Types of foot fetishism

Foot fetishism can take many forms. It is enough to look into the bottomless pit of the internet to contemplate a thousand and one ways to practice the 'foot fetish'. From the practice of 'foot worship' or foot worship (so typical of the BDSM universe in which a submissive must pay homage to the feet of his Domina) to the torture of the foot using hot wax, lit cigarettes or atudura of the same There are many things that "sexually" can be done to the feet or can be done with them.

There are those who like to kiss, massage and lick their feet. There are those who experience pleasure just by looking at them or by seeing them walk on certain surfaces. Some people get excited when they feel stepped on by them (this practice is called 'trampling'). And there are those who are not so excited looking at the bare foot as the shoes that fit them. Usually, in these cases, the fetishist finds his fetish object in a certain type of footwear.

High-heeled shoes are usually the prototypical fetish object when we talk about this type of fetishism. More sensual and stylish, high heels are a kind of symbol of the feminine. By worshiping that object, the fetishist is worshiping, in some way, the essence of femininity.

Foot fetish

Games to give and receive pleasure with your feet

A good way to enrich our sexual life is to introduce sexual games in which the feet intervene. In an active way or in a passive way, that is, by stimulating our partner's feet or letting her stimulate ours or using them to stimulate or, on the contrary, to be stimulated, approaching foot fetishism is a good way to breathe new life into our sex life.

Next we are going to give you a series of basic tips and to launch a series of proposals to enjoy sexually with your feet.

The first tip to enjoy your feet sexually speaking is to take good care of them. This implies proper hygiene and good hydration. Removing corns and calluses and correctly cutting nails is essential to show off feet that can give play in a session of 'foot fetish'.

Foot massage

Massaging well-cared feet can always be a great pleasure for both those who give this massage and for those who receive it. To increase the sensations of pleasure, the use of a good flavored massage oil or, failing that, a water-based lubricant is always recommended. Thanks to either of these two elements, the hands of the person who performs the massage will be able to slide without difficulty on the feet of the person who receives it. Thanks to the oil or lubricant, the caresses will be more intense and pleasant.

When it comes to applying an erotic foot massage, it can be very exciting and fun to play and experiment. How? Using creams that bring cold or heat to the feet, for example. Or using the mouth, lips and teeth to kiss, nibble or lick the feet of the loved one while massaging them.

Back massage with feet

The feet are not only made to receive pleasure. They are also made to give it. Podophiles know it. If you want to give your partner pleasure with your feet, start by applying oil and lubricant on them. Once you have your feet well lubricated, gently place them on your partner's back and start making circular movements on her. To make the sensations of this back massage given with the feet more intense and pleasant, use your hands to stimulate, caress or touch those parts of your partner's body that you can access.

Foot masturbation

Foot masturbation

One of the most common practices among foot fetish lovers is masturbation with the feet or 'foot job'.

A footjob is always very exciting for podophiles. Have you ever tried doing it? To masturbate your partner with your feet, you must use a good amount of lubricant and, above all, act with great delicacy and care.

A good way to intensify the pleasure derived from such a handjob is to focus your strokes with your feet in the frenulum area. Drawing little circles around him is always maddening.

Badly cared for feet are not suitable for the practice of the 'foot job'. Can you imagine how unpleasant it can be to feel the friction of a corn or a duricie on the penis? Can you imagine how painful a scratch on the glans, foreskin or testicles can be from a badly cut toenail? If taking care of the feet to carry out any type of practice that has to do with podophilia is always an essential requirement, in the case of handjob made with the feet or the stimulation of the genitals with them it is an absolute imperative.

Foot job