Erotic shower with escorts

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Limiting sex is giving up much of your pleasures. In the same way that staying in the missionary position when it comes to having sex involves foolishly giving up multiple sensations, reducing the space from having sex to bed is something like reducing gastronomy to snacking. There are many spaces in which to enjoy sex. Many. And the shower is undoubtedly one of them.

The water falling on the naked bodies of a man and a woman who want to enjoy their sexuality is an unquestionable source of pleasure. Feeling the water fall on our body when we fuck or, simply, when we are caressed by a woman we desire, gives a lot of pleasure. Sex in the shower combines a series of factors that are very exciting for both men and women. Experiencing a kind of feeling of animal naturalness is one of them. The feeling that we are doing something different than usual and, therefore, something out of the routine, another.

Routine feels bad for sex. Makes you numb. That is why it is good to seek new experiences. Having sex in the shower can help us look for (and find) new stimuli. Fucking or simply licking and caressing while the water falls on us is a practice charged with eroticism. It is exciting and, therefore, something that predisposes us for a more intense orgasm. That is why many sex professionals include the erotic shower among their services. In fact, the erotic shower is an ideal practice to start a date with a luxury prostitute.

And it is that the combination of the pressure of the water, the steam that arises from it, the kisses, the bites and the caresses (especially if they are destined to stimulate the erogenous zones) is highly stimulating and a five-star sensual experience.

Sex positions under the shower

Sexual foreplay in the shower

The luxury whores for erotic shower, in addition, contribute to the already substantial excitement of this experience their knowledge of the most appropriate techniques and resources to lead us to climax. The escorts for erotic shower are, in that sense, a guarantee of pleasure and extreme sensuality.

In most cases, the erotic shower is used as a kind of warm-up for what will later be done in the more traditional space of the bed. Being naked under the stream of water in the shower helps to get to know the bodies better and, above all, to stimulate them. By caressing each other, escort and client get to know the characteristics of each other's body and prepare for intercourse that, sooner or later, will eventually come.

This sexual service , offered by many high class lumis, serves perfectly as foreplay. The callgirl for an erotic shower soaps her client's back, arms, torso ... Without a doubt, the client's buttocks and genitalia are areas that, finally and irremediably, end up being caressed by the escort's hands.

Although water can be conceived as a refreshing element, the truth is that under it the erotic temperature can rise a lot. So much so that, sometimes, the same space in the shower is chosen to fuck.

The usual thing in this type of erotic service, however, is for the escort to play with soap and water to excite her client and, incidentally, to stimulate his imagination, preparing him to experience the exciting moment of pleasure that, in the end, has to arrive. The slow massage of the client's body is, in short, the basis on which the erotic shower service of a luxury whore is based in the vast majority of cases. Under the stream of water, slowly stroking each other, lumi and client become a single body.

Oral sex in the shower , also provided by a master of fellatio, becomes especially exciting. Licking and sucking while the water is falling on the naked bodies of the lovers is very pleasant. An underwater blowjob is the best of the best and even the rimming becomes a much more desirable practice. In a way, water takes away the taboo that licking or letting the anus always imply.

Fuck in the shower

Fuck in the shower

The erotic shower does not have to end in a passionate sex session under the shower, but sometimes the excitement is so great that it ends up being that way. When it comes to fucking in the shower, we must take the risk factor into account. Passion can lead us to suffer an always dangerous slip. That is why you have to always look for the ideal position to have sex in the shower, use a non-slip mat and have some type of handle to hand to which you can hold on in an emergency.

Among the most common practices to enjoy sex in the shower we can highlight the following: anal or vaginal penetration with the girl leaning against the wall or placed on all fours; oral sex (fellatio and cunnilingus), which could be carried to the end or be conceived, solely and exclusively, as a preliminary, and seated intercourse. This last possibility can be done sitting on the floor or, much more comfortable, with the help of a stool.

Something that anyone who wants to fuck in the shower should keep in mind is that the use of lubricants is recommended. And, although it may seem that water can act as a lubricant, it is not. What's more: the water removes a good part of the natural vaginal fluids, so if you do not use lubricants, it is very possible that the girl may feel discomfort during intercourse. It is for this reason that it is always recommended to use lubricants and, especially, silicone. Why? Because they take longer to dry.

If you haven't enjoyed the intense and unique experience of an erotic shower, now you can. As we have indicated, there are many luxury escorts from Madrid, Barcelona and other corners of Spain that include the sensual shower among their services. Enjoying it only depends on a phone call. Are you going to do it?

Having sex in the shower