The Roman Shower or Emetophilia

Thursday, 24 December 2020

We already know that sex can be very varied and that people, when it comes to fucking or enjoying it, have very different tastes. What can make me completely horny can leave you cold as an iceberg. And vice versa. That is why, they say, the world is the world. There are those who get lost boar thinking about a chubby and busty culona, there are those who compulsively masturbate imagining that they lick the foot of their favorite actress, there are those who go crazy with desire when they contemplate a skinny girl, there are those who need to have tweezers put on them. the nipples to twist with pleasure and there are those who, although it seems strange, find the act of vomiting exciting, seeing vomiting or being directly vomited on them.

This act, of being vomited or vomiting on someone with erotic intent , is known as the Roman shower . Why? Because it is believed that in the Bacchanalia of Ancient Rome, those who participated in them provoked vomiting in order to continue eating more.

Whether or not the origin of the name is true, the truth is that this sexual practice has a scientific name. That name is emetophilia and with it is named what is considered a paraphilia , that is, a practice in which pleasure is obtained through an activity different from the traditional copulation.

If one inquires into the history of this paraphilia, it will be seen that it was in 1982 when they began to talk about it. Those who have studied it affirm that the emetophilic experiences sexual arousal by finding a deep erotic charge in the sequence of spasm, expulsion and relief that accompanies vomiting.

Those who actively love the Roman shower (that is: those who enjoy drinking and, above all, drinking on others) speak of an exciting "throbbing of the esophagus" and compare it to some extent with the practice of body or facial ejaculation or If it is a group practice, with bukkake, that sexual practice in which several men ejaculate at the same time or successively (it is difficult to coordinate the orgasm of several people) on a woman's face.


Types of emetophilia

Studies that have been carried out on this paraphilia have determined that emetophilic arousal can be obtained in different ways:

  • Watching someone throw up.
  • Vomiting oneself.
  • Provoking someone's vomit.
  • Vomiting on someone.
  • Vomiting on one's own or someone else's sexual organs.
  • Listening to someone's vomit.
  • Vomiting in someone's mouth.

Domination and submission in the Roman shower

Potting on someone can be considered, to some extent, a modality of Domination practice . The one that you like to be boosted, on the contrary, is related to submission practices. Whoever receives the vomit of another and, on many occasions, is forced to swallow it, undoubtedly experiences a feeling of humiliation that makes the Roman shower can be considered, to a large extent, a sexual game typical of BDSM practices.

In any case, both in one situation and in another, whether you are the passive part (the one that receives the vomit) or if you are the active part (the one that throws the squid), it is absolutely necessary that the vomit appears. But vomiting is not something that spreads just like that. Whoever vomits is because they are sick or because they suddenly feel a nauseous attack caused by something unpleasant. To practice the Roman shower, then, you have to induce vomiting. You have to provoke it.

How? There are those who like to make the lover vomit with their fingers and there are those who talk about how the practice of deep throat or mouth fucking can be an excellent way to make the other person vomit so that they can reach the roman shower. Putting the cock hard to the bottom of the throat and pushing it over and over again is a very effective way to provoke the nausea reflex that, sooner or later, will make the person who is fucked hard and orally potent.


Excitement and disgust

According to sexologists, this sexual practice that we are talking about has, deep down, more than one parallel with the golden shower, copro or those erotic-paraphilic practices in which, in one way or another, feces and urine. In both there is a crossing or, at least, a closeness, between lust and disgust. It is at this point of contact or intersection where lovers of the Roman shower find pleasure. It is thus, surprisingly for those who do not share a taste for this paraphilia, where those who do find the excitement.

Like all extreme sexual practices, the Roman shower is not a practice that sex workers tend to include in their services, although it is always possible to find a luxury prostitute who includes it.

As with all fetishisms and paraphilias, finding a direct link between vomiting and sexual arousal should only be considered truly serious if the person who is attracted to this sexual practice can only become sexually aroused in this way and if he or she only and exclusively conceives of relationships when they include this type of practice.

In any case, the recurrent practice of the Roman shower is not advisable. Potar on a regular basis is bad mainly for the esophagus and stomach, but also for the teeth and gums. Recurrent vomiting also causes loss of water and electrolytes.