Fendom or female domination

Thursday, 11 February 2021

It is very difficult for peer relationships to occur in sex. There is always one of the parties that is dominant, the one that sets the pace, the one that takes the initiative, the one that proposes new practices, the one that always wants to go a little further. This role has traditionally been reserved for men. Culture has long made sex seen as serving male pleasure. Fortunately, that view has changed over time, and more and more men have become aware that sex exists for both parties to enjoy. The progressive liberation of women has allowed this change. That is why it is no longer so strange, culturally speaking, to see and conceive a woman taking the initiative in bed. A woman no longer waits for a man's order to perform fellatio if her desire dictates that she put her partner's penis in her mouth. She also doesn't need a man to tell her "get on all fours" if she likes to get high like that and expose her stern to her male for him to penetrate her from behind. That in vanilla sex, but ... what about BDSM?

BDSM practices have always circulated along different cultural paths than vanilla sex has . They have always been freer and less respectful of what has been culturally regarded as well. That is why BDSM has always been lived in a more hidden way and the idea of secrecy has always been associated with its practices. Within the BDSM universe, the most common and common sexual habits and customs among people have been subverted time and again. This has also affected the role that women have played within him. If in vanilla sex the woman has almost always appeared as dependent on the male's desires, in BDSM she has enjoyed more autonomy and power. That power, traditionally unthinkable outside the BDSM universe , is especially evident in the practice of FemDom.


What is the FemDom?

This word comes from the Anglophone expression "Female Dominance", that is to say: Feminine Domination . With it we refer to those erotic practices in which the woman (or one of the women, in the case of a lesbian relationship) plays a clearly dominant role.

Within BDSM practices, the woman who acquires this role in an erotic Domination practice is called Mistress, Domina, Mistress or Dominatrix , and is, within erotic practices, a kind of dictator whose orders cannot be discussed. The man who lends himself to this type of erotic relationship accepts that female leadership and lends himself to behave, within her, as an obedient and submissive being. That pact is absolutely necessary for us to talk about a healthy BDSM relationship and it has its negotiable / insurmountable limits. It will be the two members of the binomial (the Dominant part -in this case the Domina- and the submissive part) who agree to these limits and those who behave, within practice, adhering to them.

The femdom must meet, to exercise as such, a series of characteristics. Feeling powerful and very self-confident are, without a doubt, two of those characteristics. A Mistress cannot be a weak woman. Strength (especially mental) should be part of your character. It must be a woman who likes to act as a leader and is not afraid to do so. Logically, a woman loaded with prejudices (especially of a sexual nature) cannot be a good Dominatrix, nor is she the ideal person to play that role in Female Domination games. After all, you have to always keep in mind that sex within BDSM relationships is very different from vanilla sex.

BDSM practices

Beyond these characteristics of strength, to exercise her role well in Fem Dom relationships, a Mistress must be understanding and attentive to her submissive. The risk of overstepping and losing control is always there, and it is experience and intelligence that must make sure that control is not lost. Going beyond the agreed limits, for example, would be one of the ways to lose control and break one of the sacred rules of BDSM.

With all these features treasured, the Mistress can act like one. The characterization that each Mistress chooses when exercising her role is something very personal, but the most common is that this characterization conforms to the aesthetics that the bedesemera practice has imposed over the years. Thus, the most common is that the Domina, when practicing FemDom, uses costumes, masks and latex or leather suits. It is also quite common for you to choose to wear fishnet stockings and high-heeled shoes.

To practice Female Erotic Domination , the Domina usually uses a series of accessories typical of the BDSM universe. Among these accessories we can highlight the spanking paddles to practice the erotic spanking, the whips and whips, the handcuffs or the bondage ropes to immobilize the submissive.

FemDom practices

Once dressed as the BDSM canons and equipped with the appropriate accessories, Domina and submissive can begin to perform the FemDom practices that they have agreed to. Among the most frequent Female Domination practices we can highlight the following:

  • Verbal humiliation . The woman insults and calls into question the man's virility, lowering and humiliating him.
  • Foot worship . The submissive kisses the feet, legs or shoes of the Mistress.
  • Spanking The practice of spanking is one of the most common practices of the FemDom. The Domina, with her hand or a whipping paddle, whips the submissive's buttocks. The woman can also use her hands to slap the man while verbally insulting and harassing him.
  • Spitting on the submissive.
  • Golden shower practice. This practice, also called urolagnia, consists of the Domina urinating on the submissive.
  • Trampling . The woman tramples the submissive, walks on him or steps on his genitals. This FemDom practice must be done very carefully, as it can be very dangerous.
  • Genital torture or CBT ("cock and ball torture", in English). During this practice, the Mistress is in charge of torturing the man's genitals. It is not necessary to highlight the risks that this practice entails for the physical integrity of man.
  • Facesitting . In this case, the woman sits on top of the submissive's face. In many cases, this (dangerous) practice is closely related to forced cunnilingus or forced rimming. In the first case, the man is obliged to orally stimulate the vulva and clitoris of the Domina. In the second, it is her anus who will receive, in a forced way, oral stimulation from the submissive.
  • Failed orgasm . Stimulating the submissive to the brink of orgasm and then denying it is one of the practices of Female Erotic Domination.

Female domination

Along with all these FemDom practices there is one that is especially significant in terms of changing roles. This practice is pegging, a practice that consists in the anal penetration of the submissive by the Domina. In this case, the woman is equipped with a harness attached to the waist that includes an external dildo. Harnesses for pegging can be very varied. Some of them, in addition to being designed for their main purpose (the anal penetration of the man by the woman), include a small internal dildo designed to guarantee female stimulation during pegging. This small dildo would serve, as a last resort, to bring the Domina to orgasm while penetrating the submissive in the ass, which would add bodily pleasure to the mental pleasure produced by the Mistress exercising her Dominance over her submissive

This type of sexual practices are gaining more and more followers and are attracting gentlemen who want to experience this type of sensation. Among them, there are many executives and professionals used to exercising a dominant role in their labor relations. According to many studies, many of these submissives look to FemDom practices to relieve themselves of the mental stress generated by having to act as Dominant on a daily basis. The fact that many men seek erotic experiences of this type has made more and more pleasure professionals who offer Female Domination among their services. In any directory of prestigious escorts you can find today a select bunch of escorts for FemDom. And for those who want to try it, many of our escorts offer it as a service, especially in Barcelona and Madrid.