Dogging or Cacaneo, practicing fleeting sex with strangers

Thursday, 03 December 2020

Talking about sex is talking about a thousand and one ways of conceiving it and having fun with it. In this sense, as someone sang, against taste there are no disputes. Each of us live sex in our own way and each of us enjoy it in our own way. Not surprisingly, we each have our own fantasies and what makes us horny does not necessarily have to make others horny. That is why there are sexual practices that can be seen by many people as something extremely strange. Among those sexual practices that are not always well understood by those who do not practice them is dogging.

What is dogging ? Basically fucking strangers in secluded places . These places tend to be public spaces in the open air and those who fuck are not used to seeing each other again. That is to say: I meet you without meeting you in a field, we fuck and, later, if I have seen you I do not remember. If any sentimentality. Without trying to establish a bond of friendship. Simply fuck for fuck's sake.

The places usually chosen to enjoy this sexual practice tend to be beaches, forests, public parks, open fields near urban areas or even motorway and highway rest areas.

In its origins (which should be established in Great Britain) this sexual practice did not consist so much in fucking with strangers but in getting together to watch others fuck. The concept quickly changed. And the thing is, why fool ourselves, seeing others fuck may not be bad, but fucking is fine. And for it to be very good they do not need to be mixed with the simple act of fucking feelings of any kind.

The name of dogging comes from the British term 'dog', that is, dog. And it is that it is the position of the puppy, very surely, the one that is used the most in these meetings. In Castilian, little by little the term cancaneo is imposed when talking about this practice. As in the British case, the word also refers to the dog (can) and, therefore, to the most common position in encounters to fuck strangers casually and in remote places. By the way, in Spanish it is called ' Cacaneo '.


The rules of dogging

Dogging is based on the absolute lack of sentimental or friendship relationships between the participants in the sexual act . On this basis and on a series of rules. Fucking strangers cannot, of course, be done lightly.

The person who enjoys having sex with strangers in secluded places is called a dogger. Among the doggers, there are singles, there are homosexuals, there are heteros ... We can say, then, that there is no specific profile of dogger and that there are possibly as many different profiles as there are canning practitioners. There may be fans of this practice who have made it the axis around which their sex life revolves and doggers who practice it only circumstantially.

Cancaneo is usually practiced in open fields or in cars parked in a secluded place. Usually, the car is the place chosen to have this type of sexual relationship. Associated with this practice there are a series of codes that must be known by all those who wish to practice it.

Thus, when the lights of the car remain in a blinking state, it is indicating to others that in that car you are fucking. For its part, when the interior light of the vehicle remains on, the signal has a clear meaning: the partner who is having sex inside him wants to be observed while he fucks.

If the window is half open or fully open, those who enjoy inside the car invite those who observe them to touch them. Be careful: just to touch them. To invite those who are observing to enter the car and participate in the party, the signal is to keep the vehicle door fully open.

As can be seen, dogging is a sexual practice that, in certain aspects, has points of contact with voyeurism (enjoying the observation of seeing others having sex) or exhibitionism, consisting of enjoying being observed while practicing sex.


Tips for practicing dogging

The development of the internet and the emergence of specialized social networks greatly facilitates lovers of dating a stranger to fuck the power to do so. There are internet pages dedicated to this practice that are used to contact other doggers and make an appointment to enjoy a time of sex without obligation. Those who enter and register on these web pages for dogging can indicate the role they want to play, whether to just watch (ie: act as a voyeur or peeping Tom) or if they also want to actively participate in sexual acts.

According to some studies, in Spain there are two cities that predominate over the others in terms of dogging. Predictably, these two cities are the two great state capitals: Madrid and Barcelona. According to these same studies, the age of those who participate in canning practices in Spain ranges between 17 and 70 and people of any social class or profession participate in them.

In Spain, with a wide area of coastline, the beaches are, on many occasions, the places chosen by those who want to fuck strangers to do so. In Madrid, the Retiro Park, together with the Temple of Debod area or the Paseo del Prado itself, are some of the favorite places for cancan lovers. In Barcelona, for its part, the chosen places are the Montjuïc mountain and the Carretera de les Aigües. On occasions, dogging has even been carried out in the gardens and squares that are at the foot of the Sagrada Familia temple.

Among the advice that can be given to the person who wants to have casual sex with strangers in remote places, there is one essential: always, absolutely always, the sexual practices associated with dogging should be carried out with a condom. Failure to do so implies playing irresponsible Russian roulette with the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Thus, cancan and condom must always go hand in hand.

The second tip has to do with privacy. Those who use the aforementioned websites for dogging must not, in any case, provide any personal data such as their telephone number or address. You should not do it on the page and you should not do it, either, in quotes. Do not forget that canning is not a way to make friends or find a partner. For that there are already other types of websites and other types of dating applications. Providing personal data in circumstances such as those referred to here can only cause problems.

Do you decide to practice dogging? If you do, take our advice into account. Cancan, after all, is still a risky sexual practice.

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