Deep throat: from porn to escorts

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Even the bell. Until then, men like to put their dicks in their mouths . Fans of oral sex, there is no man who does not like to be sucked. The statistics say it: fellatio is among the most valued sexual practices by men.

But there are many types of fellatio . To begin with, we can distinguish between fellatio with a condom and fellatio without it. Undoubtedly, the sensations experienced when sucking a penis with or without a condom are very different both for the active part (the one that sucks) and for the passive part (the one that is blowjob).

Once the above distinction has been made, French (as this is also called the blowjob) can vary depending on the technique used to apply it. There are true felatrices, masters of blowjobs, who know how to use when performing a French not only their tongue, but also all the muscles of their mouth. These French goddesses not only lick, they also kiss, nibble, suck, and sometimes put their partner's entire phallus in their mouths. When they do the latter, we say they are doing what is called a "deep throat."

Deep throat is the hottest practice in oral sex. The woman, when performing fellatio, introduces the entire virile member in her mouth. Absolutely everything. In fact, only the testicles remain outside the mouth of the fella, brushing against him or, depending on the movement of the male's pelvis, hitting his chin.

This form of fellatio gets its name from a porn movie shot in the early seventies in the United States and starring an insatiable and somewhat nympho Linda Lovelace . In that film the story was told of a woman who goes to the therapist because she does not have orgasms. The therapist discovers that the woman does not have orgasms because her clitoris is not located in her vagina, but in her throat. In order for the protagonist of Deep Throat (as that is the title of the film) to reach orgasm, then that internal area of her mouth must be stimulated. And what better way than to do it with the touch of a good cock?

Deep fellatio can be very striking, but it is certainly not easy to do. Its greater or lesser difficulty will naturally depend on the size of the member to be swallowed. It is not the same to put a 14, 15 or 16-centimeter tail in your mouth, as it is to sheathe a cock of 20 centimeters or more. The thickness of the penis, as is easily imaginable, also has a decisive influence on the greater or lesser difficulty of performing this type of blowjob.

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Tips for doing a deep throat

Swallowing a whole cock often causes nausea. Nausea, after all, is a reflex reaction of the throat. A natural reaction. To avoid it, then, you have to educate that throat. Thus, the execution of deep French requires training and the objective of this training will be none other than to numb the throat so that when it is touched by the tip of a cock, the nausea reflex does not occur.

How can the gag reflex be trained? Working the area first with objects that are smaller than a hard and erect cock. First they can put their fingers in, then a small dildo, then a bigger dildo and finally a real cock, a hard cock with marked veins and the desire to be blowjob. All this process, of course, must be done without haste and with all the calm in the world. Beating the nausea reflex is not easy and that is why you do not have to run.

Another tip to keep in mind when you want to perform a deep blowjob is to find the most suitable position to perform this hot blowjob. Experimenting from different angles and positions should serve to find that position that allows a total entry of the cock in the mouth less uncomfortable for the person who performs the blowjob. Some say that the best position to perform a deep throat is on your knees and that the best cocks to get used to sucking like this and avoiding the gag reflex are those with a curved shape.

Lubrication is another of the factors that influence the greater or lesser difficulty that can be found when performing this sexual practice. A well lubricated mouth will facilitate both the entry and exit of the penis within it. Said lubrication can be achieved with saliva (the more saliva involved in it, the more pleasant the blowjob will be) or with some type of lubricant that, well placed on the lips, well placed on the penis, facilitates its movements inside the mouth.

How to do deep throat

Another good way to avoid nausea is to make a smooth, continuous guttural sound while giving a blow job. This is called practicing humming. And why is it effective? Because making that sound raises the soft palate and, doing so, reduces the chances of experiencing nausea.

When carrying out a fellatio of this type, always let the woman set the pace. We already know that men will be tempted to move their hips and that it will cost them horrors to give up the pleasure of fucking the mouth that is sucking their genitals. Irrumation (for that is the cultured name of that practice) is always a temptation for man, but that temptation should be avoided when practicing deep French. Abandoning to irrumation will only cause, with total security, that whoever performs fellatio feels nauseous, which will not result in the pleasure of the couple. And pleasure, after all, is what is sought when any type of sexual technique is put into practice.

Applying all these tips, it is sure to be easier to take a deep suck. If finally, either due to the size of the cock or lack of technique, the entrance of the entire cock into the couple's mouth becomes impossible, you can resort to the old trick of wrapping that part with your hands. of phallus that refuses to enter the oral cavity. Wrapping that piece of penis in this way will give its owner the feeling that his entire cock is in his partner's mouth.

The whores that we have advertised in Barcelona and Madrid that offer deep throat services undoubtedly master all these techniques and the fact of offering this sexual practice among their services places them in a very advantageous situation when it comes to competing for the attention of clients. . As we indicated at the beginning of this article, men love oral sex. For the same reason, they especially value those escorts who, among their services, offer practices such as natural French, deep French or, finally, French to the end.

Slut practicing Deep Throat