The different websites of the GirlsBCN group

Thursday, 09 April 2020

GirlsBCN was created in 2003 and since then we have created different websites around escort advertising. Today we are going to do a brief review about them.

GirlsBCN, classic version

This is the original website and little has changed since the beginning. Black background and black and white photography background. Initially the models that adorned the pages were unknown models, today she is one of our advertisers who appears as a cover girl. Initially the website was made by frames, something that was deprecated and nowadays it is a responsive design (adaptable to any device) and for mobile terminals you cannot see the cover girl as a background. We remain faithful to the initial design but we have incorporated many features such as "advanced search" and "quick search" so that users can easily find the escorts that best suit their desires.

GirlsBarcelona and GirlsMadrid

For users who are only interested in the escorts of a city, in this case Barcelona and Madrid, these specific websites for these cities were created, with the display of mosaic ads to be able to display more ads on the screen and with all the features that they were incorporated into GirlsBCN but adding labels for sexual services and types of escort girls.

GirlsBCN Mobi

Although this website was created at the beginning of smartphones since they did not display normal websites well by design, page load and mobile data, and that nowadays with mobiles with more features, responsive design and much mobile data more powerful, we could say that it has lost its reason for being. When we published it, they had a large number of visits due to all of the above, but today there are people who prefer this design for use on mobile phones, so we updated it a few years ago and it will continue online to offer more alternatives to our users. We could say that it is our escort app although, as many will suppose, these are not allowed by the Apple Store and Google Play. Therefore, due to this discrimination, it is our official escort app .

Escorts app

GirlsBCN Info

This website is a service that we offer to our paid sex advertisers so that they can get advice on security issues, locate photographers or rental rooms and be informed about the current state of prostitution and specifically, luxury prostitution .

Other escorts and sex websites

We also have other websites, such as ChicRelax dedicated to what many people search for on Google, such as " Putas Baratas en Barcelona ", websites dedicated to escorts in other cities in Spain, which have no impact other than in Barcelona or Madrid because there luxury prostitutes do not they are so stylish. We also have different sex blogs dedicated to erotic massage, Tantra or BDSM and even another one of famous nude videos . We like the world of sex and company girls and we dedicate many resources to make it known on the Internet.