Face fucking

Thursday, 19 November 2020

The statistics are not deceiving: men love to be sucked off. They love having their dick in their mouths. Some even prefer oral sex to vaginal intercourse . They are passionate about having their partner stimulate their penis with their tongue, lips and mouth. They like to feel the lick of their female on the frenulum, on the glans, by the trunk of the phallus, by the balls ...

Fellatio, therefore, figures in a very prominent place among the sexual practices preferred by men . But there are different types of fellatio. All of them differ, basically, by a very important fact: to what extent does the woman put her cock in her mouth? And it is not the same to put only the tip in the mouth to swallow the whole cock. Between the pleasant licking of the glans and the frenulum (areas, both highly erogenous) until the entire penis is sheathed in the mouth, there are intermediate degrees.

The hottest degree of fellatio, the wildest, is called face fucking , although there are many sexologists who do not conceive of this sexual practice as a form of oral sex.

If we look at the translation of the expression used to name this sexual practice, we will see that it would consist of something like " fucking the face ". Certainly, the expression is very plastic. By reading it, we can all visualize it. In this image, a woman opens her mouth and accepts inside her the entrance of her partner's penis, who in turn performs the movements of intercourse. Thus, fucking the mouth of the couple would become an extreme and somewhat peculiar form of oral sex.

Why peculiar? Because in oral sex, even when deep throat is practiced, that is to say, that fellatio in which the penis is inserted whole in the mouth and reaches (if it has a moderately normal size) to the couple's bell, it is this one who sets the pace and, so to speak, leads the way. On the contrary, when facefucking or irrumation is practiced (since this is the technical name that this erotic practice receives), it is the man who sets the rhythm and determines the greater or lesser hardness that is printed to the movement of the lumbar and pelvis that It allows you to fuck your partner's mouth and penetrate it in the same way that you would penetrate a pussy.

Face fuck

This sexual practice contains marked connotations typical of the BDSM universe . By executing it, the man seems to make his partner submissive. The woman, somehow, here becomes a simple container.

The two most common positions to practice mouth fucking are 69 and the one in which the man, standing up, penetrates the mouth of his partner, who receives him on his knees. The most common thing, in this second case, is that the man, at the same time that he penetrates his partner, holds her head to prevent her from avoiding the shoves of his cock inside her mouth.

In the case of combining face fucking and 69, it is recommended that the girl is not the one below (although this is the most comfortable way to practice this technique). Why is it recommended that the girl be on top or side? Because, being located below, the girl is fixed, and that, combined with an excess of passion on the part of her partner, can cause her a lot of pain, the occasional nausea and, in extreme cases, (there are extreme cocks that seem not to be of this world, this must also be taken into account) even suffocation.

Facefucking , therefore, does not seem like a very pleasant sexual practice for women if their partner is especially gifted and if, in addition, they have a certain tendency to be "tough" during intercourse. It is for this reason that sexologists recommend practicing it in the bosom of a stable couple whose members perfectly know the tastes of each of them and know how they are going to behave in bed.

It is for this reason that there are not many escorts that include face fuck among their services. Of course: if it's all a matter of trust, who tells you that, after repeatedly dating the same luxury whore who practices deep fellatio, you don't get the chance for her to let you (consent is always mandatory) to fuck her mouth?

Face Fucking