Double penetration ... anal and vaginal sex at the same time

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Many women dream of it but few try it. We are talking about double penetration , a sexual practice that is not new (it already appeared in the Kama Sutra ) and that appears in the statistics of sexual fantasies as one of the most recurrent in women.

It was in 1970 when, for the first time, regular viewers of porn movies were able to see on the big screen how a woman was penetrated at the same time by the vagina and the anus . Since then, seeing in porn how a woman is fucked in unison in the pussy and in the ass has become commonplace, forming a gender of its own in online porn. There is no XXX video platform that does not include a good number of scenes of this type in its offer.

But, as he used to sing, cinema and dreams go hand in hand, and cinema must not be confused with reality. What is done by professionals and based on mixed shots on the editing table of a film production company is one thing and what men and women can do in bed, another. It is not so easy to reproduce in reality what the cinema shows us and, in that sense, this erotic practice is a good sample.

When we talk about double penetration, we are actually talking about three different practices: the simultaneous penetration of the anus and the vagina , the double vaginal penetration and the double anal penetration. We will talk here, primarily, about the simulated penetration of the pussy and the ass, and we will give a series of basic tips to practice it, bearing in mind that many of the tips given here would also serve to put the other two forms of penetration into practice.

Double penetration in porn movies

Masturbation, the best training

There is no better way to know the sexual functioning of our organism than by masturbating. Of course: for masturbation to serve us as a school it must be understood as a testing ground and not as an exercise designed to facilitate a quick relief. In the case of sexual practice to which we are dedicating our article, masturbation acquires a special relevance. It will be masturbating at home, anally and vaginally at the same time using some other sex toy that facilitates and allows such action, it will be the best way to train for when the time comes to be able to enjoy a true double penetration session.

When faced with this practice, however, the woman must bear in mind that it may well not be as pleasant as she had imagined in her fantasies. It does not matter that it has been read in a thousand articles that combining vaginal penetration and anal penetration implies multiplying by two the pleasure received. It does not matter because, when it comes to talking about sex, there is something that we must not forget: that each person is a world and that not all of us experience sexual pleasure or live sex in the same way. What may be very joyful to you may be humiliating or unattractive to me. And backwards.

Masturbating, in this sense, can and should also serve so that the woman who has never practiced double penetration and is attracted to it can know if this practice is pleasant or not. Always bearing in mind, of course, that it is not the same to play alone with a dildo, a vibrator or an anal plug than to depend on the expertise of one or two men in bed. Cocks have an owner and the owners, involved in work, can behave in very different ways. And on that behavior will depend, to a large extent, the pleasure that the woman may experience.

If you have decided to masturbate anally and vaginally at the same time, listen to us and choose one of these two sexual positions: either get on all fours (the doggy position is very good for this type of practice) or lie on your side.

Double penetration on all fours

Lubrication and expansion

In this type of sexual practice that we are proposing in this article, anal sex occupies a capital space. This being the case, there are two concepts that we must always keep in mind: lubrication and expansion. Anal sex cannot be conceived as a pleasant practice without them.

And it is that the ass, let's always remember it, does not work the same as the pussy. To begin with, it does not lubricate, which implies that, to practice anal sex, it is irretrievably necessary to use artificial lubricants. Applied to the anus and penis or to the sex toy intended for penetration, the lubricants will provide the necessary softness for the cock, dildo or plug to slide without causing greater friction in the ass. If we did not use them, anal penetration would be, in the vast majority of cases, painful.

The second requirement to practice anal sex and, therefore, to be able to perform this double penetration modality that we are talking about, is that the anal sphincter is dilated. Dilation will only be possible when the person who is going to be penetrated in the ass is relaxed. Nerves and anxiety contract the sphincter, and this makes anal penetration a difficult practice, as well as painful.

To relax the anus you have to caress it gently and stimulate it slowly and without haste. Licking it, for example, can serve that purpose. The rimming helps to relax the asshole and facilitate its dilation. Once the anus is lubricated and dilated, either a sex toy specially designed for anal sex, or a phallus, can be inserted into it.

Lubrication and dilation in double penetration

Hygiene for double penetration

Sex, to be joyful and enjoy it as God intended, must always be clean. Hygiene, in it, must be guaranteed. In the case of double penetration, in which it is possible to go from penetration to vaginal at a given moment, this imperative becomes much more important. You should never go from the ass to the pussy if the penetrating object has not been thoroughly cleaned before, be it a dildo or a penis.

The most advisable thing, always, is to resort to the humble condom when performing according to what sexual practices. The one we are talking about in this article would be included among them. Thus, when going from anal to vaginal penetration, a change of condom would be imperative. Do not forget that the anus and rectum are parts of the body in which the existence of bacteria is common, and going from the ass to the pussy without proceeding to carry out said cleaning or the pertinent change of condom would significantly increase the risk of suffering an infection .

To increase hygiene during anal sex, it is recommended to apply an enema to ensure cleanliness of the rectum. Of course: when resorting to the application of an enema to clean the butt, it must be borne in mind that this is a practice that cannot be abused, since it could affect the mucous membranes of the rectum and intestinal function would be compromised.

Hygiene in double penetration

Forms of double anal and vaginal penetration

Anyone who wants to practice double anal and vaginal penetration can choose from various types of it.

One of them, fundamental and of which we have already spoken previously, is alone. Masturbating with her fingers or with erotic toys (we recommend experimenting and combining both actions), the woman can taste the pleasures derived from this sexual practice and, at the same time, prepare for when she can enjoy it with one or two men at the same time .

If enjoyed with your partner, double fucking can be very stimulating and can serve to breathe new life into any type of relationship. In this case, the man can penetrate the woman through one of the two holes (anus or vagina) and penetrate the other with an erotic toy (dildo or vibrator). If the man chooses to penetrate the woman's pussy, an anal plug can work wonders to fill her butt. In this case, the erotic toy industry makes vibrating and non-vibrating anal plugs available to its customers. Experimenting with one or the other can be a good way to introduce variations and sensations in this practice.

When women fantasize about double penetration, they usually do it, thinking that two men are penetrating her. Without a doubt, of all the modalities of this sexual practice, this is the most striking. This is the one that, after all, appears most often in XXX movies. But, as we have indicated at the beginning, it is not easy to do. Finding a posture that allows it and at the same time is comfortable for those who perform it is not easy. Of course: if by chance you try to put it into practice, always start it by vaginal penetration. Why? Because thanks to this, the level of arousal will increase and, the higher the level of excitement, the easier anal dilation will be.

Finally, there is a type of double penetration that can be very morbid for those women who consider themselves bisexual or are willing to live a bi experience. In this case, those who intervene in sexual practice are two women and one man. One of these women, thanks to the use of a harness, can penetrate the other through one hole while the man does it through the other.

As you can see, double penetration is a field open to experimentation. Trying new practices is essential to enrich our sexuality. With the advice we have given you, it is sure that it is much easier and more pleasant for you to experience this sexual practice. We hope you enjoy it.

Ways to practice double penetration